Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For the love of Grey and Yellow

Well, I'm pretty much in love with this color combo these days.   When you get down further in my post, you'll see, to just what extent :)    I figured I'd start out small with a card to share first. 

I thought I'd share one of the projects that's been occupying my time these days. I've been working on a little living room redo project.  With the help and encouragement of my sis.. it's finally coming together.  I've envisioned in my mind for sometime what I wanted to do, but actually "doing it" proved not to be as easy. You see, it's odd, but as daring as I can be with color in my art.... in my house, I'm not as fearless. Making big changes .. even when I want them, still scares me for some reason. Weird I know.  I was really afraid this sectional would make the room seem even smaller than it is.  I was pleasantly surprised when it had the opposite effect. It really seems to open things up.   Then came that big blank "scary" wall. eeeeekkk   I really wanted to do the mirrors and frames, but .. which frames? what colors? how many mirrors verses frames? how should they be hung? ahhhhhh!!!   After laying them all out and moving them around for an hour,.......... I just put them all away and waited until my sis could come help ( I know... I'm such a baby).      It was so much better when she was here and we worked together.  We spray painted, added hangers and then made arrangements on the floor until we had just right.   ( in the photo below there is still one small white round ornate frame to be added to the upper right).
All of the frame were found on one junk find or another.   Thank you sister!!


One of the things my sister and I found the week before at an antique store was that old flat drawer that's on the ottoman. I loved the idea of using that as a tray. ( above)
I've had this sofa table for ever.... but it feels good to finally use it the way I had always hoped to. (below)

I'm giving thought to adding the wire back to this frame and handing the gorgeous black and white flower picture below to the wire with metal clips.

I just got these pictures in the mail from my niece (by marriage)... they belonged to her Aunt at one time. She sent them to me along with a pair of her Aunts gloves and some darling vintage hankies, thinking I would appreciate them.  Oh.. how right she was. I love them!

Also, you might remember that some time ago I was telling you about how I like to upload photos I've taken to Walgreens and have them printed in large sizes to frame for the different seasons.  
I chose this  photo that I took a few years ago when we were in Washington to put in the frame to hang on the inside hallway wall for a while.

I found some really great deals while I was looking for a couple new accent pieces.  Like this glass piece from Tuesday Mornings. It was around $12. Oh.. and those cute yellow pillows... 40% off at Shopko!... yes.. Shopko

This little table was a thrift store fine when I was in Lincoln last week.

I have had the little table below  for almost 30 years. Dan's grandma gave it to me not long after we were married.

I just realized you cant really see the curtains that are on the big window that faces the front of the house, in these photos.... but they look like this.  Java colored.

I'm sure I'll make little changes as some time goes by and I get more of a feel for it, but for now, I'm not in any rush to change lamps, ...but I be on the look out while junking and thrifting for something fun and funky... no more matchy matchy. lol

We moved the other couch , chair and tv upstairs to what we call the den, and moved the old one out of there.  Lots of moving and lifting of this big stuff really makes us wish we still had the boys living here to help.   We could have waited until the weekend but I'm to impatient for that. lol

Okay, now that I have some of this behind me I might have a little more time for paper crafting :)   Next week I have some fun things to announce.   New fun things coming up and also I giveaway, so stop by okay?

Thanks for coming by today!

I hope your day is fantastic!



Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Oh my little goodness! How gorgeous is this card? I love the stylish "belt" you created...and the color combo, too. You clever little gal, you!

Gail S. said...

Vicki - Love your "new" décor! That side table from your husband's grandmother is soooo pretty. You have decorated the room perfect. Thanks for sharing. Also, the the gray and yellow together. Just beautiful.

Jean said...

What a beautiful card and I love your furnishings.

Scrap for Joy said...

Love your card Vicki...the colors are great and I love the doily! I could easily take a nap on that wonderful couch...looks comfy. Your wall arrangement is magazine-worthy!
Happy Thursday!

Ali said...

Heavens this is gorgeous-WOW! It looks inviting, too. I like that so much! Our new sofas (big family: sofas are thus 1 big, one smaller)-- are about the same gorgeous colour as yours- as real change for us. We are really liking that tone/shade! Great job Vicki! I also love the card- the way you stitched down the lettering is perfection! xox~ Ali

Mickie said...

Looks so homey and comfortable! Plus I love your card!

VAWM said...

I really want to come and hang out at your house! Gorgeous!

Altered Annie said...

Love the look of the room, it's calm and cooling in this hot weather!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

lOVE, lOVE,lOVE, the new room! Really well coordinated. I've put off redoing our area for so long, but when I come back from's on the list.
Great colors for that cute card too. Thanks for sharing your photos.