Monday, February 18, 2013

"Pastimes" mini album

It seems like it 's been a while since I just sat down with a bunch of random stuff and and played. No specific plan in mine, on certain paper line.. just this and that.  So that's what I did (between loads of laundry ect) lol this weekend.  It's very liberating just to play with this and that...whatever strikes your fancy.   One of my very favorite things is  making little books filled with family photos.

I love the fact that they can always be a work in progress. I can pick them up add a page or two any time I feel like it.

I share some of the pages I have finished so far. ( I say "finished" ) ... but you never know.. sometimes I end up adding more to them also :)

I always like to add lots of little pockets and tags for names, dates, journaling ect...

You can click on the photos to see them larger

this is one of my favorite photos. Love it.

I think this photo of my mom is so pretty.

I don't even want to tell you what kind of mess I had in my room while I was digging threw all this stuff. Oh boy!

It's been a fun process, just working on this while I'm watching (listening too) tv, and in between getting a few things done around there this weekend. No dead line... just enjoying the process.


Back to my "Everyday" photos.    I'm going to start looking for a good art journal that will work well for adding my Everyday photos too now that I'm getting a good little collection in my file :)  Cant wait to start the process.   Have you given any thought to starting one??

This week  
The story behind Everyday photo #1 is something as common as making dinner.  But it's been extra fun lately because Weston has been around to join us for meals more often.  It gives me a shot in the arm when it comes to cooking ..having him around because he is always so thankful for home cooked food. lol  He's always says... "That was so good!", " Thanks Mom".   ( as he painfully groans from being full).  I love it :)   Last night... stir fry

Everyday photo #2.... well that's just me and my little car being thankful that Sunday was warm enough for me to finally get my poor filthy dirty little car washed without worrying about the doors freezing shut.  I love living out of town..but dirty gravel roads are not nice to black cars.  YAY clean car.. at least for one day.  It's sounding like we are in for another snow storm this week so, it wont last long.  Still... nice for now. 
Everyday Photo #3   Well this one is pretty self explanatory. Little stinker.
I will be leaving for Canada in day or two days, so I have my suitcase out on the bed and I'm slowing adding things to it.  I had a cute plush little moose dog toy in there for Ottis (Sandy's dog)... and guess who  found with it??  Snagged in right out of my suitcase.  She doesn't look very sorry does she? lol

So ... as I mentioned above I'm supposed to be heading out Thursday morning for Canada but winter storm Q , is freaking me out a bit, so we are trying to get me a flight out before it gets started.
This will probably be my last post before I go, but I'll be posting while I'm gone.. and plan to share some photos.   I'll be working in the Crafty Secrets office for the next week. Looking forward to seeing my Canadian friends :)

Keep your fingers crossed that Dan and Wes can keep these dogs in line while I'm gone. ( or vise versa) lol

Okay.... I'll be checking in soon.
Thanks for stopping by!



Joan V said...

Oh, what a beautiful mini album. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Oh, I love this sweet altered book, Vic! Each page is like a little bouquet all its own. I love all the texture you built in by using different materials and backgrounds. What a lovely, lovely keepsake. The cover is gorgeous with that vintage book page. Yummy!

Have fun in Canada. Better take your long johns with you! LOL Give my love to Sandy...can't wait to see what you two cook up. Safe travels!

Paulette Manion said...

I couldn't be happier to be a recent new fan of yours! This album is such a work of art and certainly a family treasure. I'm on my way to make my own! Would you guide me as far as what you started with? I'm unable to find a similar little ring binder book. Thank you for the help & inspiration!

Jean said...

Love this album! So many wonderful details!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Vicki- I love these old photos and the book...totally love the "new everyday photos" too. I have been wanting to start..hope to soon. THANK YOU for the wonderful inspiration!

Linda S. said...

Vicki, I must say I am really enjoying your everyday photos. Especially when they include your pups, (or anybody else's for that matter). The cutie pie in todays post looks like she is really learning to love the camera. Little does she know it will provide a concrete record of all her wrong doings! Too Cute!

Donna said...

Yes, it is such fun to work freestyle with no deadline! And your true talent fully shines in a gorgeous project like this mini album! Great job! Hope you enjoy a safe and fun trip to Canada! Wish I could go, too, and help in the CS offices! (can you pick me up a job applic. while you're there? LoL!)

Country Liv . . . said...

I love your little album Vic; so imaginative and filled with treasures. This was a great post, some of my 'old' Vic coming back. Safe trip and tell S I said Hello!

harrahx2 said...

Your album is darling and I love the different sizes of pages etc. I hope you get out okay and Daisy killed the moose so you don't need to worry about a moose running over you. Now if the storm will just wait a darn minute! My friend wants to go so tell that storm to keep away. Sending hugs and prayers for a trip, a safe trip and fun. I hope you make it all work!

Winton Rose Paper Creations said...

Lovely Mini Album. I especially love the old photos...they are so interesting. Thanks for sharing. Karen.x

Debbie K. said...

Cute photo album, Ms. Vicki. LOVE the photo of (the Daisy. She's got the sweetest face.
Glad to hear Wes appreciates the home cooking. It really does look yummy! Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

jan said...

Love your photo album!