Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone!   Hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas!   I'm just popping in to share a little bit of ours with out.

Well, this isnt everyone by any means..Grandmas Grandkids(with their spouses) and the Great Grandkiddos... being silly with props. lol

It was a fun time as usual.  We played games......

did a little gift giving....

and enjoyed good  food. 
 I wish I would have taken more photo of the food.. oh.. there was yummy stuff!   Soups and Appetizers.  Chili, Sausage Kale soup, Potato soup, Clam Chowder ect...   and more Appetizers and goodies that you can imagine.   We are just working on getting it all put out in this photo.

   Here is  the recipe for something new I tried this year. It was yummy.   ( I added a package of dry ranch mix to the Cream Cheese/Sour cream mixture, and didnt add the celery.   IT was YUMMY!  Appetizer Wreath         

NERDS! lol   I know! But too funny not to share! hahah
  ( I do love my apron Gabby made me tho!  It's so cute. 

I loved my apron so much, I had her make my sister one for Christmas also.   Below is the one I had Gabby make for Jan..  Neely's wearing it :)

It seems like it was silly hat year.  Everyone was showing off their new head ware. ha.

The little ones entertained us with their new Christmas gifts.

Rock'n it with a barbie guitar and Justin Bieber microphone. Oh boy.. did they! :)

And the boys got plenty of toys also..but here they are sporting their new coats.

I was excited to give my Brother-in-law Keith this gift.  He is an amazing photographer, so when I saw this thermos cup that looked like a camera lens I HAD to get it for him.  It was awesome! I ordered it from Photojo. I cant tell you how REAL it looks.  ( even the auto focus switch moves:)

If you know someone who is a "camera freak" or if you are ... this is awesome!
Like I said... I ordered it from Photojo, and I have to say I was not only impressed with the mug..but totally impressed with their customer service! I love great customer service and they were top notch!  I will defiantly be ordering from them again.  ( which will be easy because they have about a hundred other photo related things I want!)

Check out this ohhh so cool, vintage scrapbook I got .

So if Christmas Eve wasn't enough we got back up and did Christmas again Christmas morning , with the the kids.  Ah.. this is my favorite time. I love having the kids home, and it was extra special this year because we had mom here with us.

I would probably be too embarrassed to show you what the living room really looked like while it was going on.  Plates, cups, wrapping paper, boxes, gifts, dogs and people laying everyone.... PERFECT  really ..but I'll spare you.. lol
But this photo pretty much sums it up.   ( sorry Wes ,but I HAD to post it)
( you'll have to visualize the rest ..but it went kind of like this....laying on the floor in a mass of boxes and wrapping paper, unshaven, sweat pants, flannel shirt, wearing his new gloves and hat, blocking the camera with is new guitar shaped spatula.  Yep..that's our boy :)

Thanks for letting me share!
Hope your Christmas was wonderful also!


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