Friday, September 09, 2011

Love me some book print

Ever start off on one track and end up full speed ahead.. on another?  Ooh.. story of my life. lol  Yesterday I started working on a card for the "Crafty Secrets" challenge over at Splitcoast.  I'll start out by saying the challenge is using button/or buttons on your creation.   I created the card below, using an image from the Halloween Greetngs Double sided Creative Scraps  , papers from the "Creating with Vintage Images CD, some "Black Magic" Glimmer Mist, ribbon... other embellishments... and ... oh.. yes... a BUTTON!
(See how easily I get off track).   Anyway, I chose a unfinished wooden button, and sprayed it with the Black Magic Glimmer Mist. I then punched out a piece from the Creative Scraps Sheet for the center of my button.  I decided I wanted to add something else to it, but I flower just wasn't what I wanted for this Halloween card...sooo..  I came up with this instead.  I liked the effect, especially for this card.  As I was working on this, I thought about how often I reach for simple "text" or "book print" when creating.    All this brought me to think about sharing with you my latest "texty" projects... and also a few older ones.     As for the button fringy thing... I'll show you how I made it, at the end of this post :)

But right now I have to show you my new tootsies.
Yep.. text :)     I first saw this on Pinterest and loved the idea.  I've seen it a number of places since.. some with white nail polish as a base, and some with grey..but I did mine with light pink as the base.   If your interested in trying it.. it's really easy.  Check out the link below.
  Step by step HERE if you are interested.

I thought I'd share some projects I've done in the past ..  using text.

You certainly don't have to just use actual book print.   This stamp set is fantastic for stamping with any color.. not just black.  Artsy Banners Clear Art Stamps

Stamping on chipboard letters

I used the text stamp and many of the others from that set to create this.
and this..


Below you can see the text stamped in red.

I love that I have the option of using the text stamp, but having the script and sheet music stamps on this set, along with the banners , borders and other elements... really puts it at the top of my faves list.
( speaking of sheet music... I cant wait to share with you the project I finished last night)
See... distracted again.

Okay... on to the "how to".   Super easy.    I used actual book print, but you can certainly use the stamp and stamp on paper, just be sure to use light weight paper, rather than cardstock for this, as it just seems to crumple easier.
I used my 2 1/2 inch circle punch for this.   I punched out two circle. (you could do three if you want)

Just make a "fringed edge" but cutting all the way around the outside edge of the circle. Spacing them quite closely together.  Each cut about 3/4 of an inch deep.

Adhere your pieces together in the center and just crumple and curl up the cut edges.

All you have left to do, is to add your button to the center.   I have some of these wood buttons in my Etsy Shop HERE if your interested ( already painted) . ( all of the buttons I have in my Etsy are wood, and have the lip around the edge.  If you don't see it when you look at the photos... it's just because I have some turned one way and some the other, so you can see both sides).

I used Crafty Secrets "Halloween Fun" Clear Art Stamps for the inside of my card.

Okay.. must get "book print" off my mind for tonight and head for bed.  Busy weekend ahead. 
** Little hint... my favorite band is in NE
 another hint??    okay... HERE

I'll tell you all about it Monday  :)



ddlady said...

Love, love, love your Halloween card Vicki!!!!!

harrahx2 said...

Oh my gosh, I know where you will be! Love the card and all the projects using the bookprint ideas! You are so clever and so talented and so gifted! Hugs and be careful out there tomorrow. I am sending extra love for 9/11!

Pearl Maple said...

Lots of fun and creative ideas on using text as a pattern, so did you enjoy the nail treatment? Am debating, could I get away with that in the office? The managers are so over seeing my inky fingers.

Jan said...

Vicki...such adorable projects and the to nails are over the top :)

debbiek said...

Adorable Halloween card, Ms. Vicki and I really LOVE your painted tootsies! Have fun....

Marlene (cards4u) said...

I always love what you do with this stamp set! And the inside of your Halloween card is just as fun as the outside! Hope you had a great weekend : )

Martha Richardson said...

Great ideas, and thanks for the tutorial! You would make a splash down here in the south where flip flops are the order of the day almost year round ;)

becky said...

I needed a Vicki fix!

Your book print flower is beautiful!

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malia said...

hey girl, love the button flower technique! perfect for h-ween! xo

scrapfancy said...

I love these ideas. Great job as usual.