Thursday, December 05, 2013

Let the decorating begin... Christmas is in the air

I always share a little bit of my Holiday decorating here on the blog, but for those of you who have followed my blog for very long, you'll probably notice my style has changed.  I've been giving a lot of thought to that lately, just wondering what it is that makes people change their attraction from one style to another.  Especially when it's fairly dramatic.  I'm trying to figure out if it's an age thing or what with me. lol   I'm liking things way more simple!  I used to love all kinds of little things sitting everywhere, and when it came to Holidays I'd go crazy decorating every nook and cranny of the house.  Not any more. ( so is that just because I don't want more to dust? lol)  maybe, but I really just seem to be drawn more to the clean and simple look these days.     I've also spent this past year giving more thought to what's important to me, and how I spend my time.  Stuff? Well, sure I love "stuff", but trust me I had LOTS of stuff. When we had the last two flea markets, I really gave myself permission to let a lot of things go.  Things I thought I  really "needed" or that I was sure my kids would want some day.  ummm yeah, I've pretty much figured out, they have enough stuff of their own. lol 
 So simple makes me happy these days.  (Which is like a 180 from me 20 years ago)

One thing that hasn't changed, I still love vintage things and I'm sure I always will, it's just that now I like  a mix of old and new.. and a lot less of both :)
I decided simple pops of bright red was my plan. Pillows, candles... and .. oh.. THE LAMP.    ( the lamp has a story)
The lamp makes me smile because it was my mom and dads, for a very long time. My sister Sharon made it for them in ceramics in the 60's.  It was originally white with aqua trim. Then as the years went by ( in the 70's)  she repainted it for them brown with gold trim.  There were originally two lamps.  I don't know what happened to the other one, but where we were going thru moms house I loved the shape and thought I'd paint it and put it on the flea market.  Now.. I'm so glad I have it, because I love it as part of my Christmas d├ęcor :)     ha... the lamp that just keeps giving!

I do love apothecary jars!  This is nearly an obsession for me.  I use them for storage in my studio.

Oh.. and those "CHEER" letters in the frame.  I saw those letters, all glittered up on a Hobby Lobby or Michaels ad and loved them. I knew I wanted to do some to hang inside that frame in the livingroom.  So I found some Chipboard letters, and broke out the modpodge, glitter, and wire. DONE! love it!

I did get some new bunches of greenery and berries. ( still have some greenery to add above).

The poinsettia kind of covered up my favorite deer.    Lynda at Floral Creations in North Bend posted a photo on facebook of the gorgeous poinsettias she had just gotten in... and I was there in about 5 minutes. lol   Well... I had to run to the post office anyway:)  That's my reasoning.
The place was full of them.. it was so pretty in there! Wish I would have had my camera!
 Love me some shiny brites.  I have enough for the entire tree now.

On the dining room table.... a huge bowl of cinnamon scented pinecones. They smell so good.  Again.. simple.. and it makes me happy.

Oh.. and my little truck.

This jolly little vintage Santa is one of my favorites. I just had to move him.  He was on the end table ..but Daisy keeps eyeing him, so I put him up higher.  He doesn't need to be a chew toy. That would make me very sad.

I'll share Kitchen photos later on.   I'd love to here about your decorating traditions, or how your tastes have changed and why.   Do you Decorate the same from year to year?  Simple or all out?   Talk to me friends.. I'd love to hear :)


Jean said...

What lovely decorations! The pops of red are perfect! Such a cool lamp!

Scrap for Joy said...

I agree with you about simplicity. I'm working on it. I only have maybe 1/2 of what I usually display and I like the look. You can really focus on what is there and not have your eyes roll back in your head by over stimulation. Your new look is very classy and sophisticated! I love!! your beautiful sectional...your living room looks cozy and welcoming!
Stay warm and jingle on!

Julie Higgins said...

Loved seeing your vintage decorations!! I'm always intrigued by everything you always looks so incredibly beautiful! Julie Higgins

harrahx2 said...

At one point in life, we gather and at another point in life we shed.....I am also in the shedding phase......sad but true. I want to keep the things I love and let go of the things that just take up space or time........the hard part is deciding which is which. Love what you have done and you still have an open invitation to come and do it here!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

So pretty, Vic! Love the little vignettes you've created. So tasteful and restful for the soul and the eye. Can you come do my house? I'm too tired (and busy) to climb up in the attic and drag everything down this year. I hope to be able to get out and purchase some poinsettias for the front hall, fill a trifle bowl with some pretty Christmas balls in the dining room and a rosemary tree and banner in the kitchen. I have a big sheet music wreath in the sun room...but no tree this year. Too tired. I do need to get the Nativity Set out for the little girls. They love to play with it. But very, very simple this year.

Anonymous said...

I love your decorations, especially the little vintage Santa. I have quite a few of them, I grab them up at yard sales and flea markets. I have paid as little as 25 cents for them! Love anything vintage Christmas!

Bettyann said...

I love your vignettes..I have noticed that I have changed also..simple more Scandinavian design. Thank you for sharing your views...enjoy your blog very much..take care xxx bettyann

Debbie K. said...

I love seeing your decorations, Ms. Vicki! It's like coming to visit you:) Your idea of 'simple' sounds good to me. Every year my family would give me 'Anna Lee' dolls so I have quite a collection of them. That's what we put on our tree now. We also add a garland of thin white beads, red cardinals,candy canes, and glittered snowflakes (from the Dollar Tree). It looks pretty and we haven't grown tired of it yet. One of these days I'll muster up the courage to donate or give away the REST of my Christmas stuff as I have way more than we'll ever

Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

I am also starting to pare down my huge collection of Christmas decorations, but still seem to have a lot I can't give up. I still have a huge tree in the living room, which I'm thinking could be downsized. I have 2 small trees in the kitchen - one w/gingerbread ornaments & one with a coca-cola theme. I pretty much keep the decorating to those 2 rooms. Your decorations are beautiful & I love your pops of red. Big Hugs!