Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hitch your wagon to a star

Happy Mid week everyone!  Hey.. I don't know about where you are..but FINALLY the sun is shining here! Seems like it's been so long since we've seen it.  Happy Dance going on here!
Maybe the sun shining is what got me up early this morning?  Whatever the reason..I was up, so I decided to make a card. 

I used one of the images from Crafty Secrets Vintage photos Creative Scraps.   All these images are so cute, I always have a hard time picking which to use.
I told you a while back about some new AccuCut dies I got. Well this is one of them. (Two square card mats on this die) and I love them both :)     I used the die on the right for the card above.  I decided to try something different and fold the top edge down. I really like the brace yourself.. you will  probably be seeing it used that way alot from me in the future. lol

                                                                      Item #: NC116


Like I mentioned at the beginning of my post.. it's been "sunless" here for some time. ( Seems like months)  Cold... cloud... ick.. You get the idea.   I can tell I'm really ready for warmer weather, because it's making me kind of .. well... "grouchy". lol   I usually always try to see the glass half full, not half empty... but I think there are just times when you need to just stop and think about being thankful for the little things .  I don't think I've been doing that enough lately.. so I'm really going to make a point of doing it everyday.   Of course we are all thankful for our family, having food and a roof over our heads...but sometimes it's the little things, the "everyday" things that are what make the day a little brighter.
As I was thinking about this when I was laying in bed this morning (debating about getting up) I thought about some of the little things I was thankful for yesterday.    Really..they were "little" things that make my day a little brighter.   

Yesterday I got my new "just released" RCPM CD.  I popped it in and let it play while I was working .. and it was fantastic.   So, I have to say...  Yesterday ( well...everyday actually)... I was so thankful for Good music! 

Well, this picture probably says it all.  I am SO thankful to have my little Aly pup here by my side. (Guarding the yard from Squirrels)

And ..this one is kind of strange..but I really am  thankful for phone.  As much as phones can be annoying at times... I'm so thankful for it because it keeps me connected to my far away family.  Actually now with texting .. I love how everyone in my family.. near and far can be in contact even more than ever. ( Sometimes several times a day :)

Hows that for a random mix of things to be thankful for ? lol

I'd love to hear 3 little things that made your day a little brighter yesterday.


A Vintage Chic said...

Beautiful post & beautiful card today, Vicki! Fabulous new die cuts--I can tell you'll use those alot!

SO glad the sun's out for you--here, it's coming and going--very foggy out right now!

Love your three things...let's see...yesterday...having my girls home with me (it's Spring Break--yay!), a really good class of 2nd graders that I took on a hike (their school fieldtrip), and getting some projects done--those made me VERY happy yesterday!

Thanks for helping me remember to take a minute to be grateful for those little things, my friend!

Hope today is wonderful--and SUNNY--for you!!!


Sheila R said...

Lovely card! Just love those Creative Scraps!

3 things I was thankful for yesterday....

Sharing some together time with my daughter.

Snuggling with my son.

Coming home and relaxing.

shmasat said...

Seems like we are all grouchy about this weather! I am like you, usually optimistic but the clouds had gotten me down as well. So it was good to hear that I was not the only one!

Love the card with vintage photo and the double sided paper turned down at the top!Great idea!

3 things that made me happy yesterday...
Friends at work that made me laugh...HARD.

Scrapbook/card class in the evening.

Skunk smell gone in the house after my husband shot one behind our house that morning!!! The scent came in when he opened the door to shoot it. ICK! With the help of a ceiling fan, Glade with febreze, and 2 scensy warmers going all day the smell was all gone by evening! Whew!

THANKS for reminding me to be remember and be grateful grateful for the little things!

Jan said...

Love the CS image and sentiment! So true, too :) I'm glad your pup is keeping you safe!
OK...LOVE the accucut dies :) but my all time favorite is YOURS!
and here's a few things that made my day brighter yesterday
.a new picture of my Granddaughter
.shopped at a scrapbook store
. spent the day with my daughter
Pretty good day considering we had snow, sleet, hail, rain, thunder and lightning! all in one day :) I want SPRING!

Jackie said...

I love your card!!!
Three things I was thankful for yesterday;
my washer and dryer
my customers, they always make me laugh
my computer

Shirley Sendgraff said...

Hi, Vicki! What a cute card, I sure would LOVE to have that wagon!!! Thanks for a great post about finding the "sunny moments" in a gloomy day! My 3 things would be: making an appointment for a spring hair cut, making plans to meet up with dear friends back up at the Keno Club, and painting my new studio a beautiful aqua color!!! I have been soo inspired by your beautiful studio space and all of the TA teams as well! Can't wait to arrange it and start creating again, it's been too long!! Enjoy the beautiful suuny day! Each Spring day is Gods gentle way of reminding us there's HOPE! SAS

harrahx2 said...

Love the card Vic and those dies are fantastic! I am with you on the whole weather thing. I am tired of it. Want some spring warmth. Three things I am thankful for...I got happy mail today from you! That made me do a happy dance. I am happy for my computer as it keeps me in touch with my friends and family. I am happy that the baby Eagles in Iowa made it through the snow yesterday. Silly things to some but make me smile each day. Watching the Virginia eaglets and the Iowa eaglets bring lots of smiles. Have a wonderful day and know you are at the head of my happy list for sure. Can't wait to make me banner and post pics!

jan said...

Enjoyed a talent show, my husband cooked dinner and I went to bed early!! Love your card, it is so adorable!!

Julie Higgins said...

I am thankful for many things but at the top: faith, family, and friends!! Happy Easter everyone:) Easter and Spring...perfect symbols to remind us of new life, eternal life, miracles, and hope!

Julie Higgins

Anonymous said...

No sun here in NH yet:(
Thankful for:
chai at Starbucks
laughing with my son
throwing a frisbee for my neighbor's dog!
Sue Clarke

Bettyann said...

cutie card..made me smile..we had a long wet winter..still cool but more sun...I am thankful for my Mom getting her surgery to mend her broken hip...thankful for my loving mate, even when I'm such a crabby, thankful for my children...take care,ps thankful for my computer so I can visit friends on the net..

Julie Higgins said...

Duh...I didn't read the directions very good...three LITTLE things yesterday...Hmmmmm.....Cappucino at Casey's, my dog greeting me when I got home, and time I spent at a mtg. yesterday with very fun co-workers (like Ann Vyhlidal)! :) Julie Higgins

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Vicki- LOVE love love the card like always...CS is awesome! Three things I was thankful for yesterday...Biggie= me and hub celebrated with dinner and wine 32 yrs of marriage..yep...2, my youngest home from college for a few days flew in, 3, my new crocs came in the mail! ha ha ha! Sending you all good wishes for Easter- Jane W.

SuZeQ said...

Three things, huh? Well, it's going to be difficult to choose my three MOST favorite things I was thankful for yesterday, but here goes:
1. a television that hasn't conked out, enabling me to watch American Idol
2. receiving an e-mail from my cousin to talk about American Idol (he never e-mails ... only during AI season!)
3. a husband that cooks a delicious dinner

stampdiva said...

What a beautiful Blog you have.
Those cards are stunning and the first one, that image is adorable.
3 Things -
. I found a large wicker basket 9in the style of a suitecase) in a charity shop. It cost 99p and perfect for my travelling art kit.
. walking under trees laden with blossom.
. a bowl of my mum's homemade soup.


kathy/North Carolina said...

Hey, Vicki! I love your attitude...and your work. Gorgeous!

Three things I'm thankful for:

The gentle rain that's falling (after this past weekend's tornadoes, it's nice to see gentle rain)

The loaves of cinnamon raisin bread that are rising in my kitchen dryer. My mom didn't have one for years, and I still think it's a luxury to be able to dry clothes so easily.

Have a wonderful day...wishing you more and more sunshine!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

What a sweet post! Just had news this week a dear friend went home to be with the Lord after her battle with ovarian cancer. Our children are all about the same ages. All that being said I am thankful I had the privilege to shop for our daughter's 16th birthday yesterday, our oldest is home on spring break (she's a teacher)and made dinner, and our other daughter is able to come home tomorrow for the service (she's been away at school for almost 2 months). I know I may have strayed from the simple but that is where my mom heart is right now : ) Thanks for listening.

Linda S. said...

I also love that first card, Vicki. Three things?
A call from my neighbor..always checking to see if I'm O.K.
I found some BlueBunny frozen chocolate malts in the freezer.
I am so thankful to have a new (to me) computer up and running so I can stay in touch with my friends.
Thanks for reminding me to look.
Linda S. in NE

Kelly Massman said...

Darling layout! love the photo!

Marian Garcia, Studio M said...

Love, love your card! Three things I was thankful for yesterday:

1, I told my two great adult kids "I love you"
2, Made it to work safely
3, Being single its fantastic when a handsome man writes to you.

Happy Easter!
Marian Garcia

Mi Mi said...

All your work is so beautiful. Love the little 3 panel art.
3 Wonderful Things: My dog is finally feeling better after surgery. My family safe and happy. 3 1/2 years free from cancer. Thank you Lord for all my wonderful things.
Sending love and prayers to you and thank you for sharing all your sweet artwork