Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun little Christmas boxes

Hello friends! 
Boy Crafty Secrets has been busy with all kinds of new printable and digital goodies.  One of them is these cute box templates.
 You can use the boxes as table favors, ornaments, mini gift boxes and stocking stuffers.  Add ribbon to hang them and decorate a tree, wreath or centerpiece. The file is 300 dpi and can be enlarged to print on 2 pages to create a larger box, or you can crop the images to use them on a variety of holiday projects.  I did up a few so you could see them used a few different ways.    Below this first photo is what the templates look like when they are printed off.  You can purchase the download here ....   Be a Crafty Vintage Girl

They each come with a little matching gift tag.

I used stickles on some and glittery snow on others.

The images are gorgeous.

Like I said Crafty Secrets have been busy little beavers.  Pop over to the Heartwarming Vintage blog to see all the new things they have available.


Whats up at our house?  Well, guess who had her first taste of ice cream?  She liked it :)

Today was Dans day off, so he started working on his new little project.  We talked about it and decided we would just put up a little temporary fence out back for a few months until little miss pup learns her boundaries a bit better.  We hate having to put her on a leash all the time, but she is  still learning just how far she can go.  Leaving in the country... there just aren't any boundaries in her eyes. lol  She actually does great if we are out with her, but she could be out for longer times and more often if we didn't have to be standing right there.   Especially at night, I worry about other animals too.  So ... on with a fence for now.

I have to get busy on some upcoming projects that have been sitting on my desk... so here's hoping for the crafting mojo to pay me a visit :)
I saw this on pinterest the other day and it tickled me.

So ...on with things. lol

I hope all of you who are dealing with the wrath of hurricane Sandy are staying safe.
Keeping you in my prayers.



Mali Gold said...

definitely perfect for christmas..thanks for the information..

promotional products said...

love these little boxes..thanks for sharing

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

You make everything so beautiful. Couldn't help but notice the scallops on your red tissue paper and the glitter glass on those boxes. Good thing you live so far away, or you'd never get me off your doorstep. But, I would bring you diet Coke and muffins, so maybe you wouldn't mind so much. LOL

2amscrapper said...

perfect little boxes showcased so well here!

harrahx2 said...

Sandy was a kick in the buns for sure! All the trees are upright though and for that I am grateful. I love your boxes. I need to read the book on my printer as it does not print color I guess if I read the book I will do better? LOL! Had the printer over a year.......just saying. LOL!

Debbie K. said...

Adorable boxes and sweet, sweet photo of Daisy, Ms. Vicki! I LOVE! And, I love the coke sign. How true, right?! LOL. Have a great rest of the week:)
- DebbieK