Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Love Lives Here" album

Hi friends!  Hey ..thanks for all the Birthday wishes!  ( helped ease the pain from the AARP information letter that is sitting here on my desk) lol  Geeeezzz.. they don't waste any time getting that puppy off in the mail to you , once you turn the big five oooooo do they?.   grrr   lol    
Hope you're week is going well. Seems busy... but whats new right?  This gorgeous weather sure makes even the busiest days so enjoyable :)   They have been talking rain for us for days and days, and until last night ...nothing.  We need the rain. So even though we didn't get all that much moisture last night, it's certainly welcome. Makes for good sleeping too! ( esp when it doesn't lightening and thunders, because it's hard to sleep with a big dog climbing on your head.)    It's overcast today, so maybe we'll get more. Anyway you look at it, it's a great day to work in the studio, and finish up some projects I've been working on.  This little heart shaped album is one of them.  The photos are some that I took last fall of my nephew and his family.    The album is "Sweet Chips" heart shaped chipboard album and frames from Crafty Secrets.

I used the " Flourishes" Clear Art Stamp set to embellish the cover and and some of the inside pages.

All of the patterned papers in this album are from the "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD.  The more I play with the papers and elements on this CD the more I see the possibilities they offer.  You don't have to have lots of digital skills to use this CD in different ways... trust me :)   For example I loved the blue patterned paper I used on the front of the album..but I really wanted it to have more of a off white background instead of white so that it fit into my album better.  I just ended up printing it on off white card stock. I got just the look I wanted.    I also used a number of the same patterns but varied the size of the print.  Amazing how different that can make the paper look.

The images and journal spots I used where from  these double sided Love Mail Creative Scraps

It's easy to use the different elements on the sheets ..either cut in their frames, or cut them out a bit more, like I did below. Cutting them out like this and adding them to our project with foam squares, gives you a   dimensional embellishment for your page.

I used two of the four chipboard frame shapes in this album, one on the cover and one on the page below.
(two left for another project:)
I'm so intrigued by this brown pattern below. Think how fun it would be printed on a light pink or blue.
I'm thinking it will be a great way for me to use up some tone on tone papers in my stash that I were just too plain and boring.  I'm thinking it's time to print a patterned on them and start using them up.

              What a great bunch of kids. We had so much fun out at the cabin taking photos this day.

                                                           Thanks for letting me share.


You know me .. I have to share the funny little stories of daily life. Actually sometimes I think they end up being the some of the best memories.  Since the weather has been so unseasonably warm for this time of year here, we have been working on cleaning the garage, and going threw storage bins.  Storage bins .. some of which have been up in the rafters, and not opened for years.  Well, as you can image we found all kinds of things we had forgotten we even had.  Some that went straight to the Goodwill and others brought back lots of fond memories.  One of the bins was filled with the boys favorite bears from when they were little guys.  I had saved for each of them ..they're favorite bear.. and then 2 or 3 others that they loved.  When we found this bin, I decided I was going to wash up the bears and put them inside in a nice box to give to them someday when /if they have kids of their own.    In with the bears I was washing ...was a old stuffed toy of "mine".  I made the mistake of sticking it in the wash with them.  When I opened the washer, all these little pieces of brown foamy stuff was floating water, and stuck to all the plush white and light blue bears.   I should thought to wash my hand sewn stuff puppy by had , on it's own...but unfortunately I didn't.   We'll, it took A LONG TIME to get all the yucky brown foam out of the washer, before I drained it, so that it wouldn't plug it up. Then came the heavy water soaked stuffed animals, with all the brown disintegrated foam stuck to the plush fur.  I was SO sad.  I'm sure the bears really probably meant more to me at this point , than they would the boys..but I was heart sick.   It was Dans day off. He came in the back door and saw the situation, and started helping me pick the foam off them. (huge job..that we  weren't even sure was going to help).  
After picking and washing, picking again, rinsing, ect ect ect..   I finally had to move on to other things.
I was up in my studio working when I heard the vacuum.  hmmmmm..... "the man is vacuuming?"   Figured he was probably working on some "manly" project he brought in from out in the garage.. because I was pretty sure he wasn't just vacuuming the floor (without being asked). lol   The vacuuming sound continued for a long time.  It would stop and then start again. 
  Finally I got up and  went down stairs to see what the heck he was doing........... 

            Vacuuming bears of course.     And I thought I was the only sentimental one around here :)

                                                                           hugs, Vic


Debby said...

Oh what a sweet hubby. I would have been sick as well. I vacumn my bears a couple times a year. I have a tendacy to wash things that shouldn't be washed as well.

No they don't wait to send the
AARP stuff. Last year I got the Golden Buckeye card. Can you believe I have never opene3d that envelope.
Now I don't know where it is, hah, so typical for me.

Vicki C said...


Marlene (cards4u) said...

Now that's one beary special husband!! Enjoyed seeing your album : )

linda said...

Brought tears to my eyes - don't you love it when you see their tender side! Beautiful book too!

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Vicki- what a sweet are blessed and I think you kno it :)
Love this sweet album too- hope ur weekend is perfect!

harrahx2 said...

What a fabulous picture of your husband. You need to frame that with a great poem about love. That is true love if I ever saw it. Amazing man you have and good looking too! Love the album but the picture of Dan tops it all!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your gorgeous albumn!! Not only is it beautiful and a great gift, but I also learned so many great tips! That little roses bouquet is SO cute and I love the tip of printing in different colors and muted patterns! Thanks again Vic {{hug}}

It's wonderful when hubbies surprise us - sounds like he's sweet enough to deserve you :)

Veena said...

Heart shape mini album is socute. I love the vintage look that it has. The stamps that you did on the cover and the inside pages are pretty.

christopher said...

Aw how nice of your hubby to do that for you.That is the kind of thing mine would do, soe we both have loving sweet husbands! take care Rosie.x