Wednesday, November 02, 2011

It's still Fall right?

I know, I know... it's still fall, and I love fall, so I don't want to sweep it under the rug and move on to Christmas already..but.........      For a bit longer I'll be doing a little of both.   If your working on handmade Christmas gifts, or preparing to decorate for the Season, you need to be thinking ahead. Especially if you need to order product, have lots of gifts to make, or are WAY more ambitious than I, and hand make all your Christmas cards.     I'm all about Christmas fun... I guess I'm just a bit overwhelmed when I walk into stores in Sept and see isles and isles of Christmas stuff.  yikes!  Seems like every year it starts earlier and earlier.
Probably because it puts me in panic mode. lol
Anyway, today I'm sharing a Christmas layout and then I'm popping back to Autumn for the rest of the post :)

Again, I changed up the paper I used for the background a bit, by printing it on a different colored paper. I used one of the many patterned papers on the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage "Creating with Vintage Patterns CD", but instead of printing on white paper, I printed on a light blueish green cardstock.  The frame is also from the CD.    The Images are from the "Retro Christmas Vintage Cuts".

Aren't they CUTE?

The little wooden snowman was just something I picked up at Micheal's (unfinished wood). I painted it and  added Tinsel glitter.

These wooden buttons are in my etsy HERE

I added the tinsel glitter on a couple of different spots on the layout also.  fun stuff :)

Okay... brace yourself.. here's where I jump back to fall.   Well, even Halloween. lol   I forgot to post this little witches hat before Halloween and I wanted to share.   You can keep it in mind for next year.   lol Again.. an example of how you can take the black and white prints from the CD and print them on different colored papers.  I am loving the fact that I can change it so much just by printing on different paper or by easily changing the size of the patterns.  Patterns can look so different printed large and then printed small. It's pretty amazing.


Okay.. just some photos from our weekend that I wanted to share.


One and only "trick or treater:  Mr Wyatt.  He made our day!
That is the one thing I miss about living in town, no trick or treaters in the country :(
I took mom to her church since she hadn't been able to go for quite a while. Her friends were all so happy to see her. I think she really enjoyed it.   After church we attended my sister-in-laws moms 86 birthday party and then took a short drive through my little town to see the beautiful fall colors.

The beautiful tree below is just down the road from us.  I take a photo of it every year.  I love the starkness of the  white fence with the bold orange of the tree.  Toss in that blue sky and ...."perfect!".

It's quite chilly, wet and windy here today, but we wont complain considering what some of the rest of the country has been getting. {SNOW}  Still nasty enough that I decided not to take mom out for therapy today.  I guess we'll just have to stay in, in our jammies and slippers all day. lol



Theresa said...

Hi Vicki, I recently found your blog & love all your paper crafting. I featured you on my site today! If you would like a featured button you can grab one off the side bar! I wasn't sure where to email you. I am not ready for Christmas season!! Yes, fall a bit longer! But you are right about getting supplies to get creative. That pumpkin totem is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration. Theresa @

Jan Hennings said...

Adorable project and I love the retro creative scraps! I've never seen so many pumpkins all in one place!

Joan said...

Vicki! I love your work with the Crafty Secrets Christmas goodies. Makes me nostalgic for when we worked together at the Muse way back when and you got me started with their products. I'm not quite ready for Christmas ... but you've inspired me to get busy. I need to make some ornaments for our tree as I got rid of a huge amount of my old ones when we moved to Mississippi. Maybe you'll be posting something along those lines soon? XOXO Joanie

Linda Beeson said...

The vintage look to your supplies is WONDERFUL!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

What a sweet photo of Wyatt! Love the details - the bingo piece and snowman! Never thought about adding paper details to those wooden snowmen - I always think paint. Thanks for the wake up call : ) Great fall pics!

Debby said...

Those are my favortie Christmas colors. baby blue and red
Your fall pictures are so pretty. Love all those pumkins and the sweet little guy.
My Christmas cards just got them free from Shutterfly.

Miss Shawn said...

I think staying in your jammies should be at least a once a month thing. Wasn't the weather icky yesterday (Wed). I keep crossing my fingers and toes for a mild winter. A girl can wish!

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, that page is so perfect. That little candy cne mouth is one to kiss! Love the pictures. I don't print papers. My printer is so not good for that. All those pumpkins! Who carved them and stacked them? That is wonderful. Glad you are doing well and hanging in there. you were on my mind all day today so I stopped at the local craft store and picked up a smile for you. Hugs!

Crabtree-Creations said...

Nebraska is beautiful this time of year, I love the pretty red and gold leaves. Thanks for sharing!

Stampin D Amour said...

Vicki - LOVE the newest Crafty Secrets images! I will be ordering these for my shop for sure! Your project is such wonderful inspiration!

If you ever visit the Phoenix area, be sure to visit my Vintage Paper Arts shop (inside a HUGE antique mall): Phoenix Scrapbook Store

-pamela :)

Pearl Maple said...

Great projects Vicki, it is fun the celebrate the changing seasons with colourful projects.