Wednesday, February 15, 2012

aww... Nostalgia

Long post with lots of photos.. so brace yourself :)  I better get started.  First....
   I wanted to share with you, a layout I did of Dan (hubby) and his sister when they were little, using the Fancy Pants "Childish Things" line.   I absolutely adore this line!  I think it's my all time favorite line from Fancy Pants :)        I get such a kick out of this photo... as Dan has a Robin Hood hat one and a gun and holster around his waist. ( oh.. and the shorts and black socks are pretty cute too!)

Gotta love Fancy Pants, they have so many awesome things with each line.  Transparency sheets , Glitter Cuts,  Trims, buttons, rubons, stickers, chipboard pieces. Makes it easy to create for sure.

I am totally giddy about these sweet paper patterns!

Cute little chipboard embellishments huh?

I remember Summer days when I was little just like in the photo of  Dan and his sister.  It's pretty amazing how fond memories of our childhood can be so comforting at times huh?   I sure felt that this weekend when Dan and I went to South Dakota to visit family.  We had a really nice time with my aunts and uncle. ( moms Sis ,brother, and sister-in-law).

My family is originally from South Dakota. Well up to my Great Grandparents anyway.  The photo below is of my Grandparents (moms parents).   Talk about nostalgic and comforting.. this is just one of the family photos hanging on the wall in the bedroom we stayed in at my aunts.

Below is a photo of my mom , with her brother and sister when they were younger.

Here is a photo of the three of them the last time my sis and I were up there with mom.   As I was looking through photos I realized that they were standing in the same order in this photo, as in the one above.
 I love it.

When we went out to see my Aunt and Uncle on the farm, we went to the place of the old farmstead where my Grandparents farmed. The house has been sold and moved and not there is not much but out building left standing.. but oh..the memories.

I wasn't born in SD, as my parents had moved to NE by the time I was born, but the first 4 of the seven of us kids was born there.  Our parents were born and grew up in SD ,and our Grandparents, and some of our Great Grandparents lived in SD most of their lives.

It's a defiantly a comforting feeling .. being there.  So many great memories from times spend there with family, over the years.

Drives in the country.. and time away... ( off the computer). lol   Its was so nice.   We always enjoy checking out all the old places, we've grown up hearing so many stories about.   We'll these days, that's about all there is anymore.  Main street is about 2 blocks long :)

I always thought it was a joke...but my aunt assured me that this building  REALLY was the jail at one time. 

and the old school building.

It was certainly fun.. after looking at all the old buildings that afternoon to see the quilt that was on our bed at Aunt Viv's.  The woman of their church each did one of the blocks ( as well as her of course). Each of the blocks is a historic building from town.

                                                                      pretty cool huh?


We spent alot of time looking at old photos while we were there.  I had made copies of lots of old photos mom had,  for both of them and wanted to see what information they might have about some of them.  So fun!  I could listen to those stories endlessly.

Before we left my Aunt Donna and Uncle Al's house my Aunt brought down this lamp and gave it to me. Isn't it amazing!  It was a baby gift to my cousin (their daughter) 61 years ago!     I was so shocked my how HEAVY it is.  

The eyes are shut on the cats and dogs when the light is off, the when it's on.. they are open.

I was so touched.  I will treasure it.

It was such a nice weekend with family..., filled with stories (that I plan to write down so I don't ever forget them).
I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.
Thanks for letting me share



Sarah said...

Pleasant memories and family ties. Can life get any better than that!

Gail S. said...

Such great memories! So glad you got to visit and love the lamp - too cute. That quilt is beautiful also.

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, that lamp is wonderful and the beadspread is amazing. Do you all keep close with Dan's family also? It is so great that you share all this and it makes me want to go home and visit soon!

MJ said...

What a wonderful trip you had. The lamp is priceless!

Bettyann said...

Thank you for sharing your precious the speciallltake care

stampqueen said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! Great pictures !!!!

Lisette said...

Love, love, love the LO! Gorgeous garland too.
The photos are a real trip through memory lane and I really love reading and looking this blog.

Lisette said...

Oh, that bedspread! Super!!!!! I once met a few american ladies in a hotel uphere in Holland and they were visiting an old familymember who wasn't aware of their presence in Holland and they brought a bedspread for her with all kind of american memories (even a square with an old photo on fabric) and this one makes me think of that.
Your bedspread is a treasure!

kathy/North Carolina said...

I'm so glad you had such a nice weekend! I love your layout...and the stitching on those buttons is so fun!

Jane said...

So wonderful that you're able to hear the family stories again! Write them down quickly!!! Love the lamp - so cute.
Did you notice in the photos of your Mom with her brother & sister that he's holding onto the girls in the earlier one & then they're holding onto him in the recent one? Cute!
Fabulous quilt - great history!

Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, THAT Lamp is so cool!!!! I love it!

Connie Mercer said...

what a great blog post~enjoyed it so much!!!

Crabtree-Creations said...

I love this post! I'm from NE and live in metro KC now. It's always fun to see where you come from, and discover why you are the way you made me homesick for the "good ol' days"!