Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wishing for...

yep... you guessed it .. SUMMER!   Is winter over yet?  I know I have a while to go, so I better not start counting the days until summer yet. poo  But ... doing a "summery" layout did help.  ( now if I could just wear my flip flops, all would be good :)
Maybe I should just do "summery" layouts for the rest of winter huh? lol
This layout was done with papers from the new "Creating with Vintage Illustrations CD" from Crafty Secrets and also with their "Artsy Banners" Stamp set.

I love this stamp set soo much!

I used the banners at the top of the layout and  the book print stamp to create this background.  I also used   one of the borders along the bottom of the patterned paper ( under the flowers).

I love mixing patterns and  using this banner stamp is a great will to use up a bunch of paper scraps in different small  prints.      Oh.. and I had a little fun stitching too:)

You can check out everything over on The Heartwarming Vintage Blog  but I wanted to post this so you would know about the sale.   You can get all the info HERE

 I also wanted to tell you about this, so you could check out the gorgeous samples the girls over at "The Shabby Tea Room"     Wow.. they have made some amazing projects!

I keep forgetting to share these with you.. and since it's NOT flip flop weather here... these are a good thing. lol   I made a number of these this year for little gifts.  I saw them on Pinterest and thought they were so cute.  ( oh and  you know I love to do blanket stitch:). The are just hear shapes cut from felt ( I found at Hobby Lobby) and  they are filled with rice. You  put them in the microwave before you head out, then when they are warmed, you can stick them in mittens or into your pocket.. .. if that's were your hands will be.    

My family would laugh at this because of my known obsession with my rice sock.  ( if you don't know what a rice sock/or bag is , it's just a sock with 2-3 cups of regular rice in it, and tied shut, that you can stick in the microwave to heat to use sort of like a heating pad).  Well, I can not live without  mine!!  I have migraines and it's seriously SO HELPFUL to me.   I also heat one up for mom numerous times a day for her hands, knees, lower back.. where ever he arthritis is acting up most.  As you can image I have more than ONE in the house... because you never know who will need one.  More like 4.        They are so easy and so inexpensive to make .. if you haven't tried it before.. give it a whirl.  If it helps one person as much as it has me .. it's worth be giving the "rice sock spiel" once again.   NOTE:  if you made these little hand warmers, I found 20 seconds in the microwave was about right.   If you are making a rice sock,  I just use a new white tube sock, fill it with 3 cups of regular rice, tie it shut with a piece of ribbon, then microwave it 90 seconds. ( this may very with the difference in microwaves).  but whatever you do... DON'T leave it in the microwave too long. Check it often the first time.. because if you scorch the rice...  it's just like burning popcorn.. Stinky!... AND you have to start over.  Once you scorch it, you have to dump it.  As long as you don't scorch it.. you can use it over and over and over.  Trust me.. mine has been microwaved hundreds of times.   If you want to wash your sock.. rice is cheap enough.. just untie, dump the rice, wash the sock, and then refill with new rice.
You will be surprised how long they stay warm!

Okay,  I'll close now so you can go make one :)   Trust me on this... they are great!

Have I told you lately, how much I appreciate  you coming  by?  Well... I DO! 
Have a fantastic day my friends!                                                    Vic


Shelly said...

Now I can't WAIT to make a rice sock! My muscles are sore a lot from both chronic "fibromyalgia" and from working out. I also wanted to mention that I made your pumpkin muffin recipe (from last year) again this year and they're AMAZING!

busymartha said...

I love my rice warmers, have had them for years! Made mine out of cozy fleece, so warm. I also have the fibromyalgia, so they are very good for this. This CD looks like it is a must Vicki, thanks for sharing, Marilyn

kathy/North Carolina said...

Gorgeous layout...I love all text in the background, and the banner is so festive! Nice change from all the reds, greens and golds of Christmas! And those little felt hearts! Too sweet! And just in time for Valentine's Day! Thanks, Vic!

Jan Hennings said...

lovin' you layout! I'm wishing for summer here in IA..but it's the 29th and we have no snow, so that's a good thing!

Gail S. said...

Merry belated Christmas, Vicki!! Beautiful layout!! So pretty and the stitching just adds to your creations!! Love the wonderful idea of the hand warmers - so easy and c-u-t-e!!! Thanks.

~* steph :) *~ said...

what a pretty layout! i love all the pink and those banners are adorable and sweet! i am a new follower! thanks for sharing and i wish you a happy new year!
*hugs* and much aloha,
steph :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise to find your beautiful summery layout! Love the banners and what a cute idea to wrap that little chipboard piece with string...always such pretty details!
My bones thank you for the rice warmers idea!! I have chronic pain due to degenerative bone condition...these pretty little warmers are really going to help and I won't have to be tied to the heating pad! Thank you so much honey, for all you share. We Really appreciate you, too :)

Renee said...

Oh my goodness this is a stunner!!! I just love the textures, the fantastic sewing, and lovely letters! BTW, can you tell me which line the letters are from?!!! Thanks in advance!

Rita Barakat said...

Love the rice warmer idea! Thanks! That layout is gorgeous!!!I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

Meg Giroux said...

What a beautiful layout! Love all the layering!!

Cute rice socks too! So glad I stumbled across your blog!

Jan Hennings said...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year and hoping all your dreams come true in 2012!