Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Altered Halloween Spoons

Since the last altered spoons I did , I've been wanting to do more. They are kind of addicting:)  I have always LOVED Crafty Secrets Halloween images and stamps so I started to give some thought to doing some Halloween themed spoons.   Crafty Secrets has so many great Halloween themed things, you can see them all on the website here.

For these spoons... I used....
"Halloween Time" Cuts  
"Halloween Greetings" Double sided Scraps
"Jolly Halloween" Clear Art Stamps ( sold out) see other Halloween stamps
Here and Here
  Digital Halloween stamps Here as well as  Digital Ephemera and this awesome Jumbo Halloween download.

The bats and the "Boo" are from the stamp set. After stamping them and cutting them out , I added some Diamond Glaze to them.
On this one.. the moon is from the stamp set.

There was glue and glitter flying in here last night. lol I was on a roll

I love this little whitchy poo :)    ( the "Bewitched" was stamped)

You can see lots of great inspiration on the Heartwarming Vintage blog today!


Over the weekend it was nice and cool so I did some baking to get some things in the freezer for the
Flea Market.  I forgot how much I enjoy baking when I have the time.  I used to back alot when the boys were at home, but since Dan doesn't eat sweets, it is not wise for me to have them around all to myself :(
Pumpkin, Banana, and Blueberry muffins.

Since It's cool off so nicely, my plants are starting to look so healthy and pretty again. That intense heat were had for so long was not good for them. They were all looking pretty rough.

Update on Daisy pup...... she is definitely  making herself at home around here.  She knows this is where she belongs.   We just have to work on her learning to say by us in the yard. The first couple of times out , she took off running and I was in a panic... yelling her name(which is pointless because she doesn't know her name yet) and trying to get her to come back.   She does come right back..but the problem is, she ran out to the road, and people fly down that road!  I was freaking out.  I wont take that chance again. We have to keep her on a leash until she learns the boundaries.  Molly really likes her, they play together and Molly seems to like that (in small doses)  ...when she's had her fill.. Molly lets her know.. "That's enough".   Other than that she is a energetic little pup that keeps us laughing.  Shes a snuggler when it's sleepy time..and that makes me happy.

I hope your week is off to a great start!
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Brenda said...

Love your spoons! What a fantastic collection you've created.

Debbie K. said...

Oh these Halloween spoons are sooooo cute, Ms. Vicki! Love those images.

Know too well how scary that can be when a pup runs too close to the road! Yipes. Hope Daisy learns quickly to listen. Pups are a challenge, no doubt about it. Best wishes on your new sweetie!

julie said...

I just love the spoons and how you display them, pretty flower and don't worry just keep on her to stay close by. P.s your muffins look yummy.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Spoons are darling! You are so clever. YOu'll be picking glitter out of your hair, your clothes and even your teeth for days, though! LOL

Your muffins look yummy. I made your banana bread recipe on Monday. My family just loves it. Thanks so much for sharing it with me...

Carol said...

Oh! Those spoons are fabulous! You did such a great job on them? I may need to 'lift' this idea!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

What fab spoons! I don't usually put up Halloween decorations - but these have inspired me to add a little Halloween glam to the place this year!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

What fab spoons! I don't usually put up Halloween decorations - but these have inspired me to add a little Halloween glam to the place this year!


Susan said...

Love, love, love these spoons! Glad your new pup is settling in. Want to come here and bake? Those look delicious.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job! Hope you get a chance to see my Tim Holtz creation that I posted on FB. So different for me but I sure learned a lot.

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Vicki- Awesome spoons! Care to share how you did this? Love them :)

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

What fun spoons! Love them!

malia said...

I have to agree... incredible idea! Tute! Tute! Tute!

Trish Margaret said...

The spoons are fabulous!