Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Valentine pretties

Time to share more Valentine pretties from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. They now have all of them in there store at Crafty Vintage Girl.
Here are a few simple samples I put together for Sandy to put in the online store just to show off the images and papers.
 Victorian Rose Cards
These Victorian Rose Cards can be used a number of different ways, not just as cards.  Below I used the image alone on the front of glass container.    I love using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L double sided adhesive sheets to adhere labels to jars this way.  The great thing is, "if" you want to change out your decorative jar for the seasons with a different image, it's easy, just lay a wet cloth over the image and let set a few minutes.  You'll be able to lift it off and wipe the jar clean to add a new image.

Below is a simple card I created with one of the other card images.

I used this piece for the inside of the card, which I could stamp a sentiment in, and write a note.

Vintage Valentine Digital Kit

These next two 8x8 mini layouts are showing papers and elements from the  Vintage Valentine Digital Kit from Crafty Secrets.

This Sweet Couple is Jamie and Derrick

and this is Sandy's daughter Katy and her boyfriend Ryan with their pup Gorge :)

Also on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog Sandy is offering  a Free Valentine Printable that is so pretty!  It's...
10 Things I love Valentine Printable
 I used it below  with my new
My AccuCut Frame and Bow dies
on this project.

Okay... So...  on to my "Everyday Life" photos.
If you missed my post about this... it's my new commitment to myself  to  not just take photos and document special occasions to preserve memories for myself and my family..but to do that for those "Everyday Life" moments in between... that in the end probably really say more about who we really are. 
Some might be important.. some might not....     I think of the kind of photos I wish I had of my grandma and great grandmas day...  it would be so fun to see

Everyday Life  Photo #1 
Every morning Dan opens this cupboard to get a cup for his coffee. I dont drink coffee.. so I reach for a class, for juice or water.   Some vintage some Target.. but I love them all.   Polka dots make me happy. The vintage glasses have measuring levels on them and some how to mix certain drinks ( from the 60's).  Always used to make me laugh because when mom was here, and I poured milk in one of those, I'd see her turning it around and around reading it. lol   ps. Dan doesn't really like those cool vintage cafe cups because he says they don't hold enough coffee. lol

Everyday Life Photo #2
This just pretty much sums up what the last few days have been like. Gloooooomy!
This is coming down the road from town, just before our house.  Our house is just past the trees on the left.

Everyday Life Photo #3
This is a part of my weekly routine. Visiting my bff.   I've mentioned before that I have a very dear friend that has been a bestie of mine for 30 some years, who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer's. She is only a few years older than I am... 54.
I'm thankful for every time she remembers who I am, and is happy to see me.  
Today we had a nice visit.   

Well, other parts of everyday life, are laundry and dinner and both those are calling for my attention at this time.. so  until later.    Take care!

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Dee in N.H. said...

Beautiful projects and I love your everyday photos too.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Vic, your photography is wonderful. I especially like the photo of you and your BFF...that could be framed. Gorgeous art samples, too. You are one crafty chick!

Donna said...

Ah Vickie! Today's post is one of those where I truly can't pick a favorite sample!! LOVE the "label" on the jar and will definitely "borrow" the idea! :) I also LOVE the RED layouts---both of them are gorgeous for Valentines or not. Boy, Sandy's daughter sure does favor her! Very pretty! And what can I say about your amazing frame?? Love the colors, love the BOW and love the family photo you showcased. Just precious. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Everything you do is special but the Everyday Life Photos? They really stir up my heart. Beautfil and like you, so special.


I'm so sorry that your bestie has that horrible diease at such a young age!
Always enjoy seeing the crafts.

Jane Wetzel said...

gosh I love your blog Vicki- so inspiring..so sorry bout your friend..hugs, jane

Susan said...

Love all these Valentine projects. And your everyday photos are lovely.

Unknown said...

Hello Vickie, I just wandered onto your blog this morning & it was inspiring...Everyday life is unique & special to every one of us & we really need to embrace it! I love your style & I'll be a follower of yours from now on.

Unknown said...

I just wandered into your world this morning and am inspired by your style and appreciation of everyday life. Your work is lovely & I'll be looking so forward to seeing more of it!