Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dressing up an apron

I've been having so much fun creating things with Designs from the new Crafty Secrets  "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD.  (available May 30/11).    There are so many beautiful things on this CD.  I printed a couple of the paper patterns on Claudine Hellmuth STUDIO  sticky-back canvas sheets to dress up my apron.

So basically, all I had to do was pop the CD in, choose my image and run one of these sheets through my printer (one with the pink pattern and one with the green pattern)  Hand cut, or die cut my flower shapes, peel the backing off, and start my hand stitching.    Like I mentioned before, I am loving getting back to embroidery and hand stitching...it's so relaxing!  I could blanket stitch forever~! lol

I didn't have the best light for the photos of the apron ,but you can see the actual colors of the papers below.   This is the cover of the upcoming CD.   I'm excited about all the possibilities this is going to bring.  Excited I tell ya! lol

I also want to be sure to mention here, in case you have missed it  Crafty Secrets now has a Design Team call in progress.

                                           Crafty Secrets Design Team Call!

You can get ALL the details HERE

They are looking for talented and enthusiastic paper crafters, stampers and digital designers who love vintage and have time to commit to designing samples each month using our products and to promote our products online and be an inspiration to others!
This is a 6 month position running from June 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011. Team members off both teams can reapply for 2012. This call is open to English speaking residents worldwide. Deadline to submit is May 28/11.

Please email submissions to sandy@craftysecrets.com


Saturday after the Flea Market, my sis and I were looking at moms iris with her.  She is very proud of them!  They are all just so beautiful.    I don't know that I have ever looked at them so closely. They are pretty amazing up close. ..and so detailed.

They were not only pretty..but smelled SO good!

And if this just wasn't the cutest~
The two little neighbor boys came running over ... "Hi Evelyn!"  lol   The had stuff they needed to show her. lol   The really cute thing is ... I used to babysit the boys mom when she was their age.   Her family has always owned the house..but they have rented it out for years.  Now her and her hubby live there with their little guys.   She was outside with them on Mothers Day when we were in moms backyard.. so I got to see her for the first time in ...oh.... 30+ years.  SO fun!  She is a kind and sweet as she was then.
I love how her boys adore mom.

                                                                      Just makes me smile.

PS. If you want to see some really fantastic photos of the flea market and tail gate breakfast from Saturday.... check out the beautiful photos my friend (photographer Becky Novacek) has posted on her blog. 


harrahx2 said...

I think your pictures are just as pretty! I love the picture of your mom and the boys. That is a classic. The apron is darling. I can't believe you made that. See, you sew, create, design.....you are just one talented broad. I totally can't sew... : (

debbiek said...

Great looking apron, Vicki. Makes me want to make one now:)

LOVE the photos of your Mom's iris plants but especially LOVE the photo of your Mom with the little guys. Sooo cute!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Great pic of "Evelyn" I mean your mom and the guys : ) Kids are just too much fun! Love the apron - when I was thinking about the new CD I was wondering about using it with fabric/canvas. Can't wait until it comes out!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

If you happen to read this and haven't checked out Becky's blog - you need to go over and see these absolutely amazing photos!!

VAWM said...

Absolutely adorable photos of the boys and your mom! I love the apron, so creative!

stampqueen said...

Love your arpon!!!
Love the iris too - they are my very favorite flowers - but they don't grow well down here - pout.
Thats a great picture of your Mom - love that you used to babysit the boys Mom - how cool!!!

Jan said...

love the apron and the pictures of the flowers are beautiful!

kathy/North Carolina said...

I am so excited about the CD! It looks amazing! And, I am happy to see a photo of your sweet mama up and walking around! I know it was an especially sweet Mom's Day for you, after she was so sick this winter. Yay!

Cynthia said...

This is a great project with the new Crafty Secrets CD. Thanks for sharing, Vicki!

Kinzie said...

Super sweet pic of your mom and the boys! LOVE the apron too!

Dawn said...

Beautiful Apron ;0)

love Dawn xx

malia said...

this is beautiful my friend!