Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sharing a couple of cards

Well, since I found out taking a little nap at 6:30 does not work for me, and I'm still up, I thought .. why not do a blog post.  Not that the nap didn't feel wonderful at the time, but it's going on 12:30am and I'm wide awake. grrr  I'm trying to straighten out my hours and not be such a night owl, so I hope this doesn't throw me off again.    The week has just started and It's already been a busy one.  I'll share a bit..but first a couple of new cards.  For the one below I used a image from the ...
"Garden" ( Double Sided) Creative Scraps and papers from the "Creating with Vintage Images CD" from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

I'm had a couple of email asking about the little safety pins I use. They are from Fancy Pants. 

This card it one I did for the Crafty Secrets Challenge over at Splitcoast Stampers.  The image is from the "Mini Vintage" Creative Scraps. (square epoxy over the image).  Again papers from the new CD.
The die is from Spellbinders.

Like I said, there's been alot going on already this week.
Over the weekend mom had lots of company come to visit.  Wes and I had lunch with her on Friday.

And on Saturday ..... Suprise!... Neely is home for a visit from CA.  Mom is  always happy  to see her family and friends. Jan, Keith, Neely and I , had lunch with mom on Sat.   She had visits from lots more famly on Sunday.. but I was home.. so I missed the fun :(  lol     
The plan is a couple more weeks of therapy to get her back where she needs to be..but getting stronger each day.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers my friends!

Yesterday Jan ( my sis) and I got to take a ride on this passenger train.  (Thanks to Weston, for getting us tickets).     I had only riden on a train once before in my life.  Kind of odd actually concidering our dad was a life long railroad man.   Just havent had the opportunty come up.  Dad worked for the railroad for over thirty years, and my brother Dan, still works for the railroad.
Although we have a dinner train in Fremont, this passenger train is not normally here. It was a safety promotion of some sort that they have been doing once a year.

We road on the upper level

amazing how cool, comfy and quiet it is

Can you imagine how amazing this was, back in the day?

These framed photos of it , were so cool.

Check it out.. part of our ride took us right by my town.  There is main street.
We got to see lots of beautiful country side. 

We really enjoyed the ride.  Thanks Wes!


Before I call it a night, I wanted to tell you about a chance at a giveaway and a free printable HERE on the Heartwarming Vintage happening right now. Pop on over . 

ok.. off to see if I can sleep now. lol

Hope you have a fantastic day!


Izzy said...

What a lovely day out you must of had ! xx i love the cards there fab! x

Jan said... both of your cards and so happy your mom is getting stronger every day! How wonderful that she had so many family members and friends come to visit! Great pictures of the train and what a ride :)

harrahx2 said...

Trains are such fun. Hope you got to sleep and those were some beatutiful cards! Mom is looking good. Hugs.

Kinzie said...

Your mom looks really good Vic! THank goodness. What a great pic of her and Wes.

AND your cards are so so so awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the cards, esp the richness of the garden one!
So happy to hear all good news about your mom and all her visitors! It shows how much everyone loves her :)
Aren't train rides the Best? I rode regularly and always loved it.
Sure hope you're able to start sleeping better soon. {{hugs}}

Ana said...

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