Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween crafts and Fleamarket fun

Boy have a been a bad blogger this week. Now that we are only two weeks away from the "Fall Festival and Flea Market" there is lots that needs to be done.  You know how there are those little last minute things that are easy to put off , thinking "oh.. it's still a ways away, I have time", well, it is now time to quit ignoring them and just get them done. lol   My sis Jan was here all day yesterday
 ( until after 8 last night), pricing, finishing projects, touching up, making signs ect...  with me.   She has worked with me on this SO much!  Huge thanks Sissy!

So since I've been behind on my blogging, I'll share a number of projects in this post.  All of them using the new Crafty Secrets Halloween CD and downloads.

The digital Halloween kits available here

You can read more about it and get the scoop here on the Heartwarming Vintage blog. 

I've been having fun making more of these cute little bags, using these State Line Bag Co. bags  the CD and iron on transfer paper.

There are so many awesome images and papers on this CD.  There are a number of altered vintage black and white photos like this one that I ADORE!

I never tire of banners, and this one was so easy to make using AccuCut Die - Pennant Flags and papers and bingo cards from the CD.

Again..loving that I can print out the size I want :)

I've loved using this CD for the Halloween Crafts I've been working on.

Yesterday Jan and I finished measuring off to make sure each person has room for their tents, tables and free standing pieces of furniture ect.

 I didn't take any photos of the East yard, but that is where the parking with be.  Baked goods, popcorn, coffee, waters and sodas in and in front of the garage for sale.  Oh... and home made apple pie!
also... ... blueberry muffins, banana nut muffins, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cherry/blueberry craisen, and monster cookies, all for sale individually :)  So you can have a cup of coffee and something yummy if you want :)

Everyone has their spots,. and then there will also be a fun photo opp set up, (with a "witchy" theme) wink wink!
We have way to many big items to fit it all under tents that's for sure..but they'll be nice for the smaller things.     Then they'll be a separate area that is just Halloween Crafts.

Right now, the only things I have photos of is Jans and my things, for the most part , but you can see lots more photos on our facebook events page HERE.   Deb and Stephanie have some things posted there also.

here's just a few peeks...

We have little things....

and crafty seasonal things....

vintage dishes....

vintage everything

  big stuff

Chairs, tables , desks... ect ect ect...
My sis brought a few more things yesterday
I told you... something for everyone!   How about a bit of RETRO???

We are excited!!!  Two weeks from today, it starts!!   Praying for nice weather!   (we do have the weekend after set for a rain day)

896 County Road T
North Bend NE

If you have friend who live near... we'd so appreciate it if you would help us spread the word.  Here is the flyer :)

                                                                               flyer credits: Olivia Hudson
                                                                                                     blog: Country Liv's Cottage Art

Thanks friends!!



Brenda said...

Oh, how very exciting!I wish I lived nearby...I'd be your first customer. You have an amazing collection of goodies between you and Jan. I can only imagine what other lovely items will be available from everyone else. Good luck!

Susan said...

Love all your HW projects! And I sure wish I lived closer to attend your event - looks like it will be an amazing shopping adventure! Good luck next weekend.

Unknown said...

Oh,, I wish I could come and bring a U-haul! I would love to have that tin ceiling tile and most everything else I've seen! LOL!
Now, the big question for me is: Are you and Dan prepared for your lawn being destroyed? I actually thought you'd get permission and do it in the field.
PS: I love all the Crafty Secret Samples you made . . . awesome!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Such cute projects, Vic....and your preparations for the flea market sound wonderful. I pray for perfect weather, great crowds and a ton of fun. Wish I could magically transport myself from NC to be there and help you out. Don't work too hard!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

What a fun post..and a huge undertaking. I Will say a prayer for nice weather, your sanity and a great fun day. I've friends in Fremont should see if DH would like a road trip. I put your cute flyer on my FB
Just love all the Halloween creations.
Some of went to Mpls, Junk Bonanza and wow the crowd and "LOVELY" Junk was awesome. You may have to consider a field!!!!
Enjoy and Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

I hope your Flea Market goes just perfectly and I love love love the star box! You have so much to share and I so wish I was there! Of course, I could be in big trouble. Love the scrabble tiles! Hugs to you my girl and keep up the good work. You are so not a bad blogger!

Brenda Evans said...

Oooh -Vickie I love all the flea market things. What fun that looks to be. I'm only 8 hrs away in Denver - I might give that some thought and come down if the weekend is going to be nice.

Unknown said...

Awww that's nice creation! I've been looking for some nice and easy Halloween crafts that I'd try for this coming Halloween. Thanks for sharing ideas.

Cheers xxx