Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day... and now.. wishing for Spring

                         Wishing everyone a  Happy Sweethearts Day!

     Sharing a little puppy love with you today from our house too:)

I am SO ready for Spring this year!  Maybe it's because we have a wedding to look forward to June 1st:)     But Crafty Secrets has been coming up with so many new Spring, and Easter printables, I just couldn't resist getting started.  You can see all the printable eggs HERE, but I made these little candy holders using the Adorable Vintage Easter Eggs.
I thought I'd give you a quick run down of how I put them together if you are interested in making some as Easter gets closer.

When it comes to the printables...of course you can print them out any size you want. I just chose to print them small enough to fit on the fronts of my carrots.

The papers I used for the Carrot ( the orange and the green patterns) are from the "Creating with Vintage Patterns CD"  note: I printed them on cardstock.   The green pattern I printed on both sizes

I wanted to show you how I rolled my orange piece into a cone, but as you might notice I'm using a solid orange piece of paper :(  Why you ask?  Simply because I'm out of ink and waiting for it to arrive, so I can print another piece of paper until then.  lol    Anyway, you get the idea.    You can make these any size you like of course, but I cut mine  7x5, and rolled them with the 7" vertical.   Attach it into place and then trim it even across the top.

Again, couldn't cut the die cut piece, but you can see in the photo below that I just cut a die cut shape the width of the cone, when the cone was pushed flat at the top.  Attach the die cut to the back of the cone.  Fold over the die cut and use a piece of velcro as a closer.  Add Button

To make the green topper for the carrots. I cut 3x4 inch    pieces of the double sided green gingham printed paper( one for each carrot), and made cuts about 1/4 inch or less apart down the 4 inch length, leaving about 1/2 inch uncut at the bottom to hold it together.

Run your adhesive along the uncut bottom piece and gather it together like the photo below.

 Now you can hot glue it to the back of the carrot on the die cut piece.   I used the little eggs that say To: and From: to cover of the messy base of this.

Now that we are on our way, all we have to do is wish for warmer weather :)  Bring it!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!
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Sarah said...

Cute, cute little carrots, Vicki!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Cute project and thanks for the tutorial!!
Happy Valentine's Day :)

Debbie K. said...

Oh Ms. Vicki, I LOVE these treat holders. Thanks for sharing. Love the photo of Miss Daisy too:) She's a real cutie. Happy Hearts Day to you and yours.....

Martha Richardson said...

Great post...I love your puppy valentine ;)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Those little carrots....oh, my...I can see my next Sophie day project right there!

Julie Higgins said...

How adorable those little carrot are!

Loved the dog Valentine wish too:) Julie Higgins