Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Barber card Trio... and the everyday

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was a good one. It was Dans weekend to work, so I just caught up on things around here, but sometimes that feels good too. There are always those things that I put off.. because I just don't feel like doing them.( bad , I know..lol)  When I finally cross them off my list it feels great! yay!
I'll share more on my thoughts on "everyday life" lol, after I share a little bit of creativity first :)
These cards are made with Paper from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage "Barber Shop" Digital Kit and "Mustache Men" Digital Stamps.

I cant even hear the word "Barber" without thinking about my dad taking Weston (our oldest son who is 30 now.. show below) to his barber when he was a little guy.  OH.. Wes was so proud of his "Barber guy" hair cut.  Even his face says it all in this photo. lol PROUD I can even remember the barbers name was Ron...but Wes would call him "The treasure chest guy" because, after he sat still for his hair cut with grandpa, and got the good smell'n stuff put on his hair, Ron would get out this wooden treasure chest and let kids pick out a little trinket toy from it.  You would have thought it was a gold nugget.  Man... this kid could not wait to go to Grandpas Barber... "The Treasure chest guy"

All this got me thinking about a layout I did YEARS ago... probably 8-10 years ago I imagine.  As dated as it is I'm not even going to be embarrassed... lol,  and I'm sharing it, as a reminder of how important it is to scrapbook the "everyday" things in life. These are the things I want to remember.  This silly little layout holds a piece of my heart.

On this same subject. "Everyday photos".  With phones taking such great photos these days, it really makes taking photos anytime that we want to..so easy.   I've decided I'm going to start working on a album of just "Everyday" Life, and  fill it with photos I take of everyday things in my life.  It's my "2013 Everyday" project.  I'll be sharing my photos and my album with you here and I'd love to have you join in if you'd like.     I just keep thinking how I love photos of my parents , grandparents ect...over the years... but I also find myself looking behind them at things in the background of the photos.. like, the stove grandma cooked on, or the dashboard of my dads old work car... ect....      Really, it's just fun to see not just them but what their world and their daily life was like.   Of course they couldn't take photos the way we do, but what if they could have?  Wouldn't you love to see, some of those "daily life" things?  I sure would.
Anyway..... Here are some of my everyday things from the last few days

1.  Winter Evening in Nebraska

2. Wes was home for dinner Sunday night.  After dinner he taught me how to play domino. I loved spending time with him.

3. Cleaned house Saturday and put together a new little vignette for something different to look at during this long winter.
4). Took Daisy with me to try to get her used to staying in the car while I run in somewhere quickly. That way she can go with me more often. (Right now.. she freaks out :(    We're going to have to work on this.

One more things I want to share with you before I close is a link to  Kitty's Pretties.  This week is her first week of sharing a "Pretty of the Week" and she is sharing my tutorial on making Paper Towel Flowers.  Thanks so much Kitty!  You can see it HERE.

Okay friends..... go make some "Everyday Memories" and take photos!

Thanks for stopping by!



Sarah said...

I love your barber trio...one more and it would have been a quartet...LOL.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

These barber cards are so fun. And I love the vignette you created for your display. The layout of Wes' haircut is precious, and I love that you saved the comb in a little envelope. I'm glad you're going to start doing even more photography. You have a great eye!

Donna said...

Fun post, Vicki!! Your new cards are pretty and whimsical, but I really liked seeing Wes' old barbershop photo scrapped.....are those old Foof A La alphabet letter blocks I spy? Those were some of my favorites ever and I have used them to death over the years! LoL! Also LOVE your idea of documenting the daily "little things" I've thought about this myself, as I often think how much I would love to see an album of that sort from my childhood----oooh, if my mom had only saved and scrapped things like I do!! What fun would that be!? Of course you are right---the smartphones and digital photography make it easy to document the mundane and day to day---back when we were kids, taking and developing photos was too costly to just snap photos of your coffee mug or whatever! ha ha! I will be watching your album of daily stuff develop and might just be inspired to finally start my own! Be blessed and warm today, Vicki!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

You're right the photo of Wes says it all : ) Great cards and love the vignette - so creative!

Enjoy the Every Day of the Day!!

harrahx2 said...

Love the photo of WEs. So cute. Those pleasures are so fleeting and you are smart to save them. Nice work Vicki!