Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crafty Secrets New Sewing themed Stamps, papers and ephemera

Practice, practice, practice.... that's what I'm doing until I learn more about working with digital images and stamps.   Using them in my everyday creating, but adding bits and printing ephemera is something I have loved for a long time, and totally comfortable with ..but every once in a while I push myself to try to do something totally digital.. just so I can learn more.  I find using the digital stamps the most easy, because all you have to do is click and drag them where you want them.
So ... be kind.. remember I'm still learning. lol
This photo is of Dans Great Grandma on his Dads side. What a hat huh? love it! 

Here is the  Fashionista  stamp Set I used on this layout.   But you can see lots of samples and read all about all of the new Sewing themed digital products here on the Heartwarming Vintage blog.

 We have had some pretty crazy weather the past couple of days.  Monday was basically flip flip weather and then the cold front came in and the storms hit . 

 Here is the new video KETV 7 News video

It was crazy.  Scary wind and rain.   We  only had some tree damage at our place so we were very lucky.

as you can see,. others had much for damage.

No one here was seriously hurt.  One couples trailer was tossed into the river.  They had gotten out but she was transported to the hospital and  had a broken rib and other minor injures I heard.
This all took place in the night/and early morning hours Tues night.   Yesterday Wes and I took a drive to see what things looked like in town.. thinking the storms were pretty much over.  Wrong!

This was what it looked like was we were racing home to get out of the hail.  Quiet dark for 6pm.  I didn't want my card to get hail damage so I told Wes, when we get to town to pull into the car wash for shelter.  WRONG again.   others had the same idea.      We just kept heading for home.

The hail was small but it was coming down like crazy! This is Wes's little truck that was sitting in the drive way.   It hailed off and on for hours.    Today is dark and gloomy but at least calm!   I hope we are just getting all this icky stuff out of the way!

This change in temperature has also had my sinuses working over time.   I have a meeting with some excedrine and the rice sock :(

I'll be back soon with some other projects to share.

Have a good day!

And as always.. thanks so much for stopping by :)



Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

Wow, what a storm. Glad you are all okay. We are lucky not to have that kind of storm around my area. Hope your head is okay; I sympathize with you as I am a migraine sufferer. Love what you did with the digital stamps. I've yet to try them. Take good care.

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Love your digi layout! Practice does make perfect and you are well on your way! Hope the storms have past. We got rain, but not what they thought.

Love your stamped wedding silverware!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Beautiful layout, Vic. I need to practice more with the digi stamps. I find it so intimidating, and I'm such a hands on gal, that I naturally gravitate toward scissors, glue and paper. You did a great job!

Glad you made it home safely. We've gone from very cool weather to mid to upper 80's. Storms are supposed to roll in today. Hoping they will not be severe.

Still can't access my blog. I'm going to call tech support today.

Jean said...

Oh my - that is some weather. That stamp set is perfect!