Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy May Day!

 Happy May Day!  I love May Day! I have so many fun memories of it from my childhood.  This year it isn't  feeling like the normal Spring May 1st day I remember delivering May baskets on as a child.  It's cold and snowy here!   Darn... I thought we were done with winter.   Between the weather and my appointment for dental work today, I wasnt up to delivering May Baskets........  But  It's still May Day in my Heart!    So pretend you just heard your door bell ring .... and see me running away. lol

 May is also Birthday Month for my sister Donna so this one is for you sis.  This card was created with Crafty Secrets "Creating with Vintage Illustrations" CD.

This was taken a few years ago when mom and I flew out to AZ to visit with my sister  and her family.
Love you sis.

Everyday Photos

In case you are needing some inspiration for ideas for your Everyday photos.   You might want to use these "MAY" photo a day ideas from "Fat Mum Slim" Photo a Day
I may not use them all for my "Everyday Photos" for my book, but the ideas will be inspiring and I always love taking photos :)

So todays  was   I BOUGHT THIS

We'll since I spent some major time in the dentist chair today... this was my lunch and dinner.   But it was good.   A chocolate shake and a nap while the Novocaine was wearing off...  is how my afternoon went.  But it's so miserable outside, it was really OK to just be in and snuggled up with my pups.

I hope the week is going well for you :)
Thanks for coming by.



Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Those little May baskets are precious! Honestly, Vic...everything you do is so classy! The card turned out great...did you do digital? Love it! So will your sis! I hate going to the dentist. Glad you've got that behind you and hope you won't be too sore today. Hugs!

Debby said...

Those are just adorable. What a sweet picture of you and your mom. Happy Mothers Day.....early.

Denise said...

Love the May baskets, Vicki! We had 12 inches of snow fall on May Day, so it didn't feel very springy! lol

harrahx2 said...

You are one of the first people I have heard that remembers May Baskets! Beautiful and I hope you are feeling better bug!