Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks

 ***NOTE***   I wanted to make a note to remember to tell you that Crafty Secrets is  offering FREE SHIPPING until Monday (Nov 26th) at midnight!

I hope those you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday are recovering from your turkey and pie comma as we are today. lol   It was a great day! We loved getting together with the family.  I'll share some photos of the busy past few days, down below in this post.
First I'll share a new project.   I have a step by step tutorial of this project up HERE on the Miss Fancy Pants Blog if your interested.   They can be made for any holiday of course,.. so they would make great Christmas gifts.

Like I said, It's been a busy few days.  Wed night my nieces band "Tilly and the Wall", played in Omaha at the Slowdown, so a bunch of us (family and friends) went to watch them perform.  It was such an amazing show! So much FUN!

I'm always just amazed at the way the crowd gets so into the show.  They had spots reserved for the family in the front of the balcony so we had a perfect view. Its so fun to watch the audience.

And there she is... my sweet niece Neely.  All the kids in the band are just really special to us.
This has just been such an amazing experience for them all.  

It was a late night ...but so worth it!   The next morning was an early one...because the turkeys were waiting. lol I need to get them cooking. My side of the family still gets together with all the brothers and sisters, their kids and grandkids, so there are quite a few of us.  We always rent this place for our get togethers  so we have plenty of room.  Easy for me because it's just up the road :)   I went over the day before to do the decorating so that was done.  I love to have old photos of previous family holidays out for everyone to look at.  This year I hung them up on the fall garland above the food island.   You really should try it some time, if you haven't before.  It's so fun for people to reminisce and talk about the photos.  We really get some laughs at times.

I didn't get to snap a photo when everyone was sitting down, but here we are getting started.

the rest are still lining up to get their plates filled.

We always spend the day and into the evening there visiting, so sometimes I bring games or things for the kids to make. This year I brought a craft project for us girls to work on. THEN.. as you can see below..the kids did a little cutting and pasting also. lol

 I was so excited to show the girls the new Crafty Secrets Christmas stuff that I put together things for us all to make these banners.
Ryan and Erin worked together on a Christmas banner for their new place. We were so thankful to have them make it here from Colorado.    

Here is what Addy made!   She is quite the little "cutter".  
Griffin is 7 now..and has grown so much. I so wanted to get some photos of him and Haley, but Haley was sick so they didn't make it out yesterday.
I was so caught up in chatting with everyone I kept forgetting to take pictures of all the kids :(
But here is the newest addition to the family.  Baby Zachary.   My brother Dans newest grandbabe.
Camera and Samantha are his mommy and daddy.

So, you know how I LOVE photos. Well this one of the cousins laying in the grass at moms years ago, has always been a family favorite.  It was one of the photos I brought yesterday.  So.. Christopher ( in the middle) said, "one of these days we need to go a another one , so we have a NOW and THEN photo".   Oh man , I was  all over that idea!  How fun! So I drug them all outside before the sun went down.
Check it out  ( Neely was a sport and even put her hair in the same "side pony tail" lol.

left to right  Neely , Christopher and Ryan.    Neely and Ryan are my sister Jan's kids and Christopher is my brother Rays son.

They were great sports for doing this.  We got some good laughs :) Where has the time gone?

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Thanks for coming by!!



Brenda said...

Fabulous post! Thanks for sharing all those photos. We do not travel to be with family for Thanksgiving (too far for a short holiday), but I loved the memories that your photos triggered. Both my husband and I are from huge families and gatherings like yours were common. Ahhh....I miss those.

Debby said...

Such alot of happiness going on in all those photos.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love that you all still get together. We had 18 at our house this year...and it will be more next year as our middle son just got engaged. Someday, we will probably have to make the transition to renting a space that will fit all of us, but for now, our house still works, even though I had to set up banquet tables in the living room this year! Blessings on you, Vic!

Susie said...

Oh, what fun "before and after" photos! Such a great idea!
Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us :)
Ours was a little quieter this year. Our sister-in-law's brother had passed away the day before. We were so thankful that she still came to our home for the big meal. thankful that she is a part of our family. She is one of the most giving and thoughtful people I've ever known.
We have so much to thank God for.

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

What a great idea about hanging family photos to remember. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

harrahx2 said...

What fun Vicki. I love the picture of the three kids then and now. We did that this summer with my godon and my niece. Such a fun thing to do. Loved you sharing the family time. Hugs and you are truly one of my blessings this year and every year.

Bettyann said...

just love the photos...glad you had a fine Thanksgiving...take care..