Friday, April 26, 2013

A new layout and lots of wedding prep fun

Sharing a digital layout today. Yes... I'm practicing :)  Nothing complicated. and when you use gorgeous paper that do a lot of the work for you and a photo of people you love dearly, it comes together pretty easily.    This sweet couple is my mom and dad.
I used Crafty Secrets "Creating with Vintage Illustrations" CD to create this layout.

Well, I've been keeping busy working on little wedding details.  One of the things I did this week was to give an aged look to the little tea lights that will go in the jars that will hang.  At the wedding some jars will hang from shepherds hooks along each row of chairs and then at the reception they will hang in the trees.   The jars I'm talking about are canning jars with wire and tea light in them.   If you stop by here very often you've probably seen me post a number of different ones I've done for different seasons and events.  The ones below are "Springy".  They are done with Fancy Pants transparencies and  Filter Flowers.   I've made Fall, Christmas ect ect.. But the ones for the wedding will not have transparencies in them and just some simple greenery on the side attached to the wire. ( since it's an outdoor wedding with a more "natural" theme)     The white tea lights look fine in jars like the ones below but for the more natural looking ones I had seen  how you could give them a rusted , aged look with a few simple steps.      I took some quick photos and thought I'd share with you, in case you ever want to do it:)  I've seen them( the aged tea lights just like this) already done in shops for $3 each. 

Start with simple tea lights from Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store, where ever.   This is what they will look like when you are finished.
I suggest wearing a pair of disposable gloves

Take a small piece of foil and cover the light.  spray black or brown spray paint on the bottom candle piece. 

Give it a quick coat of spray adhesive.  ( Hold on to it by the foil covered light while your doing this)

Sprinkling Cinnamon all around the sides and top before the adhesive has a chance to dry.  Knock of any excess.( Again hold on to the foil covered light while your doing this). 
I got a 99 cent cinnamon at the Dollar store, and while I was doing this I was just holding it over a little plastic container.. so that I can just keep all the excess cinnamon in the container with my craft supplies in case I do this again. Which I plan to do for Christmas :)
Once they dry a few minutes just take your index finger and lightly wipe around the sides and top ofall of them and blow away any excess ( letting a little of the paint show thru).
Easy as that:)

What else have I been working on??   Sanding and painting these frames.  ( which I did manage to finish up today). This just happens to be the "before" picture. lol       The bigger frames will have chalkboard in them and the smaller ones for the Grandparents photos that will hang on the trees with the Grandparents wedding photos pinned inside them.   ( Totally Kates idea... and I LOVE IT!)

Everyday photos

Everyday photo#   
I love to bake.  Apple Nut muffins.

Everyday photo #2
The Sun has been shining here the past few days and its been much nicer!  Oh... I cant believe what a different it makes in how much I'm getting done. lol   I was such gorgeous morning yesterday Weston and Molly took a buzz around the lot. He thought Molly would ride with him, but she didnt want any part of that.  She's actually "running" here, and that's not something she does much of anymore.  She loves Wes!   Wes is on night shift for a while now before he leaves for academe, and has been staying here quite a bit. The dogs are getting even more spoiled than they already are. lol

Everyday Photo #3
Bath day for Daisy

So Sunday is Kates Shower that my side of the family is putting on for her.   Looking forward to a fun time.   I know it will be beautiful.  You know I'll be sharing photos come Monday :)

Have yourself a great weekend my friends!
As always huge thanks for stopping by ... it means so much to me.



VAWM said...

That wedding will be just beautiful! You are so talented. The couple will be so blessed and what lovely memories.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love, love, love this layout, Vicki! You do the most gorgeous work. The candle idea is fun...leave it to on a budget! LOL

Love all the wedding prep will be beautiful. Can't wait to see those pictures!

stampqueen said...

Love the layout of your folks!!!
Love the tealights and the frame ideas for the wedding!!!
Love the pics of your pups :)
I took my pup to the beach with her doggy buddy the other day - she is still not too sure about swimming but she followed her buddy into the water more this time - cute pics on my blog is u want to see :)

Country Liv . . . said...

Okay, girlfriend, you'd better share those photos come Monday! Did you do up the shower invites yourself? The tea light idea is awesome too.

I cannot imagine how magical this wedding is going to be for all the attendees but especially for Kate and Jared! I hope you get someone who isn't involved to take some candid shots of all of y'all having so much fun and loving those kids too.

Jill Norwood said...

I love the tea light tutorial! I bet they smell good too! :)

Debbie K. said...

Love the cute tea lights Ms. Vicki and the muffins look soooo yummy! The wedding is going to be wonderful with all your terrific items.