Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vintage Street Market layout and other silly things

As if the weekend didn't go by fast enough.. I had to give up another hour?  Seemed so "off" today. Before I knew it , it was 7pm and still light out. Going to take awhile to get used to the time change again for me I guess.   Hope all of you had a good weekend.  I'll share a bit of ours after I show you a quick project.
This is a layout I did with the "Party Games" Sheets and Tags.  From Vintage Street Market.
Darling photo, is of my friend Patti's kidlets.  (hmmm... how do you think that happened?) lol

OH... and lookie here at this vintage Easter goodness.  I had to show you.( I'm such an enabler aren't I?) hee hee
 Vicki must have!


 Ran to get a few things done with mom on Saturday and then decided to check out a couple of favorite haunts. First stop "The Junction" ...then to the "Hen House Gallery".     They call it "junk'n" for a reason...  It's just not as fun if you don't have to dig around a bit :)

You just know.. when you see this.... you are going to get to dig around for the good stuff. It's all about "the hunt". lol

If you cant buy a treadmill, fresh eggs, quilts and a telescope( posted in the window)... all in the same place.. you just aren't "junk'n" right. lol

I only found a couple of little things , nothing major, but I'm trying to discipline myself a little.

As chilly as it was, Wes and some of his friends spend the first part of the  weekend at the cabin. I think they were supposed to be four wheeling..but by the looks of the photo Wes took of Pat (below), Not sure exactly how much of that they got done.

I'm no fisher(woman) anyway..but it would have to be ALOT warmer than it was for me to be standing out on the riverbank.

not a chance.
Sounds like they had a good time.That's all that matters right.

So .. come Saturday night, Wes stopped back at the house to head on to Wayne with friends for a College friends Birthday party.  Only problem is... he forgot to bring another pair of shoes. Now remember, he spent the day before , 4 wheeling and fishing at the cabin.  (he's 60 miles from his place), and we're lucky if there's a gas station open in this little town. :)  No time to run to Fremont, and no shoes around here that fit him...   Poor guy...
( showing me the hole burned in it.. from the fire pit at the cabin the night before)
Pathetic huh?


(okay.. so I debated about sharing this..but I just have too, because you know,... it's all about "creativity" here right.  And this is pretty darn creative if you ask me. lol
So after cleaning up his shoes the best he can, ( he still had the burn hole to deal with).   He comes up to my work room and says.. "Do you have any fabric or anything?"  I watch him literally make a pattern with a pencil and paper, cut out the fabric from the pattern and use hot glue to ..come up with this.  Pretty good huh?

Got the job done..and gets one more night of wear out of this shoes. lol
I know... proud mom, I have a genius for a kid. I knew college would pay off.  lol

And the week begins!


Susan said...

So funny! He's as creative as his mom! And he did a great patch job - you can't even see it!

A Vintage Chic said...

Wes sooooo got your crafty genes, Vicki! Hilarious! Love that he thought to fix his shoes like that--genius!

Love your layout, of course! And I can't wait to work with that Easter kit!

Man! I wish I had some good junkin' places like that around here! My best garage sale buddy Barb is from Nebraska, and she says it's amazing for junkin!

Hope you're having a wonderful night, my friend!


Jan said...

Great job on repairing the shoe! Looks like they had a good time at the cabin but it's still a little chilly for me, too :)

debbiek said...

Oh my gosh, Ms. Vicki. Wes did a wonderful job on his shoes! Maybe he can do side-line jobs as a shoe!

harrahx2 said...

What do you mean, one more wear? Those shoes look perfect! What a great idea. How did one child end up in the tub dressed? Too darn cute! I want some of those stores around me!

malia said...

Love the Vintage Street Market products. I WANT THEM!

What a cute family you have ( -:

stampqueen said...

Hee Hee - their 4 wheelin looks more like a day muddin' - which we did as kids on occasion on purpose....ya I know, I'm a hick...:)