Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Springtime fun with paints

Oh my..the weather has been glorious!   SPRING is coming!   Yesterday I met my sis in Lincoln and we were out and about, most of the day.
I left this bit of fun on her porch for her.
If you had any doubts about how vibrant Tattered Angels Chalkboard paints are .. check out these flowers. They all started out originally WHITE.   As for the inexpensive plastic watering can. All I did was add some sticker letters to spell the words " Welcome Spring", brushed over them with white acrylic paint, and then peeled them off. Something fun and different. After spring.. easy enough to wash off , so you can use the watering can all summer.  Cheery huh

We bummed the day away. Some junking, checked out a new gallery, and had a yummy lunch and dinner.
Oh.. and lots of laughs!

Some new treasures I found .... I'm lov'n.

Oh ..and good food!   My sister and brother-in-law turned me on to these amazing Mexican food place, years ago..and I NEVER get tired of it. (oh.. did I mention the best margaritas EVER?)   If you are in or near Lincoln and havent  been to one.. check it out.  Great food and fantastic service.   Did I mention the margaritas??   ... a must!

Paint seems to be the "theme" of this blog post , after looking at the project photos I uploaded to share.
Shared the "acrylic paint" title on the watering can above. Now I have to show you something way more fun than that.  A couple of months ago when my sister and I were out bargain hunting.. ie.."junking", she found this totally awesome chippy dresser for ...........$15!!!     I love that she chose to leave the "paint" on the actual dresser "as is" because it's SO cool.  She didn't to get new hardware and found some cool pulls at Hob Lob. They were a great style but Jan was debating on what color to paint them.. since they were just "iron color".   All I could imagine was how cool they would look painted with Red Glimmer Glam.  We discussed it and she loved the idea I took them home and ..........lookie , lookie......

Here they are ON the dresser now.

Okay, I stepped away from my main story for a minute there, but just had to share that :)
Back to yesterday... but still on a "paint" theme
I found these file boxes yesterday. $4 for the two bigger ones, and $3 for the other three smaller ones .. originally.........but...........they were on sale HALF OFF! Whoo hoo
So for all total... about 9 bucks

So with a little spray paint.... here is some of my new storage.   I then spray painted a piece of chipboard  with actual black chalkboard paint (not to be confused with Tattered Angels Chalkboard paints )and cut and added the pieces into the bookplates.. so that I can write on them with chalk.. (in case I change my mind about what I put in them :)

Three of them will get stacked here.. under the table in my studio.  I'm not sure where the other two will go yet, but I'll find a place.

Yep.. I did some serious painting today. You don't want to see my hands right now. (multi-colored) for sure! lol    But like I said.. it was so so nice out , so I enjoyed being outside. While I painted ( and then cleaned the garage a bit), the pups laid in the grass and watched birds and squirrels and rabbits ..........and loved every minute! 
I hope all of you have a fantastic St Patricks day tomorrow.  I'm having mom out for Corned Beef and Cabbage. It's a tradition :)

So .. enjoy your Thursday..but be sure to stop by on Friday for a super fun day!  A blog hop with ...
Crafty Secrets and Eclectic Papers girls.  It's going to be so much fun .........and lots of giveaways being offered by both eP and CS.

See you Friday!


A Vintage Chic said...

You're so lucky! I wish my sisters were close enough to spend the day junkin' with!

Love that Spring can--the flowers are beautiful!

And Mexican food? I'd eat it every day if I could! Love it all! I've been having so much fun making things from scratch--tortillas, Mexican cheese, salsas... everything! Maybe I should have been born in Mexico!

Corned beef & cabbage for us tomorrow, too--love those traditions!

Hope you're having a wonderful night, my friend! Relax those paint-covered hands for a while!


Rbarakat said...

How fun!! Love all the painting girly! And mexican food -YUM!!!!

Hey and thanks for your sweet comments about my little guy- I made him read them all and he turned bright red!! Totally made his day!((hugs))

stampqueen said...

I want to go 'junkin' with you sometime - I haven't found anything good down here in a long time....course not sure I have any nooks and crannys left in the craft room to put anything if I did :).
LOVE the painted drawer pulls!!!! That is such and awsome color!!!

Jan said...

Cute little watering bright and cheerful! Now the food looks ScRumP---DiLLy-IciOuS!! Happy St. Patty's Day :)


Love love love what you did with those card file boxes so awesome. byw totaly loved your son's fix for his shoes, creativity runs in the family!!! Have a gf in MA that takes me to a fab Mexican rest each year when I come for the pug rescue event totally love it and they have great margaritas but my friend usually gets a corona lol. Thanks for sharing so much stuff!!!

Catherine said...

THESE are WAY is the dresser and handles for Jan...AWESOME. Miss you, would love to go junkin' with you!

nannyj said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. I love seeing what you do to the "junk" you find.

harrahx2 said...

Hey Ms. Victrola! You are a fantastic painter. I can't paint like that, your stuff comes out beautiful. I'll be away for a few days but will chat when I return. Miss me!

suzieq23 said...

You certainly used the "farm" stamps to their fullest potential. Wish I had been a "farm girl"! thanks for sharing

scrapalajen said...

Love how you work with all that junk!!! Thanks for sharing.