Friday, July 08, 2011

A little table redo

 When was the last time you used Mod Podge?  It had been a while since I had but used it to add papers to the top of this little table I got at the flea market  a while back.  I got the table for $14, and it's really sturdy.  I decided to paint it white and add some papers to the top.

Nothing fancy..but it's a fun "new to me" little table

 My mom has been here staying with us for a bit, while we try to get some answers to get her some relief from her back and leg pain.  Darn arthritis.  Here's hoping the series of shots she'll be getting next week, work their magic.     We have all been enjoying having her here.  I know a couple of dogs who are going to be "way spoiled" by the time she goes home.  
 They normally don't get to get up on the couch unless I have a blanket down for them to lay on...BUT, it was thundering.. and they just needed to be by Grandma. lol

I've noticed since moms been here, that I've been started to take for granted the nature we have out here.  Mom really enjoys it, notices things and points things out at the window alot.    The lilies have been blooming out in the trees and they are so pretty when the sun hits them .  (Can you see them all blooming in the ditch .. out the window , in the photo above too?)

When the kids where at home.. we ate every meal at the table.  Since it's just Dan and I, I've noticed we don't do that as much any more either.  Since moms been here, I've been "cooking" more. Well, I mean, .. taking more time to cook from scratch :)   I'm sure Dan is enjoying that also.   ( hope he doesn't get to used to it.. or he may be in for a surprise) lol      I started out saying we don't eat at the table as much as we used to... because since moms here this week ... we have been. And because we have been... we've been noticing all kinds of things from the dinning room window. We have been enjoying watching the baby robins in this nest.  Watching the mom and dad robin flying back and forth to the nest, and mom feeding them.

It's in this big tree in the side yard, a perfect view from the dinning room window.  Having mom here has made me realize how many things I miss when I whiz though the day tooooo fast, from one thing to another.   A good reminder to stop and enjoy the things around me, right.

Aly is loving the fact that we are downstairs more, chatting , watching tv ect..    She likes sleeping in her suitcase bed in the living room.  She looks pretty content huh?    She really does love sleeping in this, so I took all the pretties out of the back of the lid..that I originally had in there.  But..... today I did find these cute little pillows for the back... $1 each at the Dollar store.  Yep.. my dog deserves it! ha

CHA is just around the corner now, and although I'm not attending this one, there is  lots to be done.  I can wait to start sharing some  sneak peeks with you.    The UPS guy deliver a big box of amazing new papers and goodies from Fancy Pants today!  Some of my favorites from them ever!    New stuff from Crafty Secrets, Vintage Street Market and gorgeous new color from Tattered Angels
Sharing it all soooooon!   If your not already following them on Facebook, be sure too.. so you see the sneak peeks as soon as they start sharing.    It's an exciting time!  Can wait to share! Very soon!

Hope you all had a great week and are heading into a fantastic weekend!


Miss Shawn said...

Love, Love LOVE that table. Wish I had room for one. :( Maybe I will just make one anyway, ha, ha,:)

Country Liv . . . said...

I love the table! What a great idea-I have mod podge and oodles of papers-now I just need the table!

How gorgeous it is out west and isn't it nice that Sweet Momma makes you stop and smell the flowers?! I do hope she starts feeling better soon. Please give her a 'soft' hug and let her know that a stranger is thinking of her!

Aly is so funny. It's something how they always know when an item you have for them is theirs; I still have a picture in my head of the first photo you took of her in the 'suitcase bed!'

Enjoy your Sunday!

Jan said...

I love seeing ALy in her suitcase bed! She's so sweet! I do hope your mom gets some pain relief soon. So happy that you're getting to spend some time together :)

linda said...

Really liking the table, colors are very nice.
Glad to hear you're enjoying your visit with mom. My husband just left for Florida to pick up his mom to come stay with us awhile. She also is experiencing a lot of pain so we're hoping to find her some relief as well.

Thanks for sharing! Love reading your posts.

Trece said...

Thanks for the fabulous table idea!! I never would have thought of it, but it is marvelous!! Love the 'suitcase dog', and I hope your mom gets relief from the pain.

Linda S. said...

Well, I'll try this a 2nd time. I love it that your dog has such a unique place to call her own. I've heard of lots of kitties that like to jump in suitcases when their owners start to pack for a trip, but yours is the first dog I've seen sleeping in one!! Tell your Mom that there are two "strangers" thinking about her, and hoping she is able to get some relief. Linda S. in NE

debbiek said...

Cute table, Vicki. You are so clever!

Hope your MaMa does better soon. There is nothing worse than to see someone you love in pain.

Aly looks so comfy in that suitcase bed. How CUTE!

Sorry to hear you won't be going to CHA. Sure glad we can see all your projects on the net and be inspired!


Precious Treasures said...

We just got a dog and I am going to try to make one of these beds. :)