Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sewing themed projects.... a little of both

Hey everyone!  I had a few project I wanted to share today. This first one is done with the new       Digital Sewing Images and Ephemera and   Digital Sewing papers that are new from Crafty Secrets.  The two projects below are projects I did some time I go but wanted to share them, as they are done with the Sew Nice Creative Scraps 
which come already printed. 
I'm so in love with this little bird needle holder, and I love that you have the option to print it off whatever size you want. So I decided I'd print it off larger an create a gift card holder for the front of my standard size card.

Here is the inside of the needle card when it opens up. I thought a gift card to a fabric store would be the perfect gift for a friend who is a sewer or quilter.    The spools on the top inset part are also from the Digital Sewing Images and Ephemera  
The black stitching you see is a digital stamp from the Button up set.

Like I was saying, the two projects below were done with the traditional products...
Sew Nice Creative Scraps and Sew Special Clear Art Stamps
The beautiful lady in the photo is my Grandmother.

Here is one more project done using the Sew Nice Creative Scraps   and my  Shadow Box Portrait die design from AccuCut.

Well, I've been on a mission to figure out what I'm going to where for the wedding. hmmm...  It's a outdoor weeding so nothing super dressy and comfort is always key right? lol   Weston needed to run into Lincoln yesterday so we rode in together and then he dropped me off with my sis while he went to a friends surprise party... we shopped.    Did I mention I dread shopping for clothes??   My sis is good tho.. so she makes it bearable!  I think I found something that will work.... and it was on sale too! YAY sis!  she's good!

So everyday photos this time are....

Everyday photo #1
Wes picking up his new motorcycle tires at the bike place in Lincoln while we were there.

Everyday photo #2
My favorite place in Lincoln when I'm there.   We usually always meet at Mazatlan for dinner.   Not only is the food excellent, the employees are so friendly and the MARGARITAS are out of this world! lol

Everyday photo #3
  This might seem like a strange photo to you..but it's defiantly been "Everyday life" around here for a while. lol  Wes has been studying a lot for his new job.  Right now hes working on streets, addresses..ect.  I snapped this photo of him and Dan discussing them.  We toss out addresses to help him practice the quickest way to get there.  I have to laugh.. look at him... I think he's had it for the night. lol

For those of you who missed out on why I'm posting these "Everyday Life" photos   It's because I'm really trying to challenge myself to take more photos of the Everyday Life sorts of things. We all take photos of special events, and that's great, but why not document what we do the other 90% of our lives? The days when our hair isn't perfectly fixed, when we do the things that we are just comfortable doing because we do them all the time.   Wouldn't you love to see photos of your grandparents and great grandparents everyday life?   What their favorite coffee cup looked like , that they took out of the cupboard to use every morning?  What the road your grandfather drove to work for 30 years looked like as he drove it everyday?   What did the egg basket look like that your grandmother used to gather eggs each morning?  What did they do after dinner each evening, or what were their favorite foods?    Maybe it's just me...but I would find that so fun.   I used to ask my mom questions like that for hours.  I would have loved to see photos.   I have to laugh because I think my mom thought it was kind of silly.  She would smile and say.... " well, I don't know, I guess we were just happy with whatever we had".
I remember my dad telling about taking lard sandwichs to school for lunch.   Lard spread on homemade bread.  And he said it was a real treat if you got some sugar sprinkled on it.  ICK

Anyway... that's why I'm so passionate about Everyday photos.  I love for you to join me ...and if you do post them on your blog, be sure to share with me... I'd love to see :)

Have a great day!

Always....... THANKS for stopping by!



Debby said...

So hard to find something to wear. When my daughter got married on top of a mountain I was so glad I chose a pant outfit as it was so windy. Love that die cut. I have a couple of those that I won from you.

Donna said...

Oh, oh, oh Vicki!! Today I really can't choose my favorite project you've shared!! They are all beautiful!! maybe I'm biased cause I am LOVING all the sewing papers and ephemera from CS!!! You have showcased them beautifully!! And I am really enjoying your everyday pix. I agree with you 100% about wishing we had more past photos that show the everyday (but it was hard to pay for film/developing photos of your morning cereal back then!) Even now I struggle with how much to crop in my older photos because I love seeing the backgrounds and items near the subject. I love seeing snapshots of my childhood kitchen when I can glimpse those well worn coffee mugs and Mom's 70s wallpaper. I do not crop many of those type photos just so I can see a bit of the "everyday" behind the birthday cakes and Christmas tree shots!
:-) Hope you have a lovely week!!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Beautiful projects. Seeing your everyday pictures is a great reminder to document mine.

Have a great week.

Jean said...

I have to go to a wedding on Saturday and so far have found nothing to wear. Congrats on your find!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Love, love, love both the card and the frame. I'm still trying to figure out how to use the digital stamps, but I love the printable papers and ephemera. So fun to work with.

I have made so many of your shadowboxes as gifts. I love them, and folks are always delighted. You are just so stinkin' crafty.

And, as to what to wear to the wedding. I just went through this for our youngest son's wedding last October. I hate shopping for clothes. I'm not a Fancy Nancy. LOL My best girlfriend flew up from Atlanta to help me shop. She picked out a gorgeous outfit for me that looked very flattering....but I didn't feel comfy in it. I ended up buying a simple, elegant A-line dress from Macy's that fit me perfectly and was sooooo comfy. I guess I'm a bit of a plain Jane....but everyone told me I looked great, so either they were lying or I chose the right dress. You are a really beautiful woman, Vicki...whatever you wear, you will be one of the prettiest gals there! Hugs!

Debbie K. said...

Great projects Ms. Vicki. Love that AccuCut die you created. I cut a ton of those frames out at our scrapbooking store and have them on hand whenever I need to create a quick card:) Everyone just loves them!

My mom tells me stories all the time about eating 'leaf lard bread'. With having 16 kids in her family, they had to eat whatever they could find. We are so lucky (and spoiled) nowadays.

Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

Love our darling sewing project. Glad you found a dress, I'm sure that's a hard chore. It's nice to have a sister to help. My older sis is terrific in that dept. Love your every day pics. Such a great idea. My 90 yr. old father is moving back home soon & I'm hoping to get more of that info from him. Hope it's not about lard sandwiches though! Thanks!

Julie Higgins said...

Always love reading your blog:)