Friday, October 26, 2012

"Inspiration from the Everyday" Fancy Pants Designs

 "Inspiration from the Everyday"
Where do you find your inspiration?  It's everywhere, all you have to do it look at things a bit differently.  I LOVE being challenged to find inspiration in everyday things and apply them to a card or layout.  I used to be participate in an inspiration blog when it was still up and running and I loved it!  I've  thought so many times it would be fun to get something like that going again. 
Every month the Fancy Pants Design Team is assigned different things for the Miss Fancy Pants blog. It might be Product Spotlight, Fancy This, Sketch Time.. ect. Well the newest addition is "Inspiration from the Everyday"....... and you guessed it.... Lucky me.. today is my day.  FUN!
You can see it here on the Miss Fancy Pants Blog.

I used a poster design for my inspiration (on the left)   May layout is on the right.  
I used Fancy Pants "The Good Life" line for my layout

The exciting part for me is that I got to use meaningful things for both my inspiration piece and for the photo for my layout.    Both include my nieces :) 
The poster I chose if from my niece Neely's band.  "Tilly and the Wall".   Neely is the one in the middle ( pink dress, blue sleeves).  Shes a busy girl, on tour again, but also has her masters in Education and is a Certified Yoga instructor.     I am so darn proud of her and of all the kids in the band. ( I call them kids. lol They are adults.  I used to think it was funny when my mom and dad called us kids when we were married with kids of our own... now I do the same thing.).     The band is now on tour promoting their newest CD, "Heavy Mood".         I'll post a video down a bit further you can watch if your interested.

I thought the design was so interesting.     Below is my layout using it for design inspiration.
The photo I used for this layout is from the Senior photos I did for my niece Lyndsay a few weeks ago. What a sweet, sweet girl!  Oh, it was so fun to get to spend the entire day with her that day.   She graduate in 2013 and head off to college, with Art as her Major. 

Proud Aunt Alert! lol

Here is a short interview and new song. Yippee  
I always find myself with a goofy smile on my face all the way thru this.  I LOVE hearing her sweet voice.  GO TILLYS!!


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Happy Friday!!!     Hope you had a great week and are looking forward to your weekend!



Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Everything looks great and I love the Tillys new song! no wonder you are proud Aunt Vicki!

harrahx2 said...

Love the interview and song and your neices are both beautiful. The Senior is lovely and has a lot going on with college coming! She is really beautiful. Hugs Vic!