Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas cookie baking day

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     Today isn't a crafty post, it's just a family, baking, Christmasy sort of post.  My sister Jan and I decided we would have a day where we got together and ( with mom here) make "Moms Christmas cookies".  There are a number of them she has baked through the years, but there are two that she ALWAYS makes.   The last couple of years I have helped her do them at her house, but this year.. we thought it would be fun to do them here... all together.  We has such a nice day together I just had to share with you.  
Here's my sis Jan and mom.

I was SO happy that Kate was finished teaching and had the day off so she could come join us.

Like I said my mom has made these cookies all our lives.. so we call them "moms Sour cream cookies" ..but the recipe originally came from Our Aunt Edith.   I could get off  track now and start telling you about my Aunt Edith and what a Special person she was to us , and how much we ALL adored her,....but   I'll try to get back to the cookies.      
I'm sure she would be smiling to know what a tradition she started.

I was going to type out these recipes...but that just took all the fun out of them. I decided to scan them, so you could see them.   They've been around a while and been used alot :)

So the mixing, cutting and baking began.
As we filled the dinning room table with cookies so they could cool, mom started filling big containers so we could put them in the freezer.   As always we freeze them without frosting, then the day before Christmas we take them out and frost and decorate them.     BUT....

You always have to decorate a few to have now.    Kate worked on her plate of cookies to take home for her and Jarad.

She's a natural! lol   

Remember we have a large family. There will be close to 40 of us together on Christmas Eve..... so we baked lot of cookies!!!  Four batches of Sour Cream cut out cookies!

Then.. we started on these....   Date Pinwheels
These cookies were originally made my my Grandma "Viola", but mom has been making them for years and years.

Mom was a trooper. After sitting at the table chopping dates while we were baking the sour cream cookies, she even came into the kitchen to show us how it's done.   Jan and I loved having her her to show us, and I think mom liked it also :)

I'm not a "date" lover, so this was a labor of love for all the others in the family who ARE. lol
We did two batches of these.

After my sis headed home, I decided to just finish up my baking for this year so I could just  call it good.  I did two batches of these.  ( I put them in the freezer and I am doing my best to forget they are there!!!)  lol   Like that matters..because I can find my way to the freezer in the garage and on top of that.. they are GOOD frozen too!)  lol

So .. it was a awesome day. We had a fun time together and made memories I know we will all treasure.
 We all just feel so blessed to have mom well enough for us to be able to share this fun time with her. She has come a long way since being sick this summer. She's graduated from a wheelchair to a walker and now just a cane. Lots of therapy and hard work on her part, but she's a "tough cookie" no pun intended.
  We just have alot to thankful for this Christmas.

Thanks for letting me share our baking day together.



Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Oh such a beautiful post! I love that you shared with us.
I missed having my mother around to "supervise" my baking this
Such a treasured moment to cherish.
Happy Holidays

Sandy said...

I lucky you are to be able to all get together and bake hundreds of cookies! I Love any cookie with dates, so those would be my favorites....:) I hope everybody appreciates all of the hours you put into making these! Merry Christmas! Sandy

stampqueen said...

Looks like a great day!!!!

Bev said...

What a wonderful day to spend with Mom and family to make cookies - especially the ones passed on from those dear to our hearts. Mom looks great and what a treat that she could participate - I'm sure she loved every minute of it! (and you did too!)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


artfuljourneys said...

What a wonderful memory of baking cookies. What a cool giveaway. thanks

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, I loved this post and I really felt like I was right there with you baking. I made my first ever Pumpkin Cranberry nut bread~ Don't know how it is yet could be awful, but I am sure proud. I can't imagine doing as many cookies as you do. Sending love to you all and I loved seeing the generations baking. What a wonderful treat for Kate!

Bettyann said...

what a "sweet" time for all of you.. this is the first year Mom hasn't made even 1 batch of sister is making the dough at her house and little nieces and Grandma will decorate...take care..

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

I truly enjoyed sharing your cookie day with you & your family. Such sweet memories & you're so very blessed to have your mom still with you. More memories in the making.
Thanks a bunch for sharing!
Huggies ~
PS.....I got a kick out of the recipe cards. I haven't heard the term "oleo" in ages. LOL

ddlady said...

What wonderful memories you will have of the time shared with your mom & sister making so many cookies this holiday season. Your mom looks wonderful. I wish I had had a mom with whom I could have made these kind memories. I was only 6 1/2 mos. when she passed away. Cherish those wonderful memories. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!

Ali said...

Awwww, this is sooooo nice! TY for sharing. Just wonderful. Kate (our DD, 17) and I made a dbl batch 'o sugar cookies (not roll out ones) and some "Choco chip with everything" cookies thus far and froze 'em but are planning some Ginger Crinkles and at least one roll-out type of cookie we can decorate. Plus Fudge Squares and Butter Tart Squares! Maybe those will be your Aunt Edith's/Mom/'s! Loved seeing the recipe cards BTW!

Love your posts Vicki... Glad you were all able to get together & bake. FUN! So happy to see your Mom better, that WAS hard work and she is amazing. xoxo Merry Christmas from NS! :) -Ali

Ali said...

LOL,oops! I meant that maybe the roll out cookies would be your Mom's recipe! LOL. ((HUGZ))-Ali

Jan Hennings said...

I'm happy all you gals had a great time baking and your Mom is looking great :) The cookies look delish and I managed to get my baking done on Friday :)

Jane Wetzel said...

GREAT post Vicki! Thanks for sharing your cookie day and thanks for sharing all your awesome art with us all year! Merry Christmas!

Phillis said...

I remember last year and how you showed pictures of all the food you had laid out for Christmas. I called my husband over and he asked me, "Where does she live"?He would be the first one there and the last to leave if he was your neighbor! He loves family gatherings and good food. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sandy said... The handwriting on those recipe cards is exactly the same as the handwriting on my most treasured collection of recipe cards I have from my grandmother. Sometimes I pull those cards out just to admire the spills, stains, scratch-outs, and amendments to ingredients. Thanks for the memories!

NanaBeth said...

I am definitely making the sour cream cookies. They sound delicious plus my middle name is Edith.In my whole life I've never met another person with that name.

Sandy said...

This is a wonderfully happy post. Thank you for sharing time with your Mom and family, baking old family cookie recipes, & working together. The recipe cards look like treasured old recipes handed down from my aunts & grandmothers. (We are from Missouri.) We are truly blessed women to have our Mother's with us to share this time. My Mom is 84, and I know how precious our time with them is. Cheers to their health. Now I am off to try your yummy sounding recipes. A very Merry Christmas to you & your family. Thanks for all you share. Sandy C.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas tradition Vicki! I'm so glad you shared your recipes with us and on the original cards, too! I'm going to try making your sour cream cookies with my daughters...I'll let you know how they come out.
Have a beautiful and blessed Christmas honey!
Ann Marie

rush said...

we made the cookies and also made a few notes of our own! we put ours in the fridge and sliced them. we never frosted them. the are just sweet enough. maybe next time... thank you for the recipe! oh...and they were better the next day! go figure! best wishes in the new year.