Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fall Canvas

Hi Friends!
I've been busy working on some artsy/craftsy things for the upcoming flea market, so I thought today I'd share one of the canvases I just finished.  It's pretty good sized, 16x24.  I'm tempted to keep it and hang it in the back hallway.  hmmm.. we'll see?

I used lots of  Tattered Angels Paints for the background. I didn't have a plan for exactly what I wanted the background to look like, but spray and paint until it's what I want. That's what I love about TA products,... if I don't like it... add more and keep going until you get the effect your looking for :)
It was fun to use some different textures like burlap and do a little stitching.

Instead of drawing or painting on the stems, I used wire. 

Speaking of the flea market.... still adding things and still pricing!   The big things aren't bad, but pricing the small stuff is really time consuming.

Some things are harder to part with that others... but I just don't have the space to keep everything. The point is to "simplify". lol  I'm not very good at that.

The main things that got me started with the idea of the flea market, was talking with the girls about how we were cleaning and painting the garage this Summer and I had so much stuff up in the garage attic that I needed to get rid of.    We moved here 12 years ago, and there was so much I should have gotten rid of instead of moving it here.. but you know how that is.. you think you might want it down the road.  We'll now I'm thinking, if I haven't needed it in the last 12 year, I  think I can live without it. lol    I think as I get older, I'm ready to simplify things. Less stuff. ( That does not include art supplies!) ha ha

It's the bigger things that I really want to get rid of , to make more room around here, but I have plenty of small things also.  ( you know me.. those I'll just replace with another vintage find) lol Oh well, fun to rotate right?

I cant wait to see all the stuff the other girls have.  Great, I'll probably want to buy it. lol
We have two of these two old cabinet style radios with record players in them.  We just don't have the room to keep them.  This one works so good and looks so cool in the evening when that front part lights up.  ( I better stop, or I'll talk myself into keeping it).

Below is the info, for those of you who live close enough and might like to come.  We also have an events page on facebook HERE

Other than that, I've been trying to enjoy these last days of Summer. The other day I met my friend Becky for lunch at her loft. She text saying she was running a few minute behind, so I sat down on the fire escape stairs and took in the Sunshine and the view.  I enjoyed those few minutes just sitting there... SO much!  What a gorgeous day!

All these things going on, and trying to keep this little sweetie entertained.  There is a huge difference between old dogs and 1 year old pups.   Can you say "energy".   And lots of it.     You see them finally lay down and  you know they are going to take a short "power nap" and wake with plenty of energy. lol     She has helped me keep my sleeping in a routine tho.  She does NOT sleep in, in the morning, so I'm learning to go to bed a bit earlier.    I don't trust her to be up by herself.  I don't want to think about what she might get into.  Silly dog!
But look at that face.  Sweetness.  We love her.

PS.  Remember to put your name in for the giveaway this week  HERE

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Brenda said...

Love your canvas. It is perfect for fall. Great mix of colors and patterns. Simply beautiful.

Debbie K. said...

I'd KEEP that canvas, Ms. Vicki! So much for trying to get rid of stuff, huh?! I'm no
Love the photo of Daisy. Yep, know alllll about those pups keepin' ya on your toes. They are so cute but a handful!

ddlady said...

Vicki, love your Fall canvas. You did a wonderful job! I'd keep it if I was you! More power to you in getting of things. I've sold Avon for over 30 yrs. and I need to have a garage sale but, it just doesn't happen.