Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fancy Pants "Spring Collection"

Maybe it's because I have massive amounts of scrapbook pages, and I'm running out of shelf page for the albums.... I'm not sure, but lately I"m really loving altering things (even more).  We'll I really always have, but the obsession has gotten worse I think. lol   There are so many gorgeous papers and embellishments out there.  It makes altering so fun!  Especially when you can make something old ... new again.   This 8x10 frame was one of the the things I got in my "Fill a bag for $1" bag from the flea market.   I altered it using the new Fancy Pants..Time for Spring Collection

When I saw this saying... it just tickled me. I knew I just had to use it.

Here is what the Time for Spring Collection from Fancy Pants Designs looks like.

I used alot of the elements from the Die Cut sheet below on this project.

You can follow Fancy Pants on Pinterest HERE. :)
**************************************************************************** know me., I always need to share what's going on in my world .  I've always shared both crafty inspiration AND  "life and family stuff " here on my blog.  Since I started my blog years ago as a way to share with my far away family memembers.  Plus I'll talk about my kids and pups, at any given opportunity. lol  

Both our boys have their Ham Radio license, and Saturday was Fremont Radio Club Field Day.  Basically, it's a day for members of the Club to demonstrate their equipment and answer questions about amateur radio.  Weston taught a class to a boy scout troop so that they could earn a merrit badge.
Oh.. and he ran all his stuff with solar power! yay!

Here is a photo of Wes with his friends when they took their motorcycle to the Rockies a couple of weeks ago.  He said it was Amazing!

Ok... here's Jarad and Kate big new adventure.   They bought a cabin of their own, out near where ours is.   As you can see by the lumber in this photo... it's a fixer-up-er :)   But these two kids love PROJECTS, and they arent afaid to work.   They are doing all the remodel work themselves.   They've only had it two weeks, and I can believe how much they've done already.  They work out there every evening and on all their days off.  Dan and I stopped out last night for a visit and to see how things were coming along.

Here is the back of the cabin.  That picture window......

looks out to this.

They have alot to do inside, but they stared on the storage shed first, so they have a place for the tools and suppies they need while remodling. All fixed and painted.  Looks pretty sharp huh?  

I had to laugh at Riley being king(queen) of the hill (table) while Dan and his brother where sitting there chatting.  She knows my voice, and when we pull up and I call her name.. she comes running, jumping, yiping,, and so excited.  I love it of course:)

We didnt take Molly with us, because we had gone to dinner before heading out there.  I wish you could see Molly and Riley side by side. Riley is definatly Molly's Mini Me. lol

Okay, time to get some things done around here today.  

                                                   Wishing you all a great day!



Debbie K. said...

Oh Vicki, I'm so happy for Kate and Jarad! They sound like a PERFECT match for eachother and I'm sure their cabin will look terrific when they are done. Love the photo of Riley. What a cutey!
- DebbieK

julie said...

I love making old things new that's the best feeling and to see what comes out is awesome. I would like to say "you can talk and show about your family if you want to." Thanks for sharing,God bless you and yours.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Love the frame! I also pick up random frames at yard sales, etc. They are so fun to alter, and make great gifts. I love the way you strung your buttons alongside the embellishment, and the saying is a hoot!

Charlotte Zweigoron said...

Fremont... my daughter's in-laws families live there. Their name is Rahtz... know any of them? My daughter has visited there several times but she never told me about how beautiful the countryside was. She just said the only thing to do was go to the VFW hall every week!

harrahx2 said...

One day, some girl is going to get her hands on Wes and it will be all over! He is one amazing kid. Both your boys are amazing Vicki! Thanks so much for sharing.