Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It was 1980 Something

Hope everyones week is off to a great start.  Good here.  I was tickled to see my work room on Scrap Scene today:) Fun stuff. HERE  I subscribe to Scrap Scene and have for a long time.  If you aren't familiar with it, be sure to check it out.  SO much inspiration!
I had a fun little project to do recently for Fancy Pants.  They do a  little thing called "Pocket Chick Pick", where one of the Design Team girls picks a layout from the Fancy Pants Facebook Page that has been post by a fan, and find inspiration it for a "scrap lift" of sorts.
You can see the layout I chose as inspiration HERE
I decided I wanted to choose a "older" photo.   I love this photo of Weston when he was a little guy.
And it's true... it was "1980 something" lol

It's kind of hard to see unless you make it larger, but along the right side (where the arrow is pointing) it says 1985,1086,1987, 1088
The background die shape is AccuCut die  "Bracket Block" # B1054

and the paper line I used is...

                                     ahhhh... one of my MOST favorite lines from Fancy Pants. 
It was fun to do a layout with a older photo like that.  Sure took me back to when the boys where little.


Talking about taking me back to when the boys where little.  I just had to share some photos of the train set since they have pulled to set up for display at the railroad Depot/Museum.   When our boys were growing up our entire main room of our basement at our old house..was their train set. It's something the boys and Dan spent alot of time working on  together.  They built it all, the tables, the buildings, ... even lighted street lights.    So many Christmas and Birthday presents for years.. where additions to the train set.   I  think back on the hours and hours of enjoyment they got from it and it was worth every penny.   As if that wasn't enough.. they are enjoying it again.    When we moved here , the train set ( all SIX  4x7 tables) where disassembled and the trains, track and buildings were all packed away.  I wondered if they would ever use it again. ( maybe with their kids someday?) Maybe?    But recently the boys (and Kate) have gotten involved with volunteering for the historic train line here in this area.   They came and got all the bins of train stuff from our garage shelves , and took them to Jarads shop to start rebuilding.
Have I ever mentioned that my boys are very much like their dad when when it comes to things like this. lol.  When they get "into" something....they really get "into" it! lol   Holy Cow..they have been going to town.

Now, not only the street lights and houses light up..but some of the cars head light and tail lights.  And Dan got involved again.. and made a lighted flashing railroad crossing :)

It made me smile when Jarad said he bought a house for Kate for the train table called.. "Kates Cottage".  awwww

Of course Jarad would have to have "fire fighters"

I have to say it warms my heart to see them working on this together again after all these years... and even letting their ol daddio participate a little.
The are working on the Plexiglas cover now... so ready to be moved to the Depot to share with other kids (and adults) soon.   I'm really proud of them for getting involved with community things.
Warning: proud mom :)


 I got some planting done today..and that feels good. Now.. better start some dinner. 
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!


Julie said...

Wow, the train set-up is incredible! Loved seeing the pictures of what it looks like now! Can't wait to go see it after it gets set up:) You should be proud! Julie


Love your layout and Wes is sooooo cute! OMG that story about the train that is just so cool. How awesome it is that they have gotten back into it. What fun it looks like they all had resetting up and probably reminiscing about the pieces at the set them up and when they got them. So much fun!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Couldn't agree with you more - nothing like hearing and seeing your family enjoying each other's company! Our second just came home from college and it was so fun to hear all the girls talking and laughing together upstairs. Thanks for the info on ScrapScene and loved what you did with your caption on your layout. What a sweetheart! BTW the burning house looks great - that doesn't sound so good does it?

Have A Wonderful Day!

Jane Wetzel said...

love those great papers Vicki- and the train story is just awesome... :)
nothing wrong with a proud mom!

Lenoria said...

Wow, this is fantastic!! I love the town and the train set-up. It is wonderful that they can all share this with each other and have all the memories and now to also share with so many other people and maybe be a part of their memories also. Thanks for sharing, and I enjoyed looking around their "little town".

harrahx2 said...

Aww, Vicki, you have every right in the world to be proud of hubby and children! What a terrific project and it just shows, crafty talent is NOT limited to mom! Love the page and meant to tell you, the bracelet the other day? Beautiful! Hugs to you.

Jan said...

Your LO is so sweet! Makes a gal wonder how the years pass so quickly! That's one HUGE train set up...!

Country Liv . . . said...

Wes is adorable! love the layout.

I would love to see that train town in action. The house on fire is so realistic looking - - who ever thought of making the porch roof fall down like that? Wow! I had my own Lionel train set with I was young and then after I was married we set up a miniature train town too. It got lost in the breakup somehow. :(

(I have been trying to comment on your posts for days but Blogger is acting pretty strange these days!)


Michelle said...

Love the train set! What an amazing project and memory builder to work on together!!!