Thursday, May 24, 2012

America Beauty tags

Hi friends! Popping in for a quick post.  We have things pretty much ready for the sale at moms. Tomorrow will be the first day, then again on Saturday.  It has not been a hard couple of weeks, but thankful for having my family here for us to support each other.  Like I said in my last post, we've had some tears..but we have reminisced about some great memories also.  I'll share more at the end of the post, but first I wanted to show you some tags I made, using Crafty Secrets  "American Beauty" Clear Art Stamps.   You know me, I'm not a big "colorer", but I love that just using minimal coloring , patterned papers, and this case, some silver Stickles, you can easily make some fun tags with very little effort.

The papers I used are from CD 1  Creating with Vintage Patterns.

There are so many great stamps in this set:)

Like I said, we've talked about and reminisced about some great memories these last two week. Pulling  out things that we hadn't seen in years, or that we might have completely forgotten about. There are always certain things, that trigger a specific memory for each individual person. Fun to hear about those things.
 There is a pretty big gap between my sis Donna and I. She is the first child and I am the last. 7 of us kids, so we all have memories from different times thru the years.  By the time I came along Donna and Sharon were married and Donna had one babe, with another to be born 2 months after me:)         I always say, "It probably seems weird to alot of people, but to all of us.. it's so normal". It always felt "right".       

This is one of the things we fondly remember when we came across it.  Mom used to always carry this in her purse.

It opens up with photos of all of us.  

As you can see by the photo below, I am pretty sure mom and dad thought their  family was complete ( six Vicki)     . Wrong... 9 years after my brother Dan was born... Surprise, I make an appearance:)
Yep... pretty sure I wasn't planned.  lol   They must have adjusted to the fact they were meant to have 7 kids instead of 6, because I couldn't have felt my loved.

I have to show you a couple of fun things from my youth I found in the house.   My first camera :)

and ... lol... my Saddle Shoes!   I laughed so hard. Took me right back to Red Hat Band pom pom days. lol   You know me .. I had to try them on.   They fit. The only thing from 35 years ago that still fits me. lol  Now.. what to do with them??  I went to the trash to toss them...then just couldn't.  Maybe they need some altering???  Will see.

It's late and the next two days are going to be long. I need to get to bed.
Thanks for stopping by ,and reading my ramblings:)

Have a great weekend my friends!



julie said...

Loveing the tags what a great way to add color. Omgaga I use to have some of those shoes and I loved them. I think you should just display them like that, or display them with the camera together. Well good luck with your moms house I know how you feel I haven't lost my mom but I was close to my husbands grandmother and we use to live across the street form her. It was hard to see other people live there. Thanks for shareing, God bless you and yours always.

Anonymous said...

The tags are beautiful Vicki. The Camera is amazing and the shoes, well, maybe put a little pot of plants in them! Don't destroy them! They are so precious. I remember those little compact photo holders. I wonder why they don't have them now? I wish you a perfect sale, perfect weather and a lot of laughter. Sending extra hugs.

Debbie K. said...

Great looking tags, Vicki! That little photo compact is so sweet. Love the saddle shoes. Wish I still had a pair as they were comfortable shoes with great support. Good luck with your sale. Hope you have fabulous weather:)

Shirley Sendgraff said...

HaHa, I can totally relate to not being "planned" as I showed up 7 years after my sis and 12 after my bro. But, always loved being the baby, because well, we are just special!LOL! Love the compact of pics your mom kept so close to her heart--in her purse! Have been sending prayers and hugs your way as you go through this most bittersweet time. So glad you found your neat red camera as I am sure that started you on your creative endeavors which led to your awesome blog that all us friends love! Hope your sale is going well, and hope you'll post lots of pics (what color is your camera, now? Mines pink) I'll be thinking of you and your family and hope you will have some fun this Memorial Day weekend!

Ellen Jarvis said...

Dear Vicki ... LOVING the shoes especially, and the camera ... what great "vintage" and fond memories that deserve a special spot on a shelf. I can't imagine altering them, but somehow, you always come up with perfect and brilliant ideas, so I'll wait to see. I am blessed that my parents are still alive (Dad turns 84 on Monday, Memorial Day, Mom's 82 in June) -- but on the other hand, they did the purging of the homestead themselves when they moved to Florida 10 years ago.

I hate to call the purging heartless, as it was THEIR house, but it was also ours. We didn't have an opportunity to reminisce in the attic before "1-800-GOT-JUNK" just took and trashed. I would have loved to have had my old Troll dolls, the Barbies, and my drum major tassled boots. Lord knows what I would have done with them or if I'd still have them today after my own purging post-divorce, BUT ...

Well, even so, we cannot purge the memories and some of mine are still with the old house. For instance, there is a huge bolder in the backyard of the house -- it's at least 12' high bursting from the ground like a granite elephant. I sat for hours on that rock listening to my humongous Panasonic cassette recorder, after I captured songs from the radio. I never quite got the first few notes of the song as I raced to hit "RECORD", and sometimes the microphone in front of the radio jostled and you could hear me singing along in the background. I played the cassette player over and over until the batteries -- 6 C-cells!! -- lost their charge which was always way too early, it seemed. I used babysitting money (50 cents an hour, for 5 kids!) to buy a supply of C-cells and blank cassettes. Much as I was an "Association" fan, I danced to "InnaGoda Davida" (or however it was spelled) from Led Zeppelin at my first 8th grade dance.

Thanks for the memories! LOVE your tags. Happy Memorial Day!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

Charlotte Zweigoron said...

You are lucky to find these things!!

I was the OLDEST of seven and my next sister in line (7 years younger) didn't know how to clean a bathroom, run the vacuum or cook when she got married. I guess Mom only had the strength to train one of us!

Mom kept photos and that was about it. She had us all sit down years before she passed away and pick the ones we wanted. there was a big dress box of the ones for my brother (3 years younger) and I. All the rest were in one little shirt box. After my brother and I, I guess there was just time to keep noses wiped and diapers changed!

I learned early on that if I wanted to keep a momento, I'd better keep it in MY closet. I took them with me when I got married and little by little they got disposed of by me. No one else to blame. Nothing left now but a baby book that is rotting apart (I was the only one she had time to do a baby book for...) and a pair of bronzed baby shoes (maybe you should get those saddles bronzed!)

I am now going to take my baby book apart and save what can be saved to make a book for each of my three daughters. I have already gotten my Graphic 45 Little Darlings paper and should get started soon. How lucky is that for the perfect paper to come along when I needed it!

Your mind must be flooded with so much to deal with. God be with you.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I think your first camera deserves a place of honor in your was a promise of good things yet to come. hugs to you, Vic!

Anonymous said...

I'd expect to see those shoes and the red camera in your craft room...reminders of your childhood and how much your family loves each other. You have been blessed.

Becky Dunham said...

The tags are beautiful Vicki, but I really love the second part of your post where you share the treasures you found :) So sweet. I definitely think your shoes and camera should become decorative focal points somewhere in your home :) Thanks so much for sharing these memories!

pooky said...

Love your tags!!! This is such a sweet post! Love the photos, and those shoes!!! I wouldn't throw them way.