Monday, June 18, 2012

Back in the day...


[ no stáljə ]

 sentimental recollection: a mixed feeling of happiness, sadness, and longing when recalling a   person, place, or event from the past, or the past in general

I often wonder why it is I'm so intrigued with things from that past, as much as I am.  Going through old photos and things of moms these past few weeks, really makes me understand more and more why I do.  Funny how seeing something can bring back memories so quickly.  Things I probably would have never thought if again.... I see it .. and suddenly I'm saying, "Oh yeah", I remember that!  My family and I shared so many great memories, and stories, as we found things and "remembered".    I love that it's not just "seeing" things that trigger memories.  Music certainly takes you back to a certain time or place.  And what about smells?  I had to smile every time I heard one of the grandchildren say(lovingly)... "Oh.. it smells like Grandmas house".    When Amber ( Great Granddaughter) came back from AZ, and walked in moms house, the first thing she said is "I would know this smell anywhere". 

 Yes... being a lover of all thing vintage, you can see why Crafty Secrets has a piece of my heart:)  I wanted to show you this fun printable on the new "Creating With Vintage Typography CD".  Isn't it cute?   I just printed it on one of the pieces of lined aged  notebook paper on the CD.   I love picking up old framed pieces cheap at thrift stores to be able to use the frames if not the prints.  I just painted this one a sassy gloss red and tied a big gingham bow on it to hang it from.   It's going to be a fun addition to my kitchen wall :)


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I just have to share a few of the old postcards mom and dad had.  I know most of you aren't from here, but ..hey, they are kind of fun to see anyway, right/

Above is the coffee shop in the old Pathfinder Hotel.  If you're not from here (Fremont Nebraska), you probably don't know about the Pathfinder hotel exposition.  It was a HUGE deal if you lived here, trust me.    It was a Saturday morning in 1976.  I was 15 years old, and volunteering as a candy striper at the Hospital, as I normally did on Saturday mornings.   As the injured people started arriving at the hospital,  I made a quick change in my career path ( in my 15 year old mind) and realized that   becoming a nurse was probably not going to be for me.  Bless those who can do it, because I don't have it in me.  I froze, and was so scared.   I had nightmares for months.  I am so thankful there are people who can set their fears aside and do that job.  I admire that so much.

Here's some info I found on the Pathfinder Hotel Explosion.

The Hotel Pathfinder stood at the corner of 6th and Broad for 59 years and served an important role hosting guests and community functions.
The first hotel built on the site was the three story Occidental Hotel at a cost of $20,000 in 1873. The Occidental was purchased by E. L. Enos in 1881 and renamed the Enos Hotel.[1]
In 1915 the growing community required a larger hotel so in 1917 the six story Hotel Pathfinder was built with 115 rooms and a capacity of 360.[1] A postcard from Hotel Pathfinder in the 1970s boasts: “Located in downtown Fremont. Coffee Shop, Dining Room, Cocktail Lounge, Top of the Stairway Ball Room, Colorful, re-decorated rooms. Live Entertainment. Apartments Available.” Other businesses occupying the hotel included Brown Bag Drug Store and a barbershop. Various meeting rooms also were available for functions such as organization meetings.
The morning of January 10, 1976, a hotel maintenance worker smelled gas and management attempted to contact the gas company. The gas company could not be reached so the police department was contacted. The police department referred the hotel back to the gas company. When gas employees were finally reached, they arrived on site to confirm the detection of gas. There was only time to evacuate the kitchen before the hotel exploded and erupted into flames at around 9:30 a.m.[2]
The explosion forced its way up the elevator shafts immediately spreading to all six floors. The blast could be felt as far away as the Fremont Mall, located 20 blocks to the northeast[3], and even by a pilot flying a plane in the vicinity. Windows in the downtown area were blown out by the blast or shattered from the tremors. Large chunks of concrete were forced up due to the fact that the basement extended underneath the sidewalks. Debris came down on nearby buildings, cars and, in come cases, by standers.
Many who survived the blast were still trapped in their rooms requiring the use of limited ladders and bucket trucks. Some could not be saved. According to the Fremont Tribune, “Eighteen people died in the blast and two more died of injuries later.”[4]

There are many happy memories of my home town also.    How about A &W??

Dog n'Sud,   Jensens Cafe, and Randalls.  Oh.. those were the days:)

Since the Platte river bridge being rebuilt right now, I found this OLD photo of it very interesting.

Here's an even older one.

It's no where near that cool now...just plain old concrete :(

Since I'm on a roll with this "Back in the Day" thing, I've got going in this post, I cant end without  a photo of my siblings and I .................  way back then. lol

Yep..there is the family photo of the 6 kids.  ( I think mom and dad thought they were finishing their family at this point) lol......   Oh no.. wait....
baby Vicki was yet to come.  Surprise!  hahah

I'm sure if your anything like me, you could pull out a box of old photo or postcards and loose your self in them for a few hours :)    What fun.

Thanks for taking a walk into the past with me.

Have a great day friends 



Jill Norwood said...

Vicki - love the family photos at the end. The story of the hotel is both fascinating and so sad! I would not have wanted to be a nurse after that either!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Love your altered frame. I love making them, too. Got the idea from....YOU!

Susie said...

Vicki, I enjoyed this post SO much. Even though I didn't grow up in your neck of the woods, it certainly brought back memories for me. Our small town hada Dogn'n suds! I love the photo of your siblings...and then you!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Jane Wetzel said...

absolutely LOVE this post Vicki...thats why I pop in :)

Charlotte Zweigoron said...

My parents thought they were finished with two! I was three when my brother was born and seven when the rest of the crew of seven started arriving every two years! I was changing diapers from age seven to my teens. As you may recall, those things had to be rinsed, washed, dried and folded back in the day! Mother thought I would never want children of my own after that experience. Instead I had three of my own and loved every minute with them. Now I am a great-grandmother and still love to hold those babies!!! Thanks for the memories!

Sarah said...

Enjoyed your old pictures!!