Friday, February 11, 2011

It's the little things" Fancy Pants Banner

Oh my goodness, you wouldn't even believe how many times I've started this blog post and had to save it ..just to open it and start again. geeezzz... I've never had such a hard time just getting one little blog post done. lol   Just one of those days, I seem to just keep being pulled away for other things.   I'm here now! and committed to finish. yeh!
I've been wanting to share some of the new Fancy Pants lines that were released for CHA. This one is now my very favorite!  "It's the little things"
  Fancy Pants also has new chipboard banners..but the ones I used here were just one I had cut out of the box my goodies came it. :) ( I didn't know at that point they would be releasing new banner shapes).   But.. with a little paint and Glimmer Mist.. these still turned out kind of pretty..huh.

Below you can see lots of the Artist Edition    oh...... *L*O*V*E* it all!!!    You can see the different shapes of banner pieces here and also the new "Filter Flowers" that I used on this banner.
Color......   well..that was provided by Glimmer Mist and Tattered Angels Chalkboard sprays.


I've been working on kitting classes (yes still).  Any of you who have kitted classes, you know how time consuming it is.  2 buttons , 4 brads, 12 inches of ribbon, 4 pieces of paper, and a couple of pieces of chipboard (for example) doesn't seem like much at all right??  Okay now times that by 20, 50, or 100, sort it and put it all into little bags. (no mistakes now :) .... and suddenly for some reason, it seems like ALOT of stuff to sort and bag. lol      not hard.. just time consuming.
Below is my quickest way ( I could think of ) to white wash 120 clothes pins.   hey.. it worked.

I did take some time off from kitting to do a little "finding"( junk'n) with my sis again.   My sis and I were talking the other day while we were out.. about how "vintage" and "Junk'n" has become so "in".  Vintage is hot right now..there's no doubt about that.  My sis and I laughed, and said.. hey... "we were junk'n before junk'n was cool!".  lol
If you love a good deal , repurposing, or the thrill of the hunt.. that's a good start..but....
If you are one of those people who is "vintage" at'll know what I mean. ......
 If  when you pick up something old, and you stand there wondering what it was like when it was first new to the person who owned it, who owned it? , what life was like when it was used?, or if it could'd love to hear the stories it would tell. If you look at old photos sitting in a bin..( because no one knows who they are  anymore), and wonder about them, and what their life was like.  Or if you pick up a doily, a tatted or embroidered piece of handy work,  that is tossed  in a big box with 100 others ..marked $2, and feel a bit sad , thinking about all the hours of work someone put into them..  OR.. when you set something out in your home...that may seem only beautiful to you, because of the history you see in it. (when others might wonder "Why in the world would she have THAT in her living room"    Well   Then.. you know.. Vintage is not a trend for you.. it's truly what you love!   

Junk?? I don't think so.. way too pretty!


Check out this fun piece of fabric.  $1   It was all rolled up and sealed, so I almost didn't pick it up. Thanks to my sis, I took the $1 gamble.  So glad I did.

All vintage finds don't have to been deep and meaningful either.. because to me .. that is truly one dollar worth of FUN at least.

Oh.. and speaking of fun...

Love driving down the road and finding some unexpected fun.  Creative farmer huh?

love it

Good to know... people can find creativity anywhere

too cute

ENJOY your weekend!


Sarah said...

Know what you mean...I think I was born "vintage". LOL

Susie said...
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Susie said...

Vicki, I also love vintage items. I love going to estate auctions, looking for these "treasures". I also wonder about their stories.
I recently bought a box full of linens, doilies etc. for just $2. I was SO excited to get them home and go through everything!
Loved your post!

Sheila Rumney said...

I have loved junkin' for vintage finds for years... way before it was cool! I still enjoy the thrill of the vintage hunt! said...

Thanks for sharing! I am LOVING that $1 fabric find :)

Lb Scrapgirl said...

the hay tractor is cute,but i love the fabric. it's the best!

Melisa Waldorf said...

Hi Vicki. I LOVE your corrugated cardboard banner. I started a corrugated cardboard art group over at Flickr. If you have an account, I'd love to have you add it to our group and share:
Have a great weekend,

harrahx2 said...

I was born that fabric. What a cute apron it would make! Love the bottles and Your banner is excellent. Talk about repurposing! Perfect!

Elly-My Everyday Things said...

Sigh..... lóóóve your banner!!!! Love the box-pieces! Use them a lot myself too.
And junk, no way... treasure is a better name!
That creative farmer puts a smile on my face on this cloudy day!
Have a lovely Sunday!
Hugs Elly