Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just a little bit of fun

Well, of the entire Summer, this week has probably been the busiest.  Just lots going on. I dread the thought of Summer Coming to an end :(   I know their are plenty of moms out there who are probably ready for the kids to head back to school and get back into a routine though huh?  I am excited for my daughter in law Kate, as she starts her first year as a teacher! YAY for you Kate!  I know she will love it. She was cut out for teaching.
I'm finishing up sharing the last of my Fancy Pants Designs projects from CHA. This last one is done with the "Collecting Moments" Collection
I just altered some little bottles I found at Michael's .  But my favorite part is the cork tops where I added the  beautiful New Resin Flowers that match this line. LOVE them!

What else artsy/craftsy have I been doing?  Well, have you heard about this?
Art Journaling Coloring Book by Catherine Scanlon
As you can see, I'm not finished with my page yet. Still working on it, but what fun, and relaxing. And I cant believe how fast it goes. I was just working on this while I was watching TV.  I spent $15 on a big new pack of all different colors of sharpies the other day and I'm telling you what.. they work great for this.  But of course.. any markers, watercolors, colored pencils, even crayons would work perfectly. There are many different had drawn sheets in each pack, and if you know Catherine's work.. you know they are amazing.  You can check it all out at the link above on Cat's blog and see all kinds of samples too :)

Instead of sharing my "Everyday Photos" this week  ( it would make your head spin!)  I'm just going to share this photo of the way the week started... with something relaxing!!  My sis Jan and I spent the day  with our friend Julie at her house on the lake. We sat in the Sun and chatted, went for a boat ride and then out for an amazing dinner.   One of the best days of the entire Summer!!

I have been waiting all week to have a few minutes to sit down and look at the CD of the photos my brother-in-law took at the wedding.  He is an amazing photographer and got some fantastic candid shots .. which is what I adore.  I haven't gotten all the way thru them but I thought I'd share just a few.  

With the rain that day... it was so lucky that Kate had gotten the girls all these monogrammed wellies  because they ended up wearing them the entire time.. and they looked darling.  ( she also gave them monogrammed umbrellas)


Thanks for letting me share! 
Here's to this week slowing down just a little bit :)

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Debby said...

Pretty the willies. Also love those memory jars. They are such a good idea. Glad you had a good week. Does your school start soon. Ours in another week. Where did the time go?

Jean said...

Love your little bottles! Love the shots of the wedding. Looks like it was gorgeous!

Micki said...

Those bottles are just gorgeous. I really love the simplicity, yet they make such a strong statement. LOVE 'em. Oh and those monogrammed wellies (?) are to die for. I love it. That just makes AWESOME photos, which by the way your photos are. The wedding looks like it was so much fun. Not strict and formal, but beautiful, gorgeous, fun and more importantly memories made. :-)

Debbie K. said...

The bottles are so cute, Ms. Vicki. LOVE the wedding photos too. Bring 'em on, I say!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Great photos, Vic...and I love your sweet little bottles. You always have the best ideas! Thinking about you a lot lately. xoxo