Friday, March 04, 2011

Vintage Street Market... fun stuff

Happy Friday everyone!  Even if the sun  has gone away today and it's cold and windy here today... it's still FRIDAY and tonight we're going to First Fridays ART walk... so I'm happy.  Wes is enjoying his studio there, ..and so are we.  It's so fun to see that there is something free for people to do on a Friday night ..and such a great way for creative people to share there art with the public. I look so forward to it.
I'll share some photos in my next post.  (you knew I would, didn't you?) lol

I cant even tell you how excited I am about Vintage Street Market!  So many fun new things to share.  Since they debuted at CHA they have been filling their store with Vintage Kits and goodies, preparing for a arrival of the New Paper and Tag Collections.( which arrive mid March..but you can order now)

This is a card I created with the Dimestore Vogue collection

Yesterday was my blogpost day on the Vintage Street Market Blog... So I posted this gift wrap/card idea using the "Party Games" Collection. You can see the post and other photos here on the VSM blog.

I thought I'd share with you some my faves.   I have been using these for everything :) 
Look at the variety of colors!  Here is the link if you want to check theme out. (be sure the check the page before .. on the website, for even more colors)  Bakers Twine
I use mine often, so I keep it out in a dish on my work table.  I decided I would put them on wooden spools .. and it works out well.

When I was over there .. to get links for the kits above.. I saw this and has to show you.  Ohhh CUTE!

And how fun is this

Today the guest designer is the amazing Danielle Flanders and WOW.. is all I'm going to say about all the things she created.  I love her work.   You can see her creations using VSM goodies HERE.


Okay.. time go finish up my brownies and Chocolate Chip cookies to take tonight. 
Come to the ART walk.. I'll save you some :)

Happy Friday my friends!


A Vintage Chic said...

Hey, Miss Vicki! Wonderful card--love that kit! Great idea with the twine--looks so pretty!

Hope you have a fabulous time at the Art Walk--sounds like fun!


Jane Wetzel said...

adorable Vicki- wish I was there to take the Art walk- love that!

harrahx2 said...

Love your card Vic. I recently bought twine and am anxious to play with it. Hugs to you.

Country Liv . . . said...

I love the vintage stuff. I'm starting to design hybrid items using vintage.
Phooey . . . I wanna go with you just to get your brownies and cookies! Yum!
You know, this post didn't show up in my mail until 2:37AM on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

im not gonna lie i was feeling blue until i came to your page and you just cheered me right up