Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy week

This been one of those weeks.  You know the kind where you have good intentions about getting to things..but it just doesn't fall into place that way? lol    I did finish this little project yesterday, that I thought I'd share.   Totally loving the papers from the new "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD from Crafty Secrets.

I've used this little girls many times.. and never get tired of her sweet face. She is from the "Altered Fairies" Creative Scraps Sheet.

I've been wanting to share photos with you from last weekend.  We took in a the festivities here. It was our annual town celebration.   There are things going on all weekend of course but these photos are from the Parade, Carnival and Park activities on Sunday.
We always enjoy the parade.  So sweet and quaint. Typical small town parade. Gotta love that.

Jarad and Dan both had to work :(  so they missed out on the fun.   Kate brought Riley. Cloey stayed at our house to play with Aly and Molly while we were at the parade. (4 dogs along might have been a bit much:)

I love this photo of Kate and her niece Violet.  What a little doll!

Check out the little ones  sharing candies.  Not that they were eating them or even understood what they were..but it was so cute the way they were handing them to eachother.  

After the parade, we walked over to the park to take in the carnival.  It was such a great day..not to hot and slightly overcast.  They kept saying a chance of thunderstorms later in the day..but around here we seem to get that alot lately. lol


We had a great time and totally enjoyed all the things they had going on in the park.

and I "do" mean.. "all" the things....
Oh.. my ..... yummmmmm

Well, we made it the entire day without rain..but by late afternoon it was obvious there was a storm rolling in.  We headed for home (good thing its only .. up the road) and made it just before the storm hit.
We have certainly had our share of crazy storms this summer, and this one was no exception!   The skies turned black , it rained and crazy and the wind blew and blew.  NO tornadoes this time, thank goodness!
About the time the storm passed, I was inside and heard Dan outside.. saying.. "hey Vic, come here and look at this".      Check out this sky!!

I am telling you , it was the strangest looking bunch of clouds I have ever seen in my entire life.  It kind of freaked me out.   The photos really dont do it justice.. it was surreal looking.
These weird looking marshmellow looking clouds where hanging so low.. and were in rows!  Just row after row of them.
They started out dark, and very ominous looking like the photo below, but then as the sun started to come out and light them from behind, so you could see the blue sky.  (trust me, they were much more beautiful then)  ... When I wasnt thinking the world was coming to an end!! lol

I wish you all could have seen them in real was really something.
When they had passed, I went in a googled to see if I could find out what they were.  I found out they are called Mammaus Clouds.
and here is what it said.....

The clouds are called Mammatus clouds . They do not precede a tornado, or foretell a storm, but are formed when the air is already saturated with rain droplets and/or ice crystals and begins to sink. The worst of the storm is usually over when these kinds of clouds are seen.

They are quite rare, but really beautiful. This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful Scenes in the Sky..


                                                    I would have to agree!         

Monday, June 27, 2011

Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge "Childhood" Theme

eWoo hoo! Super excited today, as it is a first Crafty Secrets challenge with all the members of our new Design Team!  I cant wait to see what everyone has created for this challenge! (ok.. I've seen sneak peeks of some of them already, and I can tell you... you are in for a treat.  Be sure to pop around to all their blogs to see :)   I have all their names at the end of this post.. so all you have to do is click on their name and it will take you directly to their blog.

I created a couple of things for this challenge. Here is a layout I did using some of the paper from the new CD. (more about the CD below).   The photo is of my husband and siblings with their dad. (Dan is the little guy on his dads lap with his sister). 

The journaling is one the tag ..tucked inside.   I had to write on the tag in the journaling about how he thought he had handful with 5 kids..but little did he know when this photos was taken...but there was one more on the way :)     I know Dan misses his dad very much.  He was a good man.   Found Childhood memories for sure.

and one more project...
Here is a little album using Papers and elements from the new
 "Creating with Vintage Patterns".    You will be able to see the different ways this CD can be used during this challenge. Some of the girls will use it as I did, by printing off the papers and elements and creating a project just as I would when using any papers, journal notes, images, ect..    Other girls will do their entire layout or card digitally.  Some.. hybrid.. a little combo of both.   There are so many possibilities.

There are so many gorgeous papers on there, I have a hard time choosing which to use. ahhh   But  I knew what colors I was originally thinking of using, after gathering my photos for the album... so...
I started picking.  I had no problem finding papers that went together really well, and fit my color combo choices.    The paper I used for the cover almost makes me swoooon!  LOVE IT!
( the album is from Tattered Angels)
and the Glimmer Mist colors I used were... Wheat Beer and SWAK
I haven't been able to get good natural light for photos all week.. because of the darn clouds..  these will have to do.

There are alot of pages in this album and I actually DID finish them all, believe it or not. I'd drown you in photos if I shared  them all.. lol, so  I'm sharing a few that really show off the papers and added elements the best.

The darling little frame and tag below are elements on the CD, and that scalloped stitching is the edge of one of the papers on the CD.

The corner piece of paper is also one of the elements, as well as a full size sheet of that same print.

Addy was feeling pretty special in her dress. She was cracking me up.. dancing around out in the grass.  She used to be so shy and quiet...  now she is coming out of her shell ...and chatting and dancing for anyone who will watch and listen. So cute.  These photos where taken at Easter.  Addy is my brother Rays Granddaughter.  And he pretty much adores her :)

I'll be sharing more projects with papers from this CD this week, so I hope you'll stop back.
Now, here are the links to the blogs so that you can see what the other girls on the team have created .

Crafty Secrets Design Team

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                                           Have a GREAT day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pass it on

Hi friends! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!   The weather is so beautiful here today.. and I'm enjoying it with all the windows open.   This is the weekend of our little towns celebration so hopefully tomorrow we will take in some of the festivities :)
Yesterday I spent the entire day in my room... creating and making huge messes!  I am talking MESSY!  But I got alot done so that feels good.   Some of the projects are for CHA so I have to wait a bit before sharing, but I'll share one of the things I finished up yesterday.  It's a basket of cards I put together for a local fundraiser ..."Royal Family Kids Camp".  helping foster kids go to camp. * Pat on the back to Kathy Howerton for helping make things like this possible!

They are all super easy cards, but sometimes you just need quick notes.  I think sometimes people who aren't card makers don't know about the extra postage that embellishments on cards cause.. so these a just sweet and simple.  I had fun dressing up a little basket for them.

Well... yep... I'm pretty into baskets it seems. lol    This is a basket of goodies for "Relay for Life", American Cancer Society, a while back.  My friend Julie made and sold TONS of banners to raise money! Yay Juls!
"Giving" feels good!    I was thinking back on the blog post I did quite some time ago, about random Acts of Kindness.   Little things like ,. leaving a flower with a note on it , playing for someones coffee, ect...    I looked back to try to find that blog post..but couldn't fine it for the life of me :(  
I remember it was so fun to read all the comments and emails I got from people telling about  the anonymous  "kind" things they had done that week.   It was just a huge warm fuzzy!  Cheesy I know..but  you gotta love it.      

These gifts weren't anonymous but they really got me thinking about the whole "pass it on" thing again.
I know we all do kind things, hold doors open, let people go ahead of us in line at the grocery store, ...but this week, I plan to do some "random acts of kindness" in hopes that, those people will "pass it on".   Do you want to do it with me? :)
I guess it's not completely anonymous if we share it here, but I'd love to hear about any they you do.  I'm still thinking about what "KIND" I will do this week.  But I'll share it at the end of the week.... if... you'll share what "KIND" thing you did with me. lol
A few people doing a few nice things ..really can make a difference.

If you are looking for ideas, check this out..  Random Acts of Kindness website.   There are categories for ideas and so many great stories.


While I'm on the subject of giving.  Giving your time volunteering is huge!   
  Jarad had posted this photo of his truck, with his new lights on it on facebook the other day.  I snagged it to share here :)      
 I read something today that I was amazed by...
According to the National Fire Prevention Assoc , 71 percent of firefighters in the United States are volunteers.  

I don't have a photo.. but Wes spent today helping youth put together train models for the new train display they're working on for the railroad museum. 
I'm  proud of the boys( and Kate) for getting involved and volunteering in our community.

If you volunteer your time to a cause I'd love to hear that too!


Okay.. I know your not going to get much out of this ... (because it's all in German) lol.. but I was excited when  saw it , and wanted to share.
Scrap Art Zine is a German Scrapbooking magazine

As if I didn't chat and share enough.. .... just one more thing.....

Be sure to check out the giveaways going on over on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog!

ok... the end.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beach Album

Hello everyone!   I've been busy working one some new projects with papers from the new "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD from Crafty Secrets.  Oh.. I'm so excited about the gorgeous things on this CD. Whether your a digital or hybrid scrapper or a cut and paste girl like me.... you'll love it.   SO many possibilities.... and so many gorgeous patterns to create with.    Very soon you'll be able to purchase some of the Tattered Angels albums (like the Travel album below) on the Crafty Secrets Website also.  Sandy has been posting updates about new things being added the week, here on the "Heartwarming Vintage Blog"

Thank you Daisy at Eclectic Paperie for this darling little bottle.  I will defiantly be ordering more.  Aren't then fun!  I had to put some sand in mine for this album of course :)
You can get them HERE if you are interested. ( they come in sets of 4 for $2.99) varied sizes.

I used the "Bathing Beauties" Clear Art Stamps from Crafty Secrets and papers and elements from the  NEW "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD   The CD's are available NOW! whoo whooo!

                                       "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD

There are so many gorgeous papers on this CD!
I love that there is such a variety.  I knew I'd be looking for something fairly neutral to go under the transparent cover of this album..  after taking a look I chose this, but there were a number of others that would have worked well also.      Instead of misting the inside page that would be able to be seen through the front cover, I covered the inside page with this small print brown paper from the CD.

As you know .. I'm a saver. I keep everything, thinking I'm going to have a use for it later.  Well, this time that worked out in my favor.  This rope was around a bag I purchased recently... glad I saved it :)
I knew ribbon wasn't the look I was wanting ..but I love the look of this on the album.

I used my glue gun and added some flowers, shells and more rope. Then I used diamond glaze to add some sand around the edges.
( flowers were misted with Patina and Sand Glimmer Mist)
(the tag above with Patina and Suede)

Lots of pages for lots of photos.. so I keep working away at it.

Just looking at the photos... takes me right back.  ahhhhh


I have to share some photos from Fathers Day with you... simply because I had cute kiddos and pups that didn't mind me snapping endless photos of them. lol      Kate's parents have a cabin out near ours, and we were invited to come out and grill on Sunday.   Jarad and Kate brought the steaks and Jarad did the grilling.  It was a really nice time.   Kate's parents had two of their other Grandkiddos for the weekend, so L and K were in on the fun too.   Riley was riding in style!

Kate and her niece.

Riley is growing up.

Love this shot of K giving Grandma kisses. awww

Cloey was taking a break and Aly and Molly were at home.. so trust me Riley got lots of attention!
She looks so much like Molly when she was little, but as she is growing I see that she is going to have longer legs, and I don't think as big.

It seems we have been in some kind of strange storm pattern, because we had really nasty weather again the other night.   The tip of a tornado actually touched down in Fremont.  Here is a photo Kate sent me of their yard.   My mom was without power for sometime, and Jarad and Kate were also.  Lots of clean up ahead for Fremonters over the next days.. but thankfully no major injuries.
National Weather Service Confirms  EF1 Tornado

It's been a crazy year for weird weather. We have actually been so lucky, compared to what others across the country have had to deal with.  Tornado's, flooding ect...    Keeping everyone in our prayers.
Stay safe!

Hugs, Vic