Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Retro Christmas card trio

Hey friends!     Hoping your week is off to a great start.  I took mom to therapy and got all my groceries and running done this morning.  ( Does anyone else find getting major groceries totally exhausting ?? ..because I do!) whew!  As if planning the meal isnt enough, then you go to the store.. put everything "in" the cart, go to the register and take it "out" of the cart, put it "in" bags and back "in" the cart, "out" of the cart and "in" to the car, then "out of the car, and "in" to the house, "out" of the bags, and "in" to the cupboards. Seriously.. all that before you have to cook it and clean it up.   I'd like to live like the Jetsons.. just push a button and  dinner appears!  I just live in a dream world dont I?? lol    Anyway, no cooking tonight, because I got stew ready in the crock pot this morning. yay!                              
Yesterday I worked on this set of Christmas cards I'm sharing today.   I used Crafty Secrets "Retro  Christmas" Cuts and "Artsy Banners" stamp set.     There are so many fun images on this sheet of cuts, I have plenty more images to work with for more cards.. but here are the first three.

You can see the

and the  Artsy Banners stamp set here.

I adore this stamps set, because there are just so many ways it can be used.

The papers are from the Crafty Secrets "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD.

I'll be sharing more Crafty Secrets Christmas Card sets over the next few weeks.


The weekend was a busy one around here. I shared some photos but I still have others to share. ( Didnt want to drown you in them all in one post) lol     But you know me ... I love photos!
Friday night I was invited to a hay rack ride.. and what a perfect night it was for it.

It was so fun!

The best part was, I got to spend some time with me friend of 30+ years ..Sally.   We practically raised our boys together back in the day :)  Although we dont get to see eachother as often now, nothing ever changes between us. Always the same, like no time has passed at all.  A true blue friend.

Fun hay rack ride at the farm, s'mores around the fire and good friends = a great time.

So Thankful for good friends and a super supportive family!   My sis is such as sweetheart, she brought mom, dan and I dinner the other night... and it as AMAZING!  Thankyou sissy:)


 for those of you who have asked about my mom, she is getting stronger each day. Therapy will probably end soon. My goal has been to get some weight on her, as she had gotten quite thin when she wasn't well. She's up 4 lbs, so it's working. She is now walking for the most part with just a cane inside. We are all so thankful she is doing so much better!

                                                         Thanks for coming by friends. 


Dawnll said...

These are fabulous! Love the vintage Santa images-one of my favorite.

Jan Hennings said...

lovin' your retro Christmas cards! They're all just too sweet! Happy news that your Mom is getting stronger and is nearing the completion of her therapy! She's such a tiny little woman :) Glad you got to enjoy some time with friends, too!

bettyann said...

so happy your Mom is feeling better..love the retro cards..just like when I was a lil one lol take care..love the pics of the hay ride brrrr

Marlene (cards4u) said...

I always love seeing how you use the Artsy Banner set! Looks like a great weekend and I'm glad to hear Mom is improving! I'm sure with only a few more trips to the grocery store she'll be right where you want her to be : )

Rita Barakat said...

Oh my gosh those cards are adorable!!!! So happy your mom is doing better! Those pics make me feel cold! brrr! looks like fun! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Vicki, that is wonderful news about your mom. Beautiful cards and a great picture of you, may be one of my faves! Sending hugs...pacakge in the mail today so watch for it. I figured you could use as it, punch it up, cut it out or whatever....just made me think of you. Hugs and love coming your way.

debbiek said...

Love your cute Xmas card, Ms. Vicki and the photos are wonderful. I too wish we lived like the Jetsons! Wouldn't life be so much more fun? (More time to create!) Glad to hear your MaMa is doing good. Hope every day gets better and better:)

Jane Wetzel said...

Hello dear Vickie- so glad ur mom is coming along :) Your Christmas cards are just incredible... and your pics look like u had so much fun! Have a great weekend hugs!

Anonymous said...

What adorable cards Vicki!! I Love the papers you used with those great Santa's! Thank you once again for such great inspiration :)

Wonderful news about your Mom! I'm So glad you were able to get out and have some fun honey. And how sweet of your sister to bring dinner over! Lots of hugs headed your way :)