Monday, August 15, 2011

Using photos to create cards

I have had some thank yous to get sent out so yesterday was "card making day" around here.  Have you ever used your own photos to create cards? I love using photos I've taken, especially photos of flowers. The cards I'm sharing below are done with vintage photos friends have sent me over the years... but any favorite photos would work great. I wish I could say these vintage photos were of my family...but they aren't :(
Next time I think I "will' use my family photos!
  I always have a few photos developed and ready for cards.  I just upload them to my photo developer, just like I do any photos.

I wanted to send a "thank you" to our small town Fire and Rescue Dept, as they were so great when they came to transport mom to the hospital. All volunteers too!  Kind, caring and very professional.  So thankful for people like that who give of their time to help others!  I thought this photo would be quite fitting for a thank you card for them. lol

My sweet friend Gabby brought of big basket of goodies up to the hospital for us while we were there.  It was just amazing!  This thank you is for her.
( all the papers used on the card below are from the "Creating with Vintage Patterns CD" from Crafty Secrets. The photo itself is one of Sandy's. (I think she should make it a image on a sheet of Creative Scraps .. don't you?) SO darling!

The card below is for my sister Jan's good friend, Joleen. She has been kind enough to give us a wheelchair for mom. ( which will be great for taking her on longer outings).  Yep..there is alot of  super nice people in this world!

Below is a little something I did years ago.. on my desk .. and took a photo of it. I use it to email to friends on their birthdays. Sometimes I also print it off to make cards.   Kind of silly and fun. 
If you are interested, I have posted the "Happy Birthday" image below, high res so you can use it if you wish. Just right click and save.  :) you have my permission

I hope you feel inspired to look through your photo files and use your beautiful pictures to create cards.


Last night I took popcorn and sodas in, and mom and I went to the movie room to watch the CMA's.
wow.. these places have come so far!  No more dark dreary nursing homes!
I thought it was so cute the other day when my sis Jan was in watching mom do her group physical therapy. She said ... part of their therapy was to use their arms in a  motion like they were husking corn. Then they went around the circle and introduced themselves and were to say.. How they liked their corn. lol   I was wondering what this was all leading up to. hmmmmm...   But Jan said... "Then they went around with hand sanitizer... and  people come in with big platters of corn on the cob for them all to have for a snack."
How cute is that :)

** I have to laugh.  After writing that, I started to wonder of "husking corn" was just some wierd "Nebraska term" that we were just used to, and sounded stupid to everone else..but NO... I googled it and, here's what I found...........................

How to "husk" corn

Before you eat that freshly picked ear of corn, you need to know how to get that hairy green layer off. It may seem easy if you only have a few ears to deal with, but when you've got a mountain of corn waiting to be husked (sometimes called shucked), streamlining your technique can save hours.

1. Put a garbage can by your side to catch the husks, also known as shucks. Husking corn gets messy. If you have a lot of corn, it might be more convenient to spread out a blanket and make a large pile of husks. When you're done, you can pick up the corners of the blanket and gather the husks at once

2. Hold the ear of corn firmly with your left (for right handed huskers) hand about mid-cob

3.Grab the husks at the top of the ear where you see silks (the brown, hairlike things) sticking out. The husks are arranged around the ear in layers, and are formed with several leaf-like parts, so you will want to grab only as much as can easily be stripped away at one time.

4. Pull the husks down the cob with your right hand, stripping them away from the ear of corn all the way to the base of the ear, then rip them free, and toss them into your pile. Consider composting the husks, making a corn husk doll, or making tamales.

5. Cut off any of the top of the cob that doesn't have filled out kernels, and cut any remaining part of the cornstalk off the bottom with a sharp knife. You may be able to snap off the top of the cob with your hand as you're pulling the shucks down as well.

6. Rinse thoroughly. The pressure from the water can help remove remaining silk.

Are you hungry yet?? lol

tee just never know what I might share where you come here , do you? lol

                         Have a fantastic day! 


Margie said...

Nice stories Vicki and lovely cards too. I particularly like the third one - reminds me of some delicately coloured vintage post cards I have somewhere, must dig them out and make some cards with them. Thanks for the birthday sentiment too - very clever. Hope your Mom continues to improve.

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Vicki- All I kno is I LOVE what u share here..seriously! lol I also LOVE LOVE LOVE making cards out of family fotos! Maybe I better share some! Great post and seeing your mom- my fil is in assisted living now too and the place is awesome really :) tfs your beautiful work and I love the email cards too! :) hugs jane w.

Kidlib said...

Great "husking" tutorial! We husk corn in Iowa, too, of course!! I remember teaching some people that were visiting from Calif. how to husk/shuck corn. It was hilarious!! (for me, probably not for them) Thanks for sharing.

Jan said...

All such CUTE cards and am glad your Mom is doing well :)
LOVE sweet corn and may need to get a dozen ears for supper!

debbiek said...

Great cards, photos and info on husking corn, Ms. Vicki! LOL!!! Hope your MaMa gets better real soon. Have a wonderful day:)
- DebbieK

MissusMege said...

The cards look great, I particularly like the one with the wee girl and the cow. And the "Happy Birthday" looks cool I really love the "y" made out of the clips-great idea! :) x

harrahx2 said...

I love corn! Haven't had much really "good" corn thins year, don't know why! Your cards are spot on perfect. So glad you are getting mom squared away and sounds like they know how to make folks feel good. Hugs!

kathy/North Carolina said...

So happy that Mom is doing better! We're having corn on the cob with dinner tonight...but it's done been husked! (That's NC talk!)

Gail S. said...

Glad your mom is doing so well! We had good Nebraska corn tonight for supper!! YUMMY! Hope you aren't having storms tonight - warnings your way :( Great cards - I love the pictures.

Simply Bungalow said...

Just found your blog and love your beautiful cards.

Pearl Maple said...

Cute cards and cute idea to be using your own photos on cards

stampqueen said...

Looks like your Mom is doing better!!! I was really impressed with Nye Legacy when my Mom was there after her knee replacement (accually I was there too because of the blizzard - couldn't get home :)

malia said...

great post... love the cards!