Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fancy Pants "Spring Collection"

Maybe it's because I have massive amounts of scrapbook pages, and I'm running out of shelf page for the albums.... I'm not sure, but lately I"m really loving altering things (even more).  We'll I really always have, but the obsession has gotten worse I think. lol   There are so many gorgeous papers and embellishments out there.  It makes altering so fun!  Especially when you can make something old ... new again.   This 8x10 frame was one of the the things I got in my "Fill a bag for $1" bag from the flea market.   I altered it using the new Fancy Pants..Time for Spring Collection

When I saw this saying... it just tickled me. I knew I just had to use it.

Here is what the Time for Spring Collection from Fancy Pants Designs looks like.

I used alot of the elements from the Die Cut sheet below on this project.

You can follow Fancy Pants on Pinterest HERE. :)
**************************************************************************** know me., I always need to share what's going on in my world .  I've always shared both crafty inspiration AND  "life and family stuff " here on my blog.  Since I started my blog years ago as a way to share with my far away family memembers.  Plus I'll talk about my kids and pups, at any given opportunity. lol  

Both our boys have their Ham Radio license, and Saturday was Fremont Radio Club Field Day.  Basically, it's a day for members of the Club to demonstrate their equipment and answer questions about amateur radio.  Weston taught a class to a boy scout troop so that they could earn a merrit badge.
Oh.. and he ran all his stuff with solar power! yay!

Here is a photo of Wes with his friends when they took their motorcycle to the Rockies a couple of weeks ago.  He said it was Amazing!

Ok... here's Jarad and Kate big new adventure.   They bought a cabin of their own, out near where ours is.   As you can see by the lumber in this photo... it's a fixer-up-er :)   But these two kids love PROJECTS, and they arent afaid to work.   They are doing all the remodel work themselves.   They've only had it two weeks, and I can believe how much they've done already.  They work out there every evening and on all their days off.  Dan and I stopped out last night for a visit and to see how things were coming along.

Here is the back of the cabin.  That picture window......

looks out to this.

They have alot to do inside, but they stared on the storage shed first, so they have a place for the tools and suppies they need while remodling. All fixed and painted.  Looks pretty sharp huh?  

I had to laugh at Riley being king(queen) of the hill (table) while Dan and his brother where sitting there chatting.  She knows my voice, and when we pull up and I call her name.. she comes running, jumping, yiping,, and so excited.  I love it of course:)

We didnt take Molly with us, because we had gone to dinner before heading out there.  I wish you could see Molly and Riley side by side. Riley is definatly Molly's Mini Me. lol

Okay, time to get some things done around here today.  

                                                   Wishing you all a great day!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Fairies, Pixies and Gnomes oh my!

It's SUMMER! yay   I love messing in my plants, making sun tea, having the window open:)  Getting up in the morning, looking outside and seeing my plants.. just makes me happy in the summer. I got a bit later start this year with my planting, because I decided it best to wait until I got home from my two weeks away. ( Leaving them all in Dan's a risk I was not willing to take) lol
I wanted to show you what I did with the aqua and red cases I got the  flea market.  I will be even happier with it when the flowers grow and fill in, but I still love it.  Just what I was imagining in my mind when I bought them. (more photos further down in the post).

I've had gardening on my mind so much, I'm surprised I'm not dreaming about it. lol   I don't have a vegetable garden here, but the kids have one planted at the garden. I love that they are interested in that.   We always had a huge garden at the other house, and I canned a lot. I really loved it.  Now I cant imagine how we had the time. Not sure I could do that again. 
 Fairy Wishes and Fairyland Stamps from Crafty Secrets

You can find these little glass domes at Hobby Lobby.  Probably at other chain craft stores also.
I created the scene on the top of an old canning jar lid.
It's funny, while I was working on this I felt like a little kid again, cutting and making my little setting:)

With Gnomes becoming so popular, I'm always seeing cute little settings done with them.  And I keep seeing the cutest little garden woodland settings made up in the coolest things.  This one I saw at Junkstock, and it was created in a big metal wash tub.  SO CUTE!  Totally makes me want to make one now.

hmmm... that will have to wait for another day :)  BUT .. I will show you more of what I have been working on .   I cant wait for the white impatiens I planned to fill in.

I thought it needed a little festive banner.  AccuCut Die  Pennant Flags (P1317CSJ

Oh... how  I love Summer!  I really like Fall also, but I dread the first frost that kills my plants :(  Seems like they are always looking their best, about the time that happens.

I need to stop thinking that far ahead, and just enjoy watching them grow right now!


We would love to have you come play along with us.
It's all about fun and creative freedom!
You can read about it here

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Junkstock... and other vintage love

Oh... friends.. I have been roaming the paths to vintage goodness.. WAY to much lately. lol  I need to stay home and get some things done! ( I know.. not as fun right) lol    We started yesterday morning at 9am, in line for Junkstock... and the day went from there :)   I found some goodies I just love.  

I have lots of photos a thought you want enjoy seeing , from the day.  I always love seeing photos of fun events like this, I'm hoping you do to. 
There is so much going on lately, the Fourth of July is sneaking up on me.  Before I drown you in flea market photos, I thought I'd share some projects fitting for the fourth.
The banner below was done with paper and alphabet letters from the newest CD from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage... "Creating with Vintage Typography".   There are just so many cool things on this CD!  (and I love that I can make the letters whatever size I need)

If you want to see more on how I created this banner, you can see the glitter technique on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog, in this post.

This simple digital layout was done using CD 1  "Creating with Vintage Patterns" . All the elements on the page are from the CD.

And earlier I showed you these tags and pinwheels  that will make a fun arrangement for the Fourth.  I used papers from CD 1 "Creating with Vintage Patterns" and the "American Beauty" Clear Art Stamps from Crafty Secrets.

Like I said before...there has been a lot going on. Summer is busy!  This weekend is our small town celebration.   Hope to attend the parade tomorrow and take in some of the events in the park.  
 "Old Settlers Days".


Okay, back to sharing photos from yesterday at Junkstock.

It was such a gorgeous morning .. and with a great breeze.

lots of vendors, and LOTS of people.

So many cute things to look at.

I love to see people finding a cool purpose for old things.   Look at the chicken feeders, holding flowers.

I love this idea...but I don't have a wall space available that , that would be fitting for.  It demands attention, doesn't it?   I can just see my husbands face if I hung this on the I love it, and although he never says anything about the things I do around the house... I think this would catch him  off guard just a bit. hahahah

Like I said, it was a beautiful morning, so that just added to the experience.  My sis and I both commented a number of times, what am enjoyable day it was.

After leaving Junkstock we decided we would drive to Wahoo and see what the flea market there was like.  We had heard it wasn't going to be too big...but we were pleasantly surprised.  We both found some fun things, and the entire set up was just so cute.

Vintage fun around every corner yesterday:)

I worked on cleaning up my goodies today, and I got the plants I wanted to put in the aqua suitcase.  I'll take a photo and share soon, but I stacked the aqua in the red, lined it with a plastic container ( to protect it), and planted white impatiens in it, to set on the porch by the front door.
 The yellow one is a roller skate case. (the roller skates where still inside:)     I'll be putting that one in my studio.

The day was so nice, and to top it off ( after a yummy dinner), I had a great drive home.  I LOVE driving in the car by myself with good music!   So this was just the icing on the cake.

Choice of music:
I always like to share good music, so here's my new favorite CD.  We saw them in Mexico for the first time.  The were the opening show.     Sons of Bill

Here's my favorite song from the CD, but really like them all.  Defiantly plan on purchasing their other CDs.


PS.  don't for get ... your invited to play along with us.

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Nat Kalbach  Catherine Scanlon  Vicki Chrisman

         I'm really finished :)                    

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gone Junk'n

Had some fun, hitting some of our favorite haunts with my sister the other day.  I thought I'd share some photos from the day.   I had originally planned on sharing some 4th of July projects today, but forgotten one of them posts on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog "tomorrow", SO... I'm waiting one more day.  I'll put them in my next post :)

It was so great to get to spend some time with my sis the other day. I hadn't seen her since before I left for Texas. We had a great day!

I swear, there are so many cool things to look at in the upstairs of this place, you could walk around up there all day, and still find fun things to look at.......... well, that is, if you come on a day that the weather is absolutely perfect. lol    In the winter it's freezing... and in the summer.... SO hot up here.  I'm sure it's impossible to heat or cool that entire second floor area. Especially in such an old building. But boy is it cool!  ( not temperature wise) lol    
We hit two of our favorite places in Columbus,  before heading to Fremont.

Oh... for the love of Pyrex!!

There is something just fun about seeing so many different styles of chairs in these rooms... all just lined up on rows.

If you see dolls in any of our shopping excursion photo... you can bet they are my sisters. She always finds the sweetest faced dolls.   Oh..and that vintage beach bag... Well it's for Neely, our California girl :)  Today is her Birthday!   Happy Birthday Neely Jo!

My sis also found this awesome juicer!

I didn't realize alot of towns have these.  I saw this in Waterloo, and thought it was funny.

We always have to stop in and see what new at  "The Junction" in Fremont.... and say hi to Pete :)
He's always there to greet the customers when they come in the door.  I LOVE Pete!

Okay, so as you can see by this photo, I'm pretty much loving Pyrex bowls right now. lol    I've been collecting alot of solid ( or striped)  primary colored bowls  this past year. I just love them. But I MUST stop! My cupboards say.. no more!
I'm planning to paint that awesome metal stool  Aqua, and the old case will be used for an altered project.

So we hear now..that there is two other flea markets this coming weekend.   I either need to stop going or get another job! lol   I told my sis... "well we can just go look, but I need to try to be good",  She is such an enabler!  She knows her dishes and the best prices.. and can find a chip in a heartbeat! lol     I laugh and say....... " so you can say to me ... But Vic, it's a great price and in really good shape!"   lol           We defiantly enable each other! lol

Okay.. thanks for letting me share.  Tomorrow I will share projects, I promise:)

Have a GREAT day my friends!