Thursday, February 07, 2013

Little Arrows

 Well, for this post to be just right you might want to scroll down and hit play on the music video below ( which is just music) so you have the appropriate music :)    Oh.. that song just makes me happy anyway.     I made these little arrows using the "Heart to Heart" Digital Art Stamp Set from Crafty Secrets.    . 

The four different heart designs are so pretty and worked perfectly for this.  I just printed them back to back, and then stitched two together, to make the tips.

These sentiments are also part of the set, along with a number of other stamps of course.  These arrows are about 9 inches long , but of course the glory of them being digital is you can make them any color or size you want :)

While I'm talking about new thing from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage I want to tell you about some of the very newest downloads available.  Spring and Easter will be the next things to be planning for so check out these gorgeous printables. Again, of course, you have the option to print whatever size you choose and there are so many different things you could do with them.  I just made these on dowels to be stuck in with fresh flowers or in a potted plant.  There are three different sheets of designs. I'll be showing you a number of different things I've created with them in some upcoming posts.  You can find these downloads HERE.

Well, today I had to little girls day out.  We went to a shop I had never been to in Wahoo Nebraska called "Found and Flora".  What a fun and inspiring little shop!

Filled with beautiful things.. and smelling wonderful!

Of course its a floral shop..but it's also filled with fun vintage goodies, and set in the most darling little vignettes all over the store.  Jan and I have been talking about checking it out for come time and just hadn't gotten there.  Deb had been there and said it was a fun place, so today the three of us went together.  We spent some time here, had lunch and then strolled thru a couple of antique stores.  It was a really nice afternoon.

Shops like this just have so much character. It's so fun to see things display with so much creativity involved. Pretty smells, and soft lighting.  ahhhh... love it.   It's always such a refreshing change from rows and rows of shelves stocked with blah, blah, blah..bright florescent lights and the sound of shopping carts banging. lol

So many more things I didn't get photos of because my camera battery died..but trust me, it's a fun place.  Defiantly worth stopping in if you are in the area.

   Heres their info.

So other than that this week..... a new do.   New color and cut for miss vic.  And boy is this color a change for me.  Quite a bit darker than I had planed..but oh well, you only live once right? lol   Red is my natural color..but over the years the the pretty color red I always had  just wasn't the same. Pretty drab was more like it.  So I started having it colored and highlighted.  I always went lighter before.  We talked about redoing this..but you know what... change it good sometimes, so for now, I'll just leave it alone. lol        

Well, we're heading into the weekend, so here's to a good one my friends!
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Thanh Vo said...

I always ADORE your spring and Valentine's, Vic!!! Love the new do... I've always liked the darker reds and I think you wear it well! Hope you stick with it :)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

No, no....don't change the color. You look fabulous in that shade of red! I love it! And I love your sweet heart arrows....only you would see those hearts and think arrows. Love that about you. And, I remember that song, and even before you mentioned the music it was running through my brain. LOL

janel said...

Gosh...I just LOVE those arrows....darling. Your new hair style is darling..perky and fun. Just the thing to chase those winter grey skies away. Great post....Just may have to make some of those darling arrows...Happy Friday.

Dee in N.H. said...

What a fun song! I love your arrows and your hair looks fabulous!!!

harrahx2 said...

Do you have to be so darn cute? I mean come one~ How does Dan like the color? I love it. Cute Little Arrows everywehre.....Hugs!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

OOOOoooo I like the dark hair! I think it makes you look younger and hipper!!! KEEP IT!!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

What a fun post -love all your projects here and on the Crafty Secret's blog! Hair looks great and you seem to have a knack for finding the best places to shop : )
Enjoy Your Weekend!!

starqueen said...

Hi Vicki,
How fun to create little LOVE arrows...what did you use for sticks? The egg images are beautiful. I fall in love with Crafty Secrets images time and time again.
Love your new 'do! It's the month to "wear RED" so you're with it from the top down!
Thanks for sharing all your lovely inspiration.

Ann said...

So cute...

Debbie K. said...

Love the 'do' and the arrows are adorable. Looks like you had a fun day! Have a GREAT week:)

Martha Richardson said...

I want to go shopping at that cute little store!! Love the color & cut ;)

ddlady said...

Love your arrows and the eggs on the previous post. I love your new "do" and the color. It really looks good on you!