Monday, May 09, 2011

Colorful Monday

I thought I'd start the week off with a colorful post :)  It's my little way of trying to keep this run of sunshine we've been having the last few days going. lol    I wont even complaint about the wind, because at least it's beautiful and sunny!    I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day.  Both of our boys had to work today, so we didn't get the see them, but enjoyed cards and  phone calls.   We did celebrate with mom and the family... and it was so nice to see everyone.     We all sat outside and enjoyed just chatting the afternoon away.  A really nice day, all the way around.   I didn't even take many photos..just enjoyed!


This month the theme for our Tattered Angels projects is "Art Journal" pages.   So here's one I  created.  It was really fun to have to much creative freedom to just play with color.   You know me and my love of music... I decided to make a few of my favorite lyrics the inspiration for my page.
Oh.. and guess the band? lol    I'm sure you were right. lol

lyrics by Roger Clyne

If your interested in the colors used, you can see a complete list in my original blog post on the Tattered Angels blog    HERE

While I'm on the subject of COLOR again.... I wanted to show you moms Pansy's. Pretty huh.   My brother-in-law is the "camera master" and he spent some time showing me more about  macro, and some other things on my newer camera.      Thanks Keith!

and.... just because I always have to share my favorite tree, just before the turn off.. to home.  It's a happy thing to see it budding and coming to life.  HELLO SPRING!
I know I say it time and time again, but there this is just something about the shape of this tree that I just love.  Doesn't matter what the season. Winter, Spring ,Summer or Fall, it's always beautiful.

Thankful for an enjoyable weekend, now ready to take on a busy week.  Here's hoping it's a productive one :)       

  Happy Monday everyone!


Marlene (cards4u) said...

What a fun page - looks like it should be hanging on a wall so the whole world can see it : ) Glad you had an enjoyable day!

LB Designs said...

Very pretty!

Jan said...

love the lyrics :) They are evn more beautiful all dressed up!

kathy/North Carolina said...

I love that layout...and those colors! Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

harrahx2 said...

Love the little pansies. What color! That tree is perfect. I am like you, certain things...just make me feel good.

Pam said...

I adore your page Vicki, so cool!
Your mom's pansy is gorgeous, great shot!