Sunday, July 28, 2013

Memory garland

Hey friends!    I hope your weekend was good, and your all refreshed and ready for a new week. The weather here has been so nice.  Much cooler than the previous weeks so it's been great to be outside enjoying it. 
I still have a couple of projects left to share with you that I did for Fancy Pants for CHA. This garland is one of them. It's made by using the Patterned Photo frames from the new "Collecting Moments" line.

I took individual photos, so you'd be able to see them better.  This is for me to hang in my studio, so It's all photos of me when I was a little one with some of my favorite people :)
In the one below I can only see my sister Jan's hand holding me up ( on the left) lol

My dad holding me back from getting to close to the edge when we were on vacation in the Badlands.
My cousin Craig and I, holding baby kittens at Grandma and Grandpas farm in SD.

Sweet momma and I 
4 generations

I used Flair, buttons and other things from the "Collecting Memories" line on this garland also. All the matching goodies are so fun!


We spend time at the cabin again this weekend , so that's were my "Everyday photos" are from this week.

Everyday photo #1

This photo is important to me for a number of reasons.  One .. simply because it's just what it looks like when we get out of our car in front of the cabin. lol   One way is the field and the then the bluff and the other way, behind the cabin and the cabin lot, is the river.  It documents what car I was driving in 2013 ( and how dusty is was) lol    Another thing that is always interesting to note from year to year... is when is a "corn" year, and when is a "bean" year , in the field in front of the cabin, because it alternates. Something I didn't know before having the cabin or living in the country. Also always interesting to see how well the corn has done by how tall it is, depending on how the weather has been.  I look back over the years at photos of the cabin and notice all those things.

Everyday Photo #2
As I walked thru the cabin I had to smile.  I love seeing Wes's guitar sitting there, because I know how he loves coming to the cabin all by himself on the weekend after a long week away, to relax and play this guitar.  I'm so glad with all he has going on, he's learned taking time for things like this are really important.


Everyday Photo #3
This photo is Daisy Dog chill'n in the living room at the cabin.  But most of all it's me trying out the new camera lens I splurged on this weekend:)

Well, that photo of Daisy was when she was being good. Later in the day, she decided to chase a rabbit into that TALL corn I showed you in the first picture and had us all worried and calling for her.  Whew, about the time I was really getting worried, here she came.
I hope you had a nice weekend.   Tomorrow is going to greet me with laundry, and all the other not so fun stuff..... but still, it's a new day :)    Bring it Monday!
Hugs, Vic



Ellen Jarvis said...

Vicki, when I grow up, I want to be you. I love that you have so gingerly preserved your memories of growing up in the beautiful banner for Fancy Pants at CHA. Moreover, I love that you have taken the time to document the Everyday, not only for our own viewing pleasure, but also that you let us inside your genteel life in the cabin, with your family and through your art. I love visiting your blog!

Ellen (CardMonkey)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

That is such a beautiful way to preserve old photos, Vic! You are always so clever in your approach to using product. Thanks for sharing these precious memories with us.

Jean said...

LOVE that memories banner. What a great idea!!

harrahx2 said...

Well today is tomorrow....and I am behind already. I am grocery shopping on Tuesday, ironing on Tuesday and running all my errands. Great new lens Vic and great pictures! Love the banner and it is so you, in all ways! What a sweet child! Hugs!

Mickie said...

I love reading your blog and seeing all your creations plus your everyday pictures. Just scrolled down and saw the lasagna with the squash, PLEASE POST THE RECIPE!!