Friday, March 30, 2012

Bench makeover

A while back I showed you an old vanity bench I picked up super cheap, with plans to revamp it for my room.  I thought I'd show you the finished project.
I usually have this table facing the other way..but when I need more table space, I turn it this way and extend the table all the way open, then I can put a seat or chair on both sides.  Nothing fancy.. but kind of fun.. and serves the purpose :)

I also wanted to show you a better photo of the frames I was talking about in this postI took a photo at night so that you would be able to see the color and the inside transparency pattern better.

 What a beautiful day it was today.  Molly and I went for a walk down the road.  This tree was not only really pretty, but boy did it smell good.  HELLO SPRING!

Okay.. I just have to share this because it is so funny to me.   Molly's very favorite thing is to take the lids off soda bottles.  She has it down to a science and can do it so fast its ridiculous. lol  She not only HAS to get the lid off..but then the plastic ring that is left on the bottle comes next.  She HAS to get them BOTH off.  It's her mission.  She has done this for years and years...but you can tell she's getting older because she used to get them both off and then play with the bottle for a long time.. tossing it, crunching it, on and on.  But as she's gotten older, now.. she just gets the lid and the ring off and could care less about the bottle. She's like "I'm so over that". lol     Well, the other night after our walk, Dan must have been saving her a couple. ( Actually 3..there was one past the doorway).
 It's a good thing it wasn't beer bottles laying around her, because it looked like she was passed out. .. And she was snoring SO LOUD.
( no pets were harmed during the taking of this photo. .. lol   she never puts chews on the lids or rings so we don't worry about her swallowing them).

I can totally blame this on Dan, because its COKE bottles.  Mine would have been DIET COKE. lol
He's either going to have to start cleaning up the mess or train Molly too :)

Yep..that's real life in the Chrisman house...geeezz

Okay, hitting the flea market with my sis again tomorrow, so I better head for bed so I'm rest up for the hunt. lol

Enjoy the weekend my friends!   Vic


debi huntsman said...

Vicki, I love your sweet new bench, cute colors. Also love the vintage table!

I got a chuckle out of your Molly. I have a 4 year old blonde lab named Molly. She LOVES to toss and crunch my Diet Coke bottles! We have to take the lids, rings and labels off though, or she'll eat them!

Rhonda Merry said...

Love the bench makeover and the Molly Story. Sweetness.

Debbie K. said...

Love the bench, the vintage table, the photo of the pretty tree and ESPECIALLY love the pix of Molly. What a hoot!

Shirley Sendgraff said...

Oh, Vicki, how I love to read your blog posts!! They sure do give me chuckles and brighten my days! Been thinking of you, and hope that Spring is bringing you some healing and hope!! I also LOVE to walk my dog Sparky (a Westie) in the Spring just to smell the trees, and flowers!! He also likes to crunch the pop bottles, but he has never taken off the lids like your Molly!LOL!! He also has slowed down in the play dept. as he is 12 now. Love the bench, aqua is my new fave color. I"m going to try it on a small bedside stand that I'm hoping to turn into a bookcase for all the Dr. Seuss books I'm collecting for my grandbabies(ok--for me!!). Can't wait to see what treasures you find at the flea market!!

harrahx2 said...

As always, you have me cracking up. Such a wonderful picture of the pup and I love the bench. What is the pain color? Flea Market again? So jealous! Have a wonderful time.

rose said...

This has made me laugh,my retriver used to pinch beer tins and pierce them lol. Love the makeover

Scrappy Rat said...

Love the bench, and my little Usagi (rat terrier) loves water bottles, too. She loves to make that loud crackly noise with them that would make us regret giving them to her if she wasn't so cute and happy to have them. She hasn't switched to pulling off the lids and rings yet, but then, she's only 15. :)

Lisette said...

The bench turned out super!!!
Your dog is the cutest! You sometimes wonder what makes them tick!
My cats soulpurpose is staring me out of bed in the morning!

Kathi said...

That bench looks fantastic! Love the colors! And love the vintage table, we had one like that when I was growning up, it sure brings back fond memories! Molly is a hoot, what a sweet pic of her! I've never given my dogs bottles to play with, I'll have to try it and see what they do!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Love love love that stool..thaose are "my" fav. colors. Love that sweet doggie!!

Catherine said...

I love how your bench turned out -- especially the polka dot cushion! Molly -- she's such a sweet thing! Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend! HUGS!

malia said...

EEK this bench is darling! That color scheme is awesome!