Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy week

This been one of those weeks.  You know the kind where you have good intentions about getting to things..but it just doesn't fall into place that way? lol    I did finish this little project yesterday, that I thought I'd share.   Totally loving the papers from the new "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD from Crafty Secrets.

I've used this little girls many times.. and never get tired of her sweet face. She is from the "Altered Fairies" Creative Scraps Sheet.

I've been wanting to share photos with you from last weekend.  We took in a the festivities here. It was our annual town celebration.   There are things going on all weekend of course but these photos are from the Parade, Carnival and Park activities on Sunday.
We always enjoy the parade.  So sweet and quaint. Typical small town parade. Gotta love that.

Jarad and Dan both had to work :(  so they missed out on the fun.   Kate brought Riley. Cloey stayed at our house to play with Aly and Molly while we were at the parade. (4 dogs along might have been a bit much:)

I love this photo of Kate and her niece Violet.  What a little doll!

Check out the little ones  sharing candies.  Not that they were eating them or even understood what they were..but it was so cute the way they were handing them to eachother.  

After the parade, we walked over to the park to take in the carnival.  It was such a great day..not to hot and slightly overcast.  They kept saying a chance of thunderstorms later in the day..but around here we seem to get that alot lately. lol


We had a great time and totally enjoyed all the things they had going on in the park.

and I "do" mean.. "all" the things....
Oh.. my ..... yummmmmm

Well, we made it the entire day without rain..but by late afternoon it was obvious there was a storm rolling in.  We headed for home (good thing its only .. up the road) and made it just before the storm hit.
We have certainly had our share of crazy storms this summer, and this one was no exception!   The skies turned black , it rained and crazy and the wind blew and blew.  NO tornadoes this time, thank goodness!
About the time the storm passed, I was inside and heard Dan outside.. saying.. "hey Vic, come here and look at this".      Check out this sky!!

I am telling you , it was the strangest looking bunch of clouds I have ever seen in my entire life.  It kind of freaked me out.   The photos really dont do it justice.. it was surreal looking.
These weird looking marshmellow looking clouds where hanging so low.. and were in rows!  Just row after row of them.
They started out dark, and very ominous looking like the photo below, but then as the sun started to come out and light them from behind, so you could see the blue sky.  (trust me, they were much more beautiful then)  ... When I wasnt thinking the world was coming to an end!! lol

I wish you all could have seen them in real was really something.
When they had passed, I went in a googled to see if I could find out what they were.  I found out they are called Mammaus Clouds.
and here is what it said.....

The clouds are called Mammatus clouds . They do not precede a tornado, or foretell a storm, but are formed when the air is already saturated with rain droplets and/or ice crystals and begins to sink. The worst of the storm is usually over when these kinds of clouds are seen.

They are quite rare, but really beautiful. This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful Scenes in the Sky..


                                                    I would have to agree!         


Carla said...

You know, Vicki, my second oldest brother, Tracey, is an awesome letter writer. When I get one of his letters, I feel like I'm right there with him. Your blog is the same way. I truly enjoy not just your beautiful art, but all the other photos and stories! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Debby said...

Your celebration looks like our 4th celebration in the village where I live. They are setting up the street fair tonight.
Those clouds are amazing. I have never seen anything like those. The straight lines are unreal. Thanks for sharing.
The little girl is sooooo sweet.
Have a great holiday.

Jan said...

Now those two girls are just adorable :) I'd like to give their little cheeks a big kiss :)
LOVE your heart with the new papers and the little girl with the kitty!
Those clouds are awesome and I've never seen something like does look a little spooky, so glad for the info on them.
Have a Happy and safe 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

I'm staying with my son in Wichita, Ks and the other day we had clouds float through that were similar to your photo's. I ran and grabbed the camera to get a shot of them cuz I'd never seen anything like them. Mine weren't like marshmelow's on a stick tho, they were more like a plowed field with rows of clouds. I thought of my dad when I saw them. (he was a farmer, and could picture him summer following the clouds. ha) Thanks for sharing your storys, you make it feel like your a next door nieghbor. Of course goes without saying I love all your crafty items and am a big fan of your.......have a safe 4th and keep that camera handy.

scrapbooking for others said...

I have never seen clouds like that, thank you for sharing!

Lana said...

WOW Vicki I love your blog it is so welcoming,I feel as if I know you. Wish I did !!! Your art work is always fabulous and the family photos are so endearing!! I especially love Riley!!! Your photos of the clouds were breath taking to say the least !!! What a blessing from God to see this!

malia said...

wow that is some crazy sky! so cool. love your parade pix... how fun. xo

Susie said...

Wow, amazing photos of those clouds!
Thanks for sharing the photos of your town's festivities (and the girls - so sweet.) You have the talent of making me almost feel like I'm there. You're just as good a writer, as you are a crafter/artist!

harrahx2 said... the pics of the parade and the family and all. The card is beautiful and makes me hungry as well as the fried dough! Hope all is well your way.