Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Set of 4 Christmas Tags

Hey... Hello! I'm still here :)    Just been a busy week.  Trying to get things caught up and get packed to head out for a week.  I'll tell you more about that further down in the post, but first, I wanted to share a few tags I just finished .  The images are from the Crafty Secrets "Creating with Retro Christmas CD".   On these, they all come on one  sheet, so all I did was print the sheet off, cut them out and started creating.

The papers I matted the tags with are also on the CD.  The papers on this CD are my very favorite Christmas papers :)

I need to do projects like this more often.  Quick crafting gratification!  You get to have all the fun, of picking out the cute embellishment , inking , stitching, whatever you want... and you cant really go wrong, because the images are so stinking CUTE! lol
There is also a strip of darling little tickets on this same printable sheet.  You can see I used one on the very first Tag.

Okay, so were am I going?  HERE!    I'll be working with Sandy from Crafty Secrets, Selling a bunch of her vintage goodies.   I'll be sure to take a lot of photos to share :)
After the show, I'm heading with Sandy to Canada to help there for a few days and also to get to get to spend some time with her and her awesome family!   I haven't seen them for a while and I'm really missing them! 
* I will have my laptop and try to do a post when I'm there, but if you are on facebook or instagram, I'd love it if you'd follow me there also.  All the links are above on my blog.

I have to admit it wasn't all work this past week.    Yep.. that's right.  Roger Clyne the the Peacemakers where in Omaha and you know there is no way I'd be missing that :)
What an amazing show!

Here we are having pizza before the show. What a great bunch of girls.

Only fair that I leave you with a RCPM tune... Enjoy!


See you soon!



Julie Higgins said...

Okay...I watched the video from Mexico...gosh, that looks fun! So tempting to go:) Julie

Jean said...

What beautiful tags! Have a fun trip!

janel said...

Gosh, those tags are adorable. The glitter just sets them off...and I love your choices of ribbon. I hope for safe travels, much fun and wonderful weather.

2amscrapper said...

great tags! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you sure know how to have some fun when you let go! I hope your trip is wonderful and I love the tags and the little ticket is so sweet! Nice job. Enjoy....will miss you!