Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take a Hike layout and engagement photos

Lately I've been going back thru my photo files and making a folder of photos that I really want to scrap.  Photos that for some reason or another are just extra special to me.  It's not always that they are the best quality or perfect shot, as a matter of fact some might even wonder "why that photo?".  I cant really explain why some photos call to me, I guess it's just that they seem to really capture the moment.. or like this one.. just seem "SO Wes".   He loves Molly dog, and she LOVES him. 
They were hiking the hill by the cabin.

I have a step by step of this layout here on the Crafty Power Blog  Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.

I love it when I can use favorite products together.  I've also shared this layout on the Tattered Angels Blog along with the wooden doily project below the layout.

I painted  these die cut wood pieces with Tattered Angels Chalkboard paints (in fall colors), and hung them from my dinning room light.  I'm really enjoying them :)

I was at Micheal's today and saw so many cute wooden Holiday shapes that would be fun.  I picked up some snowflakes:)

Okay.. now I get to share some fun photos :)  These are just a few of  Jarad and Kates engagement photos.  My brother-in-law is an amazing photographer. He did such a great job!
It was so great to have him doing the photos because I think he really captured the kids better than anyone could.. knowing them so well.  This is totally THEM!  So natural.

The photo were taken out by our cabins.
This one was taken on the road right in front of our cabin.   I am so impressed that Keith got these photos of the dogs looking at the camera, because trust me.. they were pretty excited and not exactly in the mood for sitting still for photos. lol

I just smile when I look at these photos because they are just so perfectly "Jarad and Kate" :)

and I have to admit, they even make me a little teary.  ( happy teary)

Thanks for letting me share bits of my life here.
Feels good to have happy things to share.



Gail S. said...

Great layout! (Love the twig added) and I love the pictures of your son and Kate :-) How exciting!

Debbie K. said...

The layout is wonderful, Ms. Vicki and the photos of Kate and Jarad are awesome! They look like such a GREAT couple. I wish them the very best of luck!

Renee said...

Great pictures!!

Ali said...

I totally understand your feelings about "certain photos..." We have them here, too. I love reading your posts, they add to my happiness each time! :) TY...

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon said...

aaaawwww. so sweet. They look so happy together! Love the layout.

harrahx2 said...

Love the picture of Wes and the pup. A special picture is special because it instantly transports you right back to a moment in time! Beautiful pictures and now, I don't know for sure which I like best. Hmmmmmmm.

promotional products said...

that is so sweet..i love your scrapbook it's beautiful!

furniture refinishing toronto said...

you are both inlove, and happy together..thanks for sharing this..

Susan said...

Great photos - they look so happy..

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, the photos are just gorgeous! Lucky you! What a wonderful family.