Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fancy Pants Patio Gift Set

I hope you'll pop over and check out the projects on the Fancy Pants blog today.  Always lots of inspiration there, but today we have some fun projects up, done with the Wave Searcher line.

I gave this set to my friend Julie who lives on a lake and entertains alot. I know she'll put it to good use :)
I love the fun colors in this line!   Below I took these clear salt and pepper shakers and wrapped Fancy Pants flocked transparency around them . Everythings way cuter with Polk a dots right? lol

Speaking of the beach... I just cant seem to get it off my mind.  I MISS it already.  The look, the smell and the sound of it!

I loved to just stand on a rock when the tide was out a bit, and look at all the shells and little creatures.

The tide was out in the photo below....but you can see when the tide was in , how close we were to it ,when we stepped off our deck.  The weather was perfect every day we were there.  I put a little star by the place we stayed. The next two places to the left were friends, so that was fun.

We spend most every day by the water.   We even ate over the water when we went in for dinner.
Leslie and I in this photo

And YES...the concert was on the beach this year, (see the ocean in the background)

Even when I laid in bed I could hear the waves.  ahhhhh... makes for great sleeping.

SO if your wondering what the silly signs are in some of my photos???  It's because I have this plan in mind to put all my photos into a video with music ( if I can get my hubby to help me out with his mad video skills .. lol)      I made little notes and took photos of them, here and there.  Each of the notes is either the name of a RCPM song or a line from one.       "Cancel my Wake up call" is a song title :) know me... always some sillyness... lol

Still excited about tomorrow announcement:)
Watch for the "Whatevers"!!



Ellen Jarvis said...

Oh Vic, do tell .... where was that fabulous beach? What town, country, etc? And what was the name of the place where you stayed? It might be PERFECT for me and hubster, who also can't get enough of the beach and haven't had a trip in YEARS!!!

Creatively yours,
Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

harrahx2 said...

I really wanted to be there........just sayin!

Kinzie said...

Vic! What a great gift - LOVE!!