Friday, August 26, 2011

A good day

Happy Friday Everyone!    Hope your week has been a good one.  It's been a pretty productive week for me so I'm feeling good about that.  I was feeling pretty behind on things, but kicked it into gear this week, and I'm getting caught up. (for now anyway :)    I had decided since I got house"stuff" done Wed, that yesterday would be "creative day". A day to get caught up on projects and deadlines.  I got 3 layouts and a card done! THAT is good for me..because I am NOT a fast "creator" at all.  I dink around way too much  ... looking for just the right button or piece of lace, when the first one I picked up would have probably been just fine. lol  Can you say "quirky".    Anyway, I was so please things fell into place like they did and I felt good about the finished projects.  (I'll be sharing soon).
The layout below is one I did last week using a new stamp set from Crafty Secrets called " Vintage Labels".

You can see them all here. Aren't they fantastic? They are already available! 

I love that all the centers come out and are interchangeable, and that it has all the little accent pieces for embellishing.  I used mine around the edge of the border of my layout.

The bird image I used below is from the "Birds and Blossoms" Creative Scraps .

The papers are from the "Creating with Vintage Images" CD

I am just pretty much LOVING that set.


What been going on around here?? Well, a little of this an that.  I told you I've been busy catching up on things around here, but I've also been taking time to enjoy this fantastic weather.  Oh my, the days have just been so cool and comfortable, and the nights ...the best kind for sleeping :)    Windows open!  LOVE that!
Living in the country I know having the windows open will just undo all that dusting I did this week..but so be it! It's totally worth it.  Nothing better than fresh air.
I can already feel that the seasons are getting ready to change again.  As much as I complain about the extreme weather changes here, I do love the changing of the seasons.  I totally enjoy fall ( I'm just not so happy with what comes "after" that).  I really don't even mind snow.. or .. even "winter" for a while... it just seems to last longer than I would like. lol
I have really noticed the gorgeous lighting in the evenings.  You'll be able to tell from my next week photos, I've been  intrigued by it... . um... alot.
This is my new lamp.  I saw it and fell in love with it immediately!  My sissy bought it for me as an early Birthday present.  Is she the best or what??

Something as simple as these pears on the dinning room table in the evening, just seem to beautiful.

Last night, Dan had work late, so we knew he wouldn't be able to join us ,but Jarad, Kate , mom and I had dinner together at the rehab facility she is at.  They have a beautiful room for families to use if they want to gather for meals or just visit.  It was just so, I was wishing for a picnic to take mom outside.  No picnic tables, so I decided we'd have a picnic anyway.. but inside.  Picnic basket, red checked place mats, paper plates, KFC... oh.. and artificial daisies from the dollar store, that I picked up on the way (when I stopped for napkins and plastic ware),  in a vase I snatched from moms room. lol   Wa la.. (sorta picnic)
 It was so great to see Jarad and Kate and catch up on whats been going on in their lives. (This momma's heart is happy!)

And then... another beautiful sunset for my viewing pleasure, on the way home afterwards.
Cant been that.    .

It was a good day


                    have a great start to your weekend my friends


Tammy Roberts said...

Beautiful layout (as always)Vicki! This stamp set is going to be one of my favorites! Lots of possibilities!!! You have showcased that well!

Ali said...

Gosh Vicki you always do such gorgeous work! TY for sharing... I love your blog... :o) -Ali

Susie said...

Oh my Vicki! I absolutely love that layout. Truly. I love vintage (of course), but all of the little details that you put in your layout were just perfect. have just half of your talent...{insert sigh}.
Oh, and the photos? Luv em'. I, too, always look forward to fall. The cool, crisp air..the colors of the leaves. Anyway, enough rambling. Loved this post!

harrahx2 said...

Your words are always so full of passion. They make me want to be at the table. Thanks so much for all you share. I always feel part of the family. Your page...amazing! what stamps did you use around the edge? Fantastic!!!! Love the lamp and hugs to mom. She is looking good, as always.

Debbie K. said...

Love the layout Ms. Vicki and glad you got to spend some time with your Mom and kids. I ENVY you sleeping with the windows open. Here in UG, WI everyone is ALWAYS burning so we can never open the windows at nite as it stinks all the time:(

Rita Barakat said...

Such beautiful photos Vicki!Gorgeous lo as always friend! Hope your mama is doing well.

Jan said...

WOW! LOVE your LO with the Vintage Labels...gorgeous! So glad you were able to have a picnic with your mom and kids :) Beautiful photo's too :)

Nathalie Kalbach said...

hope your mom is doing well, sweets. i love the layout, such a gorgeous phto. and the lamp is beautiful. huge hugs!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

What a beautiful layout - great details and the pear photo is gorgeous!! I love the idea of an indoor picnic - you are way too much fun! I hope each day brings continued improvement for your Mom and she will be able to come home soon! Still praying : )

Nancy said...

Love this post - the art you created is wonderful! And the pieces of your life you share with us - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lo Vicki! It's such a pretty stamp set and I'm always looking for ways to use stamping on my lo's!
The picnic was such a terrific idea! I'm sure it cheered your mom, having a fun family dinner!
I love your pictures btw...the pears is my favorite. What a multi-talented lady you are :)

Gisèle said...

This is absolutely stunning work !!

Evelyn Vasquez said...

Fabulous layout! Would love to give it a try