Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ADORNit Carolee's Creations "Capri" line

I am slipping here, haven't blogged in a few days.    I'm trying to enjoy Summer, because I know before we know it , it will be over.   I love fall ,but winter.. not so much anymore.  As hot as it's been, I still dread thoughts of Summer coming to an end before long.  I was at the story yesterday and see that there are school supplies everywhere! That's a sure sign.
I thought I'd share a couple of projects I did with ADORNit Carolee's Creations "Capri" line.  It's a Gorgeous line!  
I love this photo so much.  I took it when mom and I were in AZ visiting my sister.  It's three generations.  Mom, my sister Donna and her daughter Rhonda.

Arent these letter press shapes fun?

I had so much fun working on this.

It's one of those projects that as soon as you do one , you can wait to do another.  They would make great Christmas gifts huh?

Yesterday on Facebook, I saw a general post that was talking about that people like and don't like about craft blogs.  It was titled something like

 "I loose interest in your paper crafts blog when". 

  To tell you  the truth by the time I was finished reading it, I was kind of irritated. If you've been coming here for long, you know I don't get on the soap box often, I dont talk about politics or religion, or voice my option about many things...but this one got my attention.
  I know constructive criticism is good, and it's good to know what people like to see and read.. but...blogs are FREE.  No one forces anyone to go to them.  Alot of time and work go into blogging.  People are SHARING!
    I have been blogging for over 5 years, have put many many hours into it  sharing my life, my family, ups and downs, ideas, tutorials, my favorite manufactures products, ect ect.    Which is what most who blog do. It's a labor of love... a place to share, connect with others who share your passion for arts and crafts, make new friends,... and if you work for manufactures... maybe a job.  I know many of you blog and share of yourself  on a regular basis also. Kudos to you! Thankyou for taking time to share your time and your talent!  I am inspired by so many of you!   

 After reading the comments  I almost had to laugh because if they are true.. I should probably throw in the towel and not blog. lol

Here are just a few I took note of
1.When you start discussing personal/family issues, trips, etc., instead of focusing on your crafts
2. variety, I hate when they show to many like projects .. I like variety. ( again.. free)
3. music playing. hands down,  You can't browse sites with music while you're at work! (key words here "at work" )
 4.When it takes so long to read and watch the project. I have limited craft minutes and I just want to create, not stare at the computer. ( don't we all:)
5.  when you use your blog as platform to tell about your life story! Who cares!! I want to see the   project  ( lol)
6. contests. I gave up on entering them because most of the time it is too tine consuming to enter and to know you don't have a snowballs chance in winning. (a free chance is still a chance you didn't have before right?)

I kept thinking ..well,there are a couple others that would  be fitting for my blog  ...
7. "she constantly rambles and needs to watch her spelling and punctuation" lol 
8. too many dog pictures! hahahahahah
 **  So in defense of  bloggers everywhere I hope they remember....

You don't get charged to go to blogs...
 these people share their ideas for free.   \

Okay:)  nuff said. lol  
 THANK YOU to those of you who have stuck by my side all this time:)  I'm so thankful for the friends I have met here!  lol  .....And... I'll probably continue to blog just as I always have .. so......


Now ..on to share about my family. lol  I was totally phased by that , can you tell. lol

Yesterday Jarad and Kate stopped out for a visit.  All the brown dogs played together :)  Funny how with just one picture you can get the idea of each dogs personality.   Cloey could care less, Riley wants to play with Molly... and Molly is highly irritated with her playful ways. lol

Riley girl. Ready to go to the cabin.

Kate's Sunflowers she grew from the seeds I gave her look so beautiful!

Off to finish going threw the the things in the garage that will go on the flea market.  Probably should have done that early this morning when it was much cooler. hmmm
  Didn't think that one through did I.

Thanks for coming by!

Back soon



annemarks said...

I agree with you about blogging, feel free to chat, emote, laugh, rant whatever as well as show your lovely work :)

Linda Fulghum said...

You go girl!

Debbie K. said...

LOVE your blog, Ms. Vicki and always will! I feel like I know you and enjoy hearing about what you are up to. Please don't ever stop. You are incredibly talented and inspire me soooo much. Who cares what some negative people say....Just show us MORE!!!!

P.S. I happen to love dogs, so in my opinion, keep those photos comin'!!! Have a great rest of the week;)

Brenda said...

I agree...summer goes by waaaaaaay too quickly. I have the summers off and I am always in a "sort of" panic state when I think about how quickly time goes. Fortunately, I have already accomplished much of what I wanted to do this summer....but I certainly don't want to let go of the good weather. As for blogging, I agree with the other comments. I have been so inspired by so many very talented, funny, creative and incredible individuals who blog. I so appreciate the time, the talent and the sharing. Thanks vicki!

Maggie said...

I LOVE your blog Vic who cares what people think?? A lot of the blogs I read are both creative and personal there's nothing wrong with it!!! We're no robots LOL.

janel said...

I LOVE when you post about your family, your kids, your dogs, your makes me feel post away sweet friend! Love your blog...always have and always will!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Don't change a thing! Have only been following blogs about 6 months now. you can cancel any one you decide you don't like. To my major surprise I did win blog candy once already. So who ever wrote that needs to get a life. Looks like they get more pleasure complaining than doing something fun! WHen you are happy and making others happy, don't worry about the few that don't get it. Enjoy your day!

Susie said...

Oh Vicki, I love both of these projects...and now I want to do some like them. You always inspire me!
Loved you thoughts on those comments! If there is content they don't want to read...then don't read it. Period.
And, like Patricia, I've won blog candy too! Anyway, please don't ever change a thing. Love your blog!

Diana said...

I love your blog Vicki. All the personal stuff makes me (us) feel like we know you and are a personal friend. Let me at that person, and I will give her a piece of my mind lol. Keep up your awesome work.

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Thank you for being you : )
Hope you have A Great Day!!!

scrapbooking for others said...

LOVE the layout of the three generations..may I scraplift that, I am taking care of my mom currently and have a daughter who would love this photo.

Any you made me laugh about the Facebook thing...I have had a craft blog for 5+ years and before that I had another blog about just general stuff and crafting. And I think I have been reading your blog atleast that long and love it. If one person person reads my blog and enjoys one thing on it, that makes me happy! Even when I don't blog for months, when I can, I jump right back into it. I hope I can always blog, it makes me happy and hopefully it makes someone else happy! :o)

nelda said...

I think some people enjoy writing negative comments just to get a rise out of someone. Many years ago, a friend told me to "shed them like water off a duck's back". For a good laugh, I like to read the responses that bloggers share mean comments at this site:

Ellen Jarvis said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you ... I mean, your blog? I love your passion about what you do, I love reading about your family (and the angst of closing up and selling your mom's house, as an example), seeing your dogs, seeing your projects, getting inspired, and just relaxing with your blog. PLEASE don't change it at all based on what a few might say on Facebook. FACEBOOK!!? Land of Drama!!? LOL. As you said, if someone doesn't like it, DELETE is available at any time, as is UNFOLLOW. Geesh! I'm amazed by the VARIETY that's available on everyone's blogs just by clicking the next one if you don't like that day's post. And the great thing about FACEBOOK is that if someone gets irritating to me, I can "unfriend" them just as quickly. I took that one step further recently; this will be my true confession. I learned that one of my neighborhood gossips was using our Facebook friendship to think she knew enough about my life to put me on the tip of her tongue in a malicious way. I "unfriended" her so fast it made MY head spin. But she didn't notice. So I sent her a note. In the mail. Put postage on it and everything. And I let her know how very hurtful she had been and why and how and that's why I was "unfriending" her, and I asked her to remove my name from her vocabulary. I've never been more direct -- or felt better about ending a "friendship."

For good, bad and ugly, the Web can be great or miserable. But our lives are what we make of them, and how we react is up to us.

Vic, keep doing exactly as you are. I'd love to "see" you more often here, but I know you're having a grand time in the summer.

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

Ellen Jarvis said...

P.S. -- I'm on a blog candy winning streak... I've won 5 or 6 bits of happy mail in the past 3 weeks. I'm hoping that means my general luck has changed and I'm off to buy a Powerball lottery ticket. WHEN I win the $100 million, I plan to rent a BIG beach house for AT LEAST a week or maybe longer, and have a crafting party for my favorite bloggers and YOU my friend will be invited!!!!

And just so you know too, I award blog candy OFTEN throughout the year and your odds are only as good as there are numbers of commenters up against you. If there are only 4 comments on a blog hop, your chances to win are 25% -- as long as you follow all of the requirements. And when I win something I don't want/need, I regift it to my (LOL) Facebook friends!!!

harrahx2 said...

I guess I should make my comment on blogs: I love your blog Vicki. I have come to know you and love you through the sharing and caring and sweetness of reading your posts these past years. I love most all the blogs I read. If something is too complicated for me, I watch for the next great share. I feel like I have lots of friends in my little black box. Many of them are bloggers. None quite as loved as you but still, many friends old and new! Who would even think to comment negatively on a blog. Give aways? Nice....a bonus...not required....goes to the saying Never look a gift horse in the mouth! I can't believe anyone would be negative about folks who give freely of themselves, their time and their talent and I try to comment when time permits. I love that so many people give of themselves so freely. Punctuation and spelling....crap, I know what you are saying. Never a problem! That is called friendship! Love you Vicki!

Lois said...

OMG!!! I am shocked someone would be so RUDE as to write, something like that - if they don't like it, leave. I found your blog by chance one day probably 5 years ago, you had shared using glimmer mist on used dryer sheets for halloween. You were to be at the Crafty Secrets booth at the Ontario (calif) Scrapbook Expo the next day - I promptly drove up there to talk with you about it and you were so nice and accommodating - I've been a fan ever since!!! of you, your Blog AND GLIMMER MIST!!! I love that you share your family with us as well as your crafting....We love you Vicki!!!

Lois said...

p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pups too!!! All of them!

Bettyann said...

Someone in blogland has too much time on their hands...Love your blog and am very interested in your your projects...Go Vic Go lol :)

Micki said...

Absolutely beautiful project. Love those button flowers.

I was picking my mouth up off the floor when I read about people's comments. Ha, that got my blood pressure cooking. it's like TV, don't like it, change the channel. I for one love to read personal bits, the ups and downs and love pictures - any pictures including your adorable doggies. I appreciate the time you take to share your personal ups n downs and you do it in such a funny, easy way that I am always envious. I wish I could communicate (in writing) like that and I all too well know how time consuming uploading photos, etc. is. Geez, I truly wonder about people sometimes. Anyways, off my box.... and you - please please - keep sharing your personal stuff too. It makes you more real and makes you just like me... human.
Big hugs

linda said...

I love the personal stuff on your blog mixed with the projects! I've been following you for a long time now. Thank you!

Jeena Huntzinger said...

What I know about Nebraska I've learned from you, being way out here on the Left Coast in the Great Pacific NorthWET. I am intrigued by your immense creativity and feel ever so fortunate to have small insights into your crafting and family life. I don't want any of that to change so toss out those comments from the Negative Nellies and continue your blogging journey!

Elena C said...

Just want to add my 2cents worth: I love your blog...don't quit! If I'm not interested in something, I skip over it...that's what most of us do. and I LOVE to read a little about a person's's what makes it all interesting. Love your work too!!! thanks for sharing

Country Liv . . . said...

It's your blog and you are one of the most admired and followed bloggers I know. Don't change a thing; I love knowing about all the family including the pups! There's always someone willing to trash someone else.